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* The Etrebor Effect

* The Etrebor Trip
* The Etrebor Festival
* The Etrebor New Year
* The Etreborian Language


The Watson family didn’t pay a lot of attention to international politics, and they couldn’t have picked out the small nation of Etrebor on a map if they had tried.

But as wealthy upper-middle-class liberals, they liked to think of themselves as cultured citizens of the world, and so when their son’s school asked them to host two foreign exchange students from Etrebor, they immediately said yes.

On the evening of their guests’ arrival, the whole family gathered at the airport.  Mr Watson (“just call me Dave”) had found time away from his law firm, and his wife Brooke had left her public service job early to collect the kids.  Of those kids, at least Trent (eighteen, still in his private school uniform) looked happy to be there.  Rachel (nineteen, studying for an arts degree, wearing a short skirt and loose blouse) was bored and annoyed.

“Do we have to have these people stay at our home, dad?” she whined.

“Quiet, honey,” hissed Brooke.  “Be nice to these children.  They’re our guests.”

They waited at the arrivals gate as the plane from Etrebor landed – but when they finally laid eyes on the exchange students, they were surprised.

There were two of them – a boy, aged about 19, and a girl aged 18.  The boy was darkly handsome, and wore a full tailored suit and tie.  He looked like he was about to walk into a business meeting.

But the girl was what drew their attention.  She was a brunette, with a full, curvy figure.  She was wearing high heels, earrings, and a single white blouse that came down to about three inches below her pussy – and the entire blouse was semi-transparent.  Through it, the Watson family could see that she was wearing no underwear.  Her nipples and pussy were clearly visible.

And in addition to that, her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“Greetings, my new family,” said the boy, approaching them.  The girl shuffled along behind him, eyes downcast.  “My name is Milo,” the boy continued, stretching out his hand to shake, “and I accept the authority of your household.”

“Thank you, Milo,” said Mr Watson awkwardly, shaking the boy’s hand.  “My name is Dave Watson.  This is my wife Brooke, my son Trent, and my daughter Rachel.”

“Such strange names!” chuckled Milo.  “Truly things are different here.”  He coughed.  “May I ask, Mr Watson, how do you intend to order the household, between your ‘Rachel’ and my sister?”

Mr Watson looked confused.  “Well, you’re our guests,” he said.  “So you should consider yourself our priority.”

“So my sister, and then your ‘Rachel?” asked Milo.  “Very well.  Then may I introduce my sister as the Rapeable Slutglobes zol Dave, which will be her name within your household.”

Mrs Watson made an awkward noise.  “That’s an… unusual name,” she said.

“It is Etreborian custom,” said Milo.  “We order the women as we order their useful features.  The most important woman in the household is the cunt, which is the most important part of the female.  Then the breasts, the anus, the mouth, et cetera.  ‘zol Dave’ means ‘property of Dave’, being your husband, the head of the household.”

He looked at Mrs Watson – or more particularly, her groin.  “Were you in Etrebor, you would be Tits zol Dave, or something similar, and your daughter, as third woman, would be Anus zol Dave.”

Mrs Watson drew in her breath sharply.  Her face was red, outraged.  “Well, young man…” she began.

Mr Watson quickly put his hand on her shoulder.  “Brooke,” he said in a low, urgent voice.  “The whole purpose of this was cultural exchange.  We must be polite to our guests and respect that their culture is different to ours.”

Mrs Watson was not happy – but she didn’t finish whatever she had been about to say, instead falling silent.

Rachel was equally disgusted, though.  “That’s so gross,” she said.  “Why is your sister handcuffed?”

“Ah,” said Milo.  “That is to stop her from playing with her pussy, like a whore, as females are inclined to do if left unattended.  A sensible precaution.”  He took a key from his pocket and passed it to Dave.  “It is now your responsibility to decide how to restrain her,” he said.

“Well, I think we can uncuff her…” said Mr Watson, and used the key to undo the half-naked girl’s handcuffs.

“Thank you, father,” said the girl – Slutglobes – once she was released.  She looked up at Dave with real affection – and then threw her arms around him and kissed him on the lips.  With tongue.

Mr Watson felt his cock stiffen.

When the kiss was over, she said, “You may use me however pleases you.”  Then she walked over to Trent – and did the same for him.  Dave wasn’t clear if his son had ever kissed a girl before – but he had now.  Again, afterwards, she said, “You may use me however pleases you.”

“May I inspect your females, Mr Watson?” asked Milo.

Dave Watson wasn’t thinking clearly.  He was staring at the sexy half-naked nymphette who had just kissed him.  “Sure,” he said.

Milo walked up to Mrs Watson, reached out, grabbed her left tit, and squeezed.  Mrs Watson squeaked, and slapped at his hand.  “Dave!” she protested.

“Different cultures, honey,” said Dave.

“Adequate,” said Milo, squeezing Brooke’s tit.  Then he released it, and faced Rachel.

“This creepy little turd had better not lay a finger on me,” said Rachel.

“It’s just like a handshake, honey,” said Mr Watson.  “Be nice.”

Milo advanced towards Rachel, but Rachel backed away.  Milo’s smile turned into a frown.  Lightning fast, he moved forward and slapped Rachel across the face.

Rachel squealed in shock and horror.

“Damn it, Rachel,” swore Dave.  “I told you to behave yourself.  Now hold still for him.”

“The bitches in this country appear poorly trained,” said Milo.  He advanced upon Rachel, and put his hand down under her skirt. 

Rachel’s face went white.  “Dad!” she hissed.  “He’s *fingering* me!”  She looked around.  People in the airport were staring at her, because of the squeal she’d made when she was slapped, but no one seemed inclined to intervene.

“Just hold still, honey,” said Mr Watson.  He didn’t know what else to say.  He didn’t want to make a scene.

Milo smiled, and then withdrew his finger from Rachel’s cunt, and held it up.  Everyone could see moisture glistening on the tip.  Mr Watson felt his cock stiffening further as he realised that his daughter had been *aroused* by Milo’s molestation of her.

“This one shows promise,” said Milo – and then wiped his finger clean on Rachel’s face.  That done, he turned to face Mr Watson.  “Well.  Shall we travel to our new home?”


At home, the surprises continued.  Slutglobes removed her dress immediately upon entering the house – revealing that her tits and pussy were every bit as delectable as they had seemed through the fabric – and declined to put it back on, no matter how much Mrs Watson encouraged her to.  Eventually Dave had to step in.

“It’s the Etreborian custom for women to go naked around the house, I guess,” he said.  “Don’t force her to conform, honey.”

The bedroom situation was not what they had expected either.  Dave had planned for the boy to bunk with Trent and the girl to bunk with Rachel, and had purchased cheap camp-beds to set up in the rooms for this purpose, but Milo waved his hand as he began to explain this plan.

“There is no need, Mr Watson,” he said.  “Slutglobes can sleep with your son Trent, and I will share Rachel’s bed.  No separate bed is required.”

“What?” exclaimed Rachel, outraged.

“Dave, surely…” protested Dave’s wife.

“Please,” interjected Milo.  “This is a country of democracy, yes?  Let us put it to a vote of those affected.  All those in favour of my proposed arrangement?”

Milo and Slutglobes raised their hands.  So did Trent, staring at Slutglobes’ tits.

“Those against?” said Milo.

Rachel’s hand shot up.

“Three to one,” said Milo.  “It is decided.  Come, Rachel, I feel you will be a good bed-warmer.”

“Dad!” protested Rachel.

Dave knew he should object, but… “Rachel, remember when you crashed my car and couldn’t pay for the damages?” he said.  “And remember when you got arrested for shoplifting and I had to bail you out?  And when you had your friends over for a party while we were away and smashed all the artwork in the lounge?  And how I told you that some day I was going to make you pay me back for all that?”

“Dad, please!” whined Rachel.  Milo had her arm, and was dragging her to the bedroom.

“Well, you can start now by shutting up and being a good host to the Etreborian kid,” said Mr Watson.  “I don’t want to hear another objection.”

“Mum?” asked Rachel, desperately.

Brooke pursed her lips.  She, too, wasn’t happy with this arrangement – but her husband had reminded her that her daughter *had* been a difficult and ungrateful bitch for a number of years.  Maybe she had this coming.

“Go with Milo, honey,” she said finally.


That night, after dark, Mr Watson got up to get a drink of water.  As he passed by each of his children’s bedrooms, he stopped to listen.

There were moans coming from Trent’s room, and the door was ajar.  He looked in to see a naked Slutglobes on all fours between his son’s legs, as Trent lay on his back on his bed.  Slutglobes had Trent’s cock in her mouth, and was sucking enthusiastically.

Dave smiled.  His son deserved a little female attention.

At Rachel’s door, the sounds were somewhat different – squeals, and sobs.  There was a sharp SLAP noise, and the squeals abruptly stopped.  He heard Milo say, “Stop whimpering, bitch, and spread your legs wider.  I cannot believe how stupid and useless the whores in this country are, but luckily for you, I am prepared to teach you the appropriate skills.” 

The sobs started again, and Milo said, “Oh, don’t pretend you don’t like it, cow.  My cock is dripping with your arousal.  I shall cum soon, and I expect you to lick me clean once I pull out of you.”

Dave felt his cock hardening again as he pictured his daughter being raped.  He felt like he should stop it… but if she was aroused, was it really rape?  It was past time that Rachel learned some hard lessons, anyway. 

He got his water, and then returned to his wife.  She was asleep, but the Etreborians had inspired him.  What would they call her, in their country?  The Rapeable Tits zol Dave?  He liked that as a name for her better than “Brooke”.  He slid into bed, and then slid his cock into her pussy.  To his delight, it was wet.  Had she seen something today that she liked too? 

He began to fuck his wife as she slept, and as he did, he imagined first that he was fucking the beautiful Etreborian girl, Slutglobes.  And then, as he approached his climax, his fantasy changed.  After all, if Rachel would spread her legs for some foreign student, why shouldn’t she spread them for her father as well?


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