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Serial Stories

Abby’s Identity
When pop-feminism writer Abby Fields unsuccessfully sues porn mogul Richard Owens, she finds herself hopelessly in debt to him – and the only way to pay is to accept a stay at a remote cabin, where Richard plans to break down her entire identity and rebuild her as the brainless bimbo she deserves to become.
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Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen

Ashley’s Addiction
When bratty Ashley accidentally hooks herself on an experimental drug, it gives her uncle the chance to give her the discipline – and humiliation – she deserves.
One | Two
 | Three | Four

Ask Dr Degradation
Fictional advice columnist “Dr Degradation” answers the questions of readers about how to best degrade women in a future of female objectification.
Improving the Step-mother

Average Availability
Hollywood actress Alyssa Vandred wants the part in the new erotic thriller, but her agent says she is “too frigid” to get the part. So she takes part in a hypnotically-enforced “average availability” program. Every time she rejects a sexual proposition, her mind creates a new rule she has to follow to become “more available” – and she can only get rid of the rules by having sex.
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One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen

Aylee the Alchemist-Slave
In the fantasy world of Arth-Keros, Aylee is apprenticed as an Alchemist-Slave, and taught to transform the sexual degradation of women into potent magical effects. But even as she learns, she dreams of escaping from slavery…
 | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Bella’s Apology
When Bella is molested by her boss at work, her boyfriend demands she apologise for “cheating” – and make good on that apology by submitting to a series of increasingly degrading requests.
| Two

The Bonuses
Reagan is used to life as a spoiled rich teen. But when her family goes broke she’s forced to seek work to maintain her lifestyle – and her school guidance counsellor points her to an exclusive gentleman’s club where girls can make big money by accepting the “bonuses” offered by club members after the sun goes down. Soon Reagan discovers a whole new side to her sexuality…
One | Two
 | Three | Four | Five | Six

Brea Comes Home From College
While at college, Brea has learned to embrace female objectification, degradation and abuse. When she returns home for her holiday, she teaches her brother to use her as a fucktoy – and then sets out to spread the same attitudes to her mother and father.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

Candy Girls
The addictive new mobile phone game “Candy Girls” is all the rage – but as Niemira plays the game, she begins to realise the game is playing her, slowly transforming her into a slut using hypnotism and conditioning.
One | Two
 | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

The Convent of Lesba
A story of Arth-Keros! When teen lovers Kyra and Felicia are caught in a lesbian tryst, they are sent to the brutal Convent of Lesba for correction, conversion and re-education.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Destiny Stories
In a near-future society of female objectification and enslavement, Destiny is the teen role-model for a new generation of women. This collection of loosely-related one-shots follow her adventures.
Destiny’s Crush | Destiny the Guide | Destiny’s Language | Destiny and the Share-House

Elf-Queen of Tylia
The young widowed Elf-Queen of Tylia makes a deal with the brutal Beastmen to preserve the future of her people – but soon finds herself a humiliated slave to their degrading plans.
 | Two | Three

Emma’s Policy
Executive Emma has gambled everything on a new pro-women workplace diversity policy – but when it starts to cost the company money, she finds herself at the mercy of the cruel Tim – who has an entirely different plan for the company’s women…
This story has not been published on… but you can buy it as an e-book!
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Emma’s Division
The sequel to “Emma’s Policy”! Eager graduate Bunny starts her career at Kavenagh & True – only to find the company is a nightmare of female degradation, and her feminist hero Emma has been transformed into an obedient bimbo.
 | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

The Etrebor Files
The small nation of Etrebor unexpectedly gains tremendous influence on world politics – giving it the opportunity to spread its misogynistic culture of female degradation to new countries.
This series of loosely-connected stories are collected in the premium e-book “The Etrebor Exchange.”
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The Etrebor Effect | The Etrebor Trip | The Etrebor Festival | The Etrebor New Year | The Etreborian Language

The Etrebor Exchange
Spinning out of “The Etrebor Files”! When the Watson household welcomes two exchange students from the misogynistic nation of Etrebor, they soon discover the joys of female degradation, incest and female enslavement.
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One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen

The Guidance Counsellor
Caitlyn isn’t doing well at school – so her guidance counsellor sets out to prepare her for her inevitable future as a whore.
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One | Two | Three | Four | Five

An unauthorised tale of mutant submission! In this X-Men erotic fanfiction, Kitty Pryde discovers a plot by Emma Frost to corrupt and rape the women of the Xavier Academy. With the help of her friend Ilyana Rasputin, she joins Emma’s new “Hellions” to take down the evil plan from the inside. But will she find her new role too enjoyable to give up?
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Jasmine’s Wish
An unauthorised Arabian Night! The evil Jafar is defeated and Aladdin has regained the magic lamp – and he uses his final wish to wish for “the world Jasmine wants”. But no one understood what kind of world Jasmine *truly* wanted – and now Jasmine finds herself in an alternate universe, trapped as a slutty slave in Jafar’s evil clutches…
Previous parts:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Jessa Stories
There’s nothing Jessa likes more than corrupting and controlling innocent Christian girls – and this series of loosely-connected stories follows her from town to town, luring Christian women into cycles of shame, humiliation and enslavement.
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Alice and Jessa | Alex and the Slut Tax | Jessa’s Bible Study Group | Jessa’s Christian Single Mothers Circle | Jessa’s Church Advice Service | Jessa and the Wedding | Jessa’s Wife

Letting Her Parents Pay
Michaela lets her parents pay for her lesbian wedding – but discovers too late that it comes with humiliating conditions.
These stories are collected in the e-book “Sappho’s Collar”.
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 | Two | Three | Four

Nicole Says Yes
New bride Nicole tells her husband he can do anything to her on her wedding night – but she has no idea how deep his kinks go.  As she’s humiliated, abused and exploited, he asks her if this is what she wants – and Nicole can’t help but keep saying “yes”.
with humiliating conditions.
These stories are collected in the e-book “Yes – Stories of Submission”.
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 | Two | Three

The Parole Officer
Amelie is new in her job as a parole officer – and when she’s given a client list packed with sexual offenders, she soon finds the power balance tilting as she submits to the whims of her rapist clients.
 | Two | Three

Parted Lips Feminine Accessories
The “Parted Lips” brand creates fashion accessories for a new world of sexually-available objectified women. Read about them in this collection of loosely-connected stories.
These stories are collected in the e-book “Sex Sells”.
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 | Two | Three | Four

Persephone Nine
When the starship “Cinnabar Hawk” crash-lands on the remote planet Persephone Nine – home to a dangerous outpost of misogynistic settlers – Captain Vice is forced to transform his female crew into a submissive harem in order to keep them alive on a hostile world.
One | Two | Three
 | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

When an accident results in Kala losing all her clothes on a public passenger flight, she finds herself at the mercy of the cruel flight attendants and the horny passengers.
objectified women. Read about them in this collection of loosely-connected stories.
These stories are collected in the e-book “Use Me”.
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Previous parts:
 | Two | Three

Pop World & Sisterhood
Female pop idols have always been sex symbols – and in the near future, managers push their teen starlets to new heights of exploitation and degradation, with slutty songs, explicit videos, and humiliating stage performances. The “Pop World” series starts with a set of loosely-connected stories, and continues with the multi-part “Sisterhood” novella.
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Pop World:
The New Pop Idols | Pop Star to Porn Star | Sex Kitten to Sex Cow | Talent Show to Teen Rapedoll
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Pregnant in Modwina
Pregnant teen Tayla flees home to seek an abortion – but her car crashes in the small town of Modwina, which doesn’t believe in abortions, and where the Sheriff feels that a man should make the choices about Tayla’s body and Tayla’s future.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Reluctant Breeder
Courtney is beautiful, rich, and conceited – but her gynaecologist has a plan to transform her into an unwilling baby-factory.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Ruined Dreams
The government program is supposed to help young women convicted of minor crimes to perform community service and rehabilitate – but instead it transforms them into strippers and whores, and focuses on destroying their lives and ruining their dreams. Mayor Jasmine Branch is so impressed by its outcomes that she implements it in her home town of Sunset City.
One | Two | Three

Secret Message
The mysterious website promises cash prizes to anyone who can find the secret messages hidden in its strange videos. But Kathy soon finds herself trapped in the site’s hypnotic clutches, slowly transformed into a humiliated slut, and the only way out is to find all the messages before her degradation is complete.
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 | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine

Selling Brielle
Jillian is happily married to her lesbian wife Brielle – until a domestic argument sees her seeking out the comfort of her friend Joel… and agreeing to his offer to buy nude photographs of her unwitting wife.
| Two | Three

Small Town Values
Monica doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with getting surgery to give herself big fake tits – but the small town she lives in disagrees. Soon she discovers the town is cooperating to control her life, remove her rights, and use her as the town fuckpet.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five

A mistake at work leads busy executive Sarah into “performance management” – and now each time she breaks the office code of conduct, she is hypnotically forced to surrender control over part of her identity.

The Ternish Betrayal
The nation of Terna is a feminist paradise – until a sexual curse leads Princess Kisantha to betray her nation to the misogynistic Gartish Empire. Now “Slut-Queen Kissy” worships at the Emperor’s cock, as the women of her kingdom are humiliated, raped and enslaved.
(Not all chapters of this story have been published on, but you can get the complete saga in the e-book release!)
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One | Two

Tuning Chloe
When Michael becomes engaged to Sarah, he also becomes step-father to Sarah’s bratty, rebellious daughter Chloe. But thanks to a hypnotic “daughter tuning” program, Michael is able to turn Chloe into the perfect daughter – and, eventually, the perfect sex-toy – one humiliating choice at a time.
 | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

White Pineapple
Jaclyn finds herself in the clutches of a mysterious “Master”, who can hypnotically control her with the trigger phrase “white pineapple”. Soon Jaclyn finds herself playing her Master’s degrading games, continually forced to choose between embarrassing sexual activities for her Master’s entertainment.
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Workplace Culture
Alison was hired to reform the firm’s sexist workplace culture – but she falls into the vengeful schemes of the cruel Ciaran and his hypnotic traps, and soon Alison is forced to perpetrate the very harassment she was supposed to stop.
Read previous parts:
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen



TitleWord CountTagsDescription
The 7 Percent174⚖👨‍👨‍👧👀The 7 percent of women in the “fuckdoll” category are required to keep their tits bare in public.
Abigail and the Pole3,113💄😵🤍🦹‍♀️💰When Abigail attends a “pole dancing for feminists” course, she gets more than she expected.
Active Listening1,786👔👗💄😵✔Olivia is a difficult bitch in the office, so her manager sends her to a hypnotic training course for women.
Actress Control Clause582😵⭐Hypnotic control clauses become standard for keeping difficult actresses in line.
Advancing Her Career70😵👔She took hypnotherapy to do better at “the jobs she wanted”…
Advice With Ali2,255🦹‍♀️📼⭐👀💄Feminist author Ali gets a TV deal – but finds herself forced to present a show that betrays all her ideals.
AirBnB211👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👀A lesbian couple are faced with consequences when they breach the strange terms of their AirBnB arrangement.
Alana’s Cunt Game685🎲😵👀Alana’s boyfriend creates an embarrassing game involving hypnosis and public conversation about her pussy.
Aleksa and Spencer Get Piercings585👨‍👨‍👧🧎‍♀️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩Teen sluts Aleksa and Spencer get piercings without the permission of their fathers – so their fathers arrange for discipline.
Alex’s Teacher2,273👨‍👨‍👧👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🧎‍♀️😵📼🏫🏃‍♀️When Chet finds that his bratty stepdaughter is in a lesbian relationship with her university lecturer, he resolves to turn them both into his obedient slaves.
Alyssa’s Perfume210👨‍👨‍👧👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🤍Tyrone humiliates his step-sister Alyssa and her lesbian girlfriend.
Angie’s Stripper Routine126👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💰Kasia takes revenge on her high school bully when both girls end up working at the same strip club.
Appropriate For Work411👔👗She can only wear clothes that her boss considers to be “appropriate for work”…
The Babydoll Corner616👔😵🍭The executive board are tired of Kylie’s opinions – so they hypnotise her into being a good girl and staying quiet in her “Babydoll Corner”.
Back to School368🏫😵👗MILF Amanda re-enrols in high school as a mature student – but the hypnotic treatment she takes for confidence has unintended results.
The Backdoor Program1,851👮👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😵🤰 🧠🥂A hypnotic program turns lesbians into obedient brides for military officers.
Balance of Sin1,039👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🦹‍♀️📼✝Kissa believes it’s sinful that she’s a lesbian – but thinks she can balance the scales by getting her girlfriends raped by men.
Balcony382👀😍 Ten storeys above the ground, restrained, exposed, and completely naked.
Bathroom Attendant521👀😍Sarah pays off the damage from her car accident by becoming a “bathroom attendant” for a high-class sex party.
Beauty Tourism1,735💄⚖🦹‍♀️📼Stefany lobbies to turn her nation into a world leader in bimbo transformations.
Becoming A Bunny316💄😻Kelly longs to be nothing but a sex-bunny.
The Bimbo System1,526💄😵👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩⛓🏃‍♀️💰😭🦹‍♀️🧠🐄Ava is infected with a hypnotic virus that forces her to capture and rape other women and turn them into big-titted bimbos.
Bin Mode214😵Jenny keeps finding things stuffed up her pussy that she doesn’t remember putting there.
The Biocline Drug332🧪🤍🐄Biocline Laboratories discovers a drug that makes men’s semen addictive.
Birthday Surprise83👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩Her boyfriend gives her her best female friend as her birthday present.
Biting Her Finger410😵🏃‍♀️A reality TV show programs Leah with a hypnotic kink for rape – but the trigger they give her isn’t what they tell viewers it is.

Brenda’s New Outfit (link)
Brian’s Parenting (link)
Bride of Kashtar (link)
Bridgitte’s Choices, Part 1 (link)
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Calling Her “Girl” (link)
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The Correction of Scarlett Boyd (link)
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Cottontails (link)
Crawling Was Easy (link)
The Critic (link)
Cunt Control (link)
The Cunt (link)
Cuntlock (link)
Customer Satisfaction (link)
Cynthia’s Tuition Scholarship (link)

The “Daddy” A.I. (link)
Daddy’s Camp Follower (link)
Daddy Issues (link)
Decisive (link)
Deep Shell (link)
Deepfake (link)
Degrade Yourself (You’re A Slut) (link)
The Demon of the Park (link)
Discipline, Correction, Support (link)
Disciplining Lizzie (link)
DNA Sampler (link)
Donaldson Family Trust (link)
Dressing Eileen (link)

Eating Cake (link)
Education Discounts (link)
Edwin’s Research (link)
Entertainment Prison (link)
Esme’s Interrogation (Part 1 | Part 2)
Evie’s Date (Part 1 | Part 2)
Executive Rivalry (link)
Exposure Practice (link)
Eye Contact (link)

Facing Away (link)
False Advertising (link)
Family Dare (link)
The Fashionable Director (link)
Father Lucas’ Drug (link)
FemTag (link)
The Fence at St Mary’s (link)
First Principles Commune (link)
Five Days (link)
Five Pillars (link)
“Five Ways a Bitch Can Be Controlled” (link)
Fixing a Fake Marriage (link)
Forgetting Her Feminism (link)
Four Science Projects (link)
Free Ride (link)
Friend Survey (Part 1 | Part 2)
From Father To Son (link)
Fuckballoons (link)
Fuckbunny Takes Control (link)
Fuckdoll (link)
Fulfilment of Promises (link)
The Funding Act (link)

Gabriela’s Friends (link)
Gift Bikini (link)
Girl Court (link)
The Girl Who Wasn’t Raped (link)
Girls’ Funding Gap (link)
The Glory Hole (link)
Good Little Babyslut (link)
Good Little Bitch (link)
Gregory’s Bar (link)
Greta’s Secrets (link)

Hannah’s Clubwear (link)
Happiness Therapy (link)
The Harassment of Tanya (link)
Harm Minimisation (link)
Head Start (link)
Her Brain or Her Cunt (link)
Her Father’s Business (link)
Her Husband’s Brother (link)
Highest and Best Use (link)
Hitting the Target (link)
How Tanya Cheated (link)

The Identity Tribunals (link)
Independent Girl (link)
Insecure Clothing (link)
Inspection (link)
Interchangeable (link)
Irresistible (link)

Jana’s New Attitude (link)
Jenna and Kinsy Turn 19 (link)
Jenna’s Addiction (link)
Jennie’s Fantasy (link)
Jesse’s Choice (link)
Jessica’s Gaming Patron (link)
Julie’s Bear (link)
Just Slap Me (Part 1 | Part 2)

Kara’s Earnings (link)
Kayla’s New Life (link)
Kaylee’s Trust Fund (link)
Kaylynn’s Game (link)
Kayti’s Arrangement (link)
Keeping Up With Her Friends (link)
Keeping Up With Teen Fashion (link)
Kevin’s 19th (link)
KittenCollar (link)
Knights of Allure (link)
Kylie’s English Essay (link)

Lana and the Dress Code (link)
Language in Canham (link)
The Language of Lust (link)
Law Office Decoration (link)
Learning to Beg (link)
Lecture Supervision (link)
Lesbian Speed Dating (link)
Lesbian Vows (link)
Likeable (link)
Lily and the Fuck-Kitten (link)
Listen to Me (link)
Lolly’s Lesson (link)
Long Hair (link)
The Lost Bikini (link)
Luther’s Daughter (link)

Making Up For The Protest (link)
Malena’s House Rules (link)
Mandi’s Prisoner’s Dilemma (link)
Mandy’s Photo Gallery (link)
Marrying Her Gang-Rapists (link)
Marrying Into The Church (link)
Melissa and the Truth (link)
Modern Whore (link)
A More Feminine Step-Daughter (link)
The Most Important Thing to Carrie (link)
Mouth Closed, Legs Open (link)
Mouthy (link)
Moving House (link)
Mrs Williams (link)

Naked, Barefoot & Pregnant in the Kitchen (link)
Naming Her Punishment (link)
Natasha’s Consent (link)
Nectar (link)
The Need to Be Spanked (Part 1 | Part 2)
Nessa’s Revenge (link)
Never Say No (link)
The New Her (link)
The New School Punishments (link)
Newcomer (link)
The Next Slut You See (link)
No Backing Out (link)
Noah’s Defence (link)
Nonchalant (link)
Non-Toxic (link)
Non-Traumatic (link)
Not a Feminist (link)
The Nymph of the Pool (link)

Obedience at the Beach (link)
Office Hygiene (link)
Olive Pits (link)
Olympic Sprinter (link)
Olympic Swim Team (Part 1 | Part 2)
On Display (link)
One Extra Suggestion (link)
Ordway Resocialisation Camp (link)
Outdoors (link)
Over Par (link)

Pageant Initiative (link)
Parents & Teachers (link)
Performance Improvement (link)
Pet Hierarchy (link)
Phoebe’s Wedding Night (link)
The Photojournalism Law (link)
Playing to Lose (link)
Pokémon Master (link)
Popular With the Boys (link)
The Popularity App (link)
Pornbucks (link)
Presentation (link)
The Price of Fucking Ali (link)
Prime Numbers (link)
Princess Ellie (link)
The Princess’ Handmaids (link)
Princess of Wall Street (link)
Proportionate Exposure (link)
Public Displays of Affection (link)
Public Etiquette Board (link)

Queen’s Guard (link)

Rape Safety Hypnosis (link)
Rapejuice (link)
Reality Clause (link)
Receiving Attention (link)
The Redwood Prize (link)
Relaxed (link)
Reluctant Bridesmaids (link)
Replay Mode (link)
The Research and Education Bill (link)
Ring the Bells (link)
RiskMaster (link)

Salary Plus Tips (link)
Sally’s Tattoos (link)
Samantha’s New Fashion (link)
The Scoring System (link)
Sea Monsters (link)
Sea Nymph (link)
Seen But Not Heard (link)
Self-Regulating (link)
Selling the Pole (link)
Share Accommodation (link)
Shayna and the Machine (link)
Shira’s Fate (link)
Show Them (link)
Shower Trap (link)
A Simpler Life (link)
Slave to the Pole (link)
Slut Handicap (link)
Slut Reserve (link)
The “Slut Tits” Option (link)
Slut Zoo (link)
SlutTracker (link)
Slutwords (link)
SlutWrap (link)
Smiling or Not (link)
Societal Conditioning (link)
Something Special For Her Brother (link)
The Sorority Bonding Ritual (link)
Sports Funding (link)
Stopped and Frisked (link)
Stress Relief on the Beach (link)
A Submissive at the Prom (link)
Submitting to Maddie (link)
The Succubus Year (link)
Surprise Tits (link)

Tainted Water (link)
Teaching the New Lesbianism (link)
Team Spirit (link)
The Teardown Room (link)
Teasers (link)
Teen Fashion vs School Discipline (link)
A Thing for Cows (link)
Thinking With Her Cunt (link)
To Keep a Friend (link)
Toby’s Experiment (link)
Tongue Wrestling (link)
Train (link)
The Training Girl (link)
The Translator Mask (link)
Two Doors (link)

Unready For Responsibility (link)

Vegan Milk Barn (link)
Virgin’s Descent (link)
Visual Aid to the Jury (link)

Warrior Princess (link)
What You Want To Remember (link)
“When He Sees You In Your Wedding Bed…” (link)
White Noise For Allie (link)
Wife Review (Part 1 | Part 2)
Winning the Prize Pool (link)
Word Cloud (link)
Workplace Agreement (link)
Worthless (link)

The Yearbook (link)
Yearly Documentation (link)
Yes, Isobella (link)


Tag Explanations

The vast majority of my stories are male-dominant, female-submissive, and involve some level of non-consent, humiliation and degradation, so those qualities aren’t specifically tagged in my stories. If those ideas are fundamentally not your kink, you may not be in the market for my stories!

Other common themes are indicated as follows. The icons are Unicode, and can therefore be searched for in the table.

⛓ – Abduction – Forced abduction, imprisonment and captivity.
Bestiality – Animals, animal-like aliens, or animal-like monsters.
🎲Bet / Game / Competition – Women competing to win prizes, or avoid consequences.
💄 – Bimbofication – Transforming women into bimbos, including breast enhancements / boob jobs.
📼 – Blackmail – Reluctant “consent” procured by blackmail.
🥂 – Bride / Wedding – Brides to be, wedding days and wedding nights.
⭐ – Celebrity / Actress / Singer – Stories involving women who are famous, or aspiring to be famous (although rarely real-life ones).
👗 – Clothing / Accessories – Slutty outfits and wearable sex toys.
😍 – Consensual – Fully consensual stories are rare enough that I tag them. Does not necessarily imply the story features best-practice real-life consent, but it’s close enough.
🤍 – Cum Play / Cum Eating – Women wearing or swallowing men’s semen.
🧎‍♀️ – Domestication – The taming of brats, wives, or other difficult women.
👀 – Exhibitionist / Voyeur – Public nudity, exposure, and embarrassment.
🧪 – Experiment / Drugs – Weird science, testing, aphrodisiacs, and other drugs.
Fantasy / Supernatural – Fantasy worlds, princesses, elves, ghosts, vampires, demons and curses.
🦹‍♀️ – Gender Traitor – Women who enslave and abuse other women.
Group / Gangbang – One woman, many people fucking her.
🐄 – Hucow / Lactation – Women transformed into cows, and other lactation / breast milk content.
😵 – Hypno / Mind Control – Controlling women’s thoughts through hypnosis or other means.
🤰 – Impregnation / Pregnancy – Breeding kink, impregnation and pregnant women.
👨‍👨‍👧 – Incest – Family members fucking, including step-families. (It’s too much work to break this down into individual pairings of father-daughter, sister-sister, mother-son, etc, sorry.)
🍭 – Infantilisation – Adult women treated like children, either literally or in a patronising way.
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 – Lesbian – Women fucking women, or women who identify as lesbians. PLEASE NOTE that “lesbians” in my stories often end up fucking men, consensually or otherwise.
Medical / Gyno – Doctors, nurses, hospitals, examinations and medical procedures.
🧠 – Mindfuck / Psychological – Mind games, mindfucks, mindbreaks, and other erotic psychology.
😭 – Misery (Hard Noncon) – Stories where she doesn’t enjoy it at any point from beginning to end. May involve crying.
👔Office / Workplace – Workplace humiliation, cruel boss, demotion fetish, secretaries, interns, “exec2sec”, and anything else that happens at an office.
😻 – Petplay – Women behaving as pets, consensually or otherwise, including catgirls, puppygirls, ponygirls, bunnygirls, and whatever else.
👮Police / Military – Cops, including arrest, searches, and interrogations – or soldiers and military kink.
🏃‍♀️ – Rape Kink – Fucking struggling, resisting, protesting women.
✝- Religion / Blasphemy – Bad priests, guilt and sin, misogynist preachings, perverted behaviour at church, lustful worship, and other blasphemous sex. (Mostly centred around Christianity.)
Renaming – Women being forced to accept pet names or humiliating names, or otherwise having their name taken away.
🏫 – School / Schoolgirl – Women at school, college or university.
💰 – Sex Work – Stripping, prostitution, or monetised sexual exploitation.
Sports / Gym – Fit girls, exposed or fucked in the context of sports and gyms.
⚖ –Systemic / New Laws – Women erotically oppressed by politics, law, marketing, or other societal forces, including “free use” scenarios.
✔ – Training / Conditioning – Teaching sluts new skills, consensually or otherwise.
🚽 – Watersports – Piss play and piss drinking.

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