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Nicole had saved herself for marriage, like a good girl. Ever since she had first been interested in boys, she had fantasised of a perfect first lovemaking with her ideal Prince Charming husband, where she pleased him utterly on their first night of their unending marital bliss.

Jaime was her Prince Charming – handsome, suave, and rich – and their wedding was a perfect princess fantasy of white lace and flowers and chamber music. “I do,” she said, as she stared into his eyes, and meant it with every fibre of her being.

Afterwards, in their expensive hotel room, she said, “You know I’ve said this before, and I meant it. Tonight I want to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Whatever fantasy you have, no judgement. I’ll try my best. I’ve saved myself all my life just for you, and I want to give you everything.”

He smiled at her, still wearing his tuxedo from the wedding, and said, “I won’t say no to that. But just so we’re clear, it’s *anything*, right? I’m not going to bare my soul to you and reveal some embarrassing kink and then have you get cold feet?”

“No,” she said and, shyly, biting her lip, she uncinched her bridal corset and let it fall, revealing her perfect breasts to an unrelated man for the first time in her life. She looked to see his reaction, and blushed happily to see his obvious arousal. “Absolutely anything. Don’t *let* me back out. I didn’t spend all that time trying to do the right thing by my church, and save myself for my husband, just to displease you now.”

“Good girl,” said Jaime. He opened a suitcase, and took out a dog collar, leash, nipple clamps, and handcuffs. “Why don’t we start by getting you into these?”

She blushed even deeper – she’d suspected Jaime might be into this kind of thing, and it was embarrassing, but not totally unwelcome. The collar felt good on her neck. It made her feel owned, which was satisfying – just another way of symbolising the vows she’d made earlier that day. Jaime had to help her with the nipple clamps, which hurt – but a *good* kind of hurt. She was aware she was dripping wet, and she felt embarrassed by the knowledge that her husband was aware too.

The cuffs came last, and she felt some momentary worry at her vulnerability. She was still in high heels, and she was suddenly aware that in heels, handcuffs, and a leash, she was not greatly able to move or defend herself.

But Jaime seemed pleased, so Nicole was pleased. She waited for what was next. Would he spank her? The thought made her flush with guilty pleasure. Or just admire her body? Or maybe move straight to the… lovemaking. (Fucking, she had almost thought, and she chastised herself at her lewdness.)

But Jaime did none of those things. Instead he dialled a number on his phone, and when whoever he was dialling picked up, he said, “Yes, she’s ready. Come on in.”

The hotel door opened, and to Nicole’s horror a group of seven men entered. She tried to cover herself, but tripped and ended up on her knees. She recognised these men – they were her husband’s friends. One was his best man. Another was his younger brother. They were all still wearing their suits from the wedding.

“What’s happening?” she asked her husband, desperately wanting him to say something that would dispel the sudden fear she felt.

“Well, Nicole,” he said, using one of his leather-shoe-covered feet to idly part her knees and press against her pussy, “you said you would do *anything*, and that you wanted to satisfy my every fantasy.” He smiled evilly. “And you see, ever since you told me about your stupid little plan to save yourself for marriage, I haven’t been able to stop fantasising about taking that away from you, and ruining all your silly abstinence.”

“Jaime… what… no!” Nicole moaned. The men were advancing from the doorway.

“So you said *anything* I want, and to not let you back out,” he said. “And don’t worry, I won’t. You see, my friends think you’re incredibly hot. So they’re going to fuck you. They’re going to shove their cocks into every hole in your body and rape you silly. They’re going to do their best to make you cum, so that you have that memory to treasure forever, but mostly they’re going to do their best to use you to make *them* cum.”

Jaime knelt down in front of her. At the same time, Jaime’s best man came up behind her, and grabbed her hair in a firm fist. She heard the sound of his fly being unzipped.

“I think you will cum, though, Nicole,” said Jaime. “I think you’re that kind of girl. I think you’re all repressed, and this is exactly what you need. I think that’s what I like about you.”

“Nooooo….” wept Nicole, but she couldn’t help but notice that she was still wet, her nipples harder now than they had been even three minutes ago. She was flushed and breathing heavily. A moment later, her protests were silenced as the best man turned her head towards him, and stuffed his erect cock into her mouth. Instinctively, Nicole began to suckle on it obediently. Jaime’s brother, meanwhile, was lifting her ass up from the floor, and a moment later she felt his cock slip between her dripping wet cunt lips and into her virginal pussy. She moaned around her mouthful of dick.

“Good girl, Nicole,” said Jaime. “I want you to do your best to please my friends. I want you to make them very happy. And then, when you’ve pleased them all – *then* I’ll take what’s mine. Because even after this, you belong to me, don’t you, Nicole?”

She started to buck her hips against Jaime’s brother’s cock. There was someone pulling on her nipple clamps – she didn’t even know who it was. A voice – she didn’t know whose – said distantly, “Jesus, look at her go. What a slut. I’ve got to film this,” and someone responded, “I call dibs on her ass. I bet it’s tight as fuck.”

She thought about the fact that she was being raped on her wedding night. She thought about how her husband had unilaterally made the decision to make a mockery of her years of abstinence and religious faith. She thought about how seven men were going to fill her with their cum, and that her opinions about that were literally irrelevant. She thought about how right now she felt like an object, a sextoy to be used by men. She thought about the collar around her neck, and how it made her feel.

She orgasmed, loudly.

“I’ll take that as a yes, my love,” said Jaime, smiling. “My wife.”

And she orgasmed again, because it absolutely was.


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