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“What do you call this holiday again?” asked Dave Watson.

Milo, dressed as always in his strangely formal Etreborian suit, laughed, and said, “We call it Tharwata, which in your language means something like ‘Day of Interchangeables’.”

“Day of Interchangeables?” queried Dave’s wife, Brooke  She was in a good mood, as her husband had allowed her to dress in an outfit that concealed her tits and her pussy at the same time this morning, and last night he had fucked her to a very satisfying orgasm.  Sure, he had raped her up against the wall of the bedroom, her tits rubbing agonisingly against the sandpaper strips that had been installed for specifically that reason, but she was getting used to sex being painful now, and Dave had been so *energetic* that she hadn’t been able to stop herself from cumming.

“I understand your confusion, Cumhole!” said Milo, using Brooke’s new Etreborian name.  “It is a little like your costume of Halloween, where people dress up as something that they’re not, and go out to enjoy themselves.  I thought we might visit your local zoo today.  I hear it is quite the tourist attraction.”

“That’s a great idea,” said Dave.  “We’ll all go as a family.”

“Very good!” said Milo, clapping his hands.  “I will bring my sister, Slutglobes.  And would you object, Mr Watson, if I brought a friend I have made here in this country recently?”

“No, go right ahead, Milo,” said Dave.  “Any friend of yours is a friend of ours.”


The “friend” turned out to be a prostitute.  They picked her up from the brothel where she shared a room with three other whores.

“She used to be called Lela,” said Milo, “but at the brothel they call her Crystal.  I met her the other week, and she was very excited to learn about Etreborian customs.  Now she wishes to follow our ways.  She is not currently attached to any man’s household, so she cannot be named after one of the useful parts of a woman, so I simply call her Bitch, which is a name she shares with all unowned females.”

“Hi!” said Bitch.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr Watson!”

It was a pleasure for Dave to meet her, as well.  She was tall for a woman, and gorgeous, with big fake tits.  He could tell exactly how big and fake her tits were, because all that she was wearing was a small bikini and high heels.

“I don’t know how we’re going to fit Lela into the car, Dave,” grumbled Brooke from the back seat, where she was squeezed in between her daughter Rachel and her son Trent.  Milo’s sister Slutglobes was already sitting awkwardly on Trent’s lap.

“Please, call me Bitch,” insisted the whore.

“The seating is no problem!” said Milo.  “We will put Anus in the boot!”  He gestured at Rachel, referring to her by Etreborian name.

“What?” protested Brooke.  “In the boot?”

But Milo was serious – and Rachel was obedient.  Milo pulled “Anus” from the car by her hair, and Anus allowed herself to be pulled.  Dave popped the boot, and Milo helped Dave’s teenage daughter get into the boot as if she were a piece of luggage.  A buzzing sound could be heard clearly just before the boot closed again, and they all realised that Milo had inserted a vibrator into Rachel’s pussy and turned it on before locking her in the rear of the car.

Bitch moved to sit next to Brooke, leaving Brooke pinned between the big-titted sex-worker, her son and Milo’s slutty sister.

“Now, before we go on, it is the custom on Tharwata to give gifts to our females,” said Milo.  “I have just given Anus her gift, but here is one for each of you.”  He passed a set of wrapped bundles into the back of the car.

Brooke unwrapped hers.  It was a large dildo – but oddly shaped.  Bitch and Slutglobes received dildoes too, in different shapes to hers.

“It is a lion penis dildo, Cumhole,” said Milo enthusiastically.  “I thought as we were going to the zoo, you might enjoy having an animal cock inside you.”

She looked at it in horror.  “That’s disgusting, Milo!” she objected.

Dave looked sternly into the back seat.  “Don’t be rude to our guest, Cumhole.  Put the dildo inside you.”

Her eyes widened.  “Dave!” she objected.

“You will find it quite suitable to the needs of your cunt, Cumhole,” said Milo.  “I have given Bitch a dog penis, and my sister has a horse penis – albeit a relatively small version, because the cunt of a female has limitations.  Your daughter Anus has a device based on a gorilla penis inside her right now.”

“Put it in, Cumhole,” said Dave again.

“Cumhole, it is very important to the holiday that you use the dildo,” said Milo.  “It slightly offends me that you are going out in public with your udders covered, as though you were people, so if you continue to be difficult, I will have my sister tear your shirt off to display you more appropriately.”

Brooke looked at Slutglobes – and saw that Milo and his sister were serious.

Blushing, she spread her legs, lifted her skirt, pushed aside the crotch of her panties, and inserted the strange, misshapen dildo.  She was uncomfortably aware of her son Trent watching the process of inserting the device into her twat with considerable interest.

It actually felt quite good going in – but when she tried to pull it slightly back out again, to make it more comfortable, she squealed.

“Did you know that the penis of the lion is barbed with over 100 tiny spines?” asked Milo.  “Before erection, you can barely see them, but when the lion withdraws from the female, the spines scrape the inside of the vagina.  Scientists believe it helps ensure cooperation from the female lion, and acts as a signal to her reproductive system to begin ovulation.”

“It hurts!” squeaked Brooke.

“Only if you try to pull it out,” said Milo.  “I have a remote which retracts the spines, and if you’re a good bitch I shall allow you the use of it at the end of the day.  In the meantime, Slutglobes, would you turn Cumhole’s vibrator on for her?”

Slutglobes reached between Brooke’s legs and flicked a switch.  The vibrator began to hum loudly, and Brooke moaned.

“The spines will stop it from falling out, so I don’t believe you need any panties today,” said Milo.  “Slutglobes, Bitch, would you remove them from Mrs Watson?”

Brooke tried to struggle, but the two girls had no trouble in pulling her panties down her legs and off her.  And Milo was right – the vibrator showed no sign of falling out of her.  Even if she squeezed her cunt to try and expel it, it only resulted in pain as the spines dug into her puss walls.

The other girls inserted their own dildoes.  Milo explained that Bitch’s dog cock would “knot’ inside her pussy, expanding to prevent its removal for several hours, whereas Slutglobes’ horse cock was simply so large that Slutglobes couldn’t walk with it inside her other than in a demeaning waddle.  Both vibrators were switched on, and the combined hum from them was loud enough that the people in the car had to raise their voices to talk.

“Say thank you to Milo,” said Dave, when it was done.

“Thank you, sir,” chorused the three girls in the back – although Brooke did so with an angry, humiliated pout.


When they reached the zoo, there was another surprise in store.

“Cumhole, you will be my wife for the day,” announced Milo, as they got out of the car.

“I’m sorry, what?” protested Brooke.

Milo’s brow furrowed.  “I thought I had already explained this,” he said.  “It is Tharwata, the Day of Interchangeables, where women take a different role for the day.”  He laughed.  “It is because all women are interchangeable.  You are just three holes for men to cum into.”

Mrs Watson’s face went red.  There were people nearby in the large car park they had stopped in, close enough to hear.  She was uncomfortably aware that the vibrator still humming in her pussy was loud, and wondered how close someone would have to be to hear it.  She looked to her husband for support, but Dave was busy helping Rachel out of the boot.

“So today you will take the role of my wife, Cumhole,” said Milo.  “And I thought Bitch here could be your bimbo girlfriend.”

Brooke looked at the big-titted prostitute.  “Absolutely not!” she protested.

Milo pursed his lips.  “You can do this with or without that disrespectful shirt you are wearing, Cumhole,” he said.

Brooke lowered her voice, humiliated by the idea of someone overhearing this dispute.  “If you strip my clothes off in public, we’ll both get arrested.”

“It won’t be me who pulls off your clothes,” said Milo.  “It will be your daughter Anus, and then you can both explain to the local police why you are stripping each other naked.  I think they might be very interested in why you and your daughter both have animal-cock vibrators in your pussies.”

Brooke went even redder, and looked at Dave again.

“Do as he says, honey,” said Dave.  “It’s harmless fun.”

Brooke cast her eyes downward.  “Fine,” she said.

“Good,” said Milo.  “Now, as my wife, I think you should give me a kiss.”

Brooke hesitated, hoping for some rescue, but there was none coming.  She could either kiss the Etreborian boy, or have her daughter undress her in public. 

She stepped forward, leant down – Milo was shorter than her, which made this somehow even more embarrassing – and kissed him on the lips.

Milo kiss her back.  He used tongue.  He tangled a hand in her hair and held it firmly so she couldn’t get away.  And he reached out and squeezed her left tit, hard, as he kissed her.

Brooke had never felt her pussy get so wet, so quickly.  It spasmed uncontrollably against the cruel spiked lion-cock vibrator, and she felt the nectar of her lust dribbling down her inner thighs.  When the kiss was over, she stumbled backwards, blushing, not quite sure what she was thinking or feeling.

“And now a kiss for your girlfriend,” said Milo.  Brooke barely heard him.  Why had she gotten so wet kissing the awful misogynist Etreborian boy?  Was it the humiliation?  The firm hand in her hair?  The surprising strength of his tongue forcing its way into her mouth? 

And because she was so distracted, she didn’t even realise that Bitch was about to kiss her until it was happening.

Brooke’s first lesbian kiss was even more confusing than kissing Milo had been.  She was already horny from what had just happened, and her body responded with lust as Bitch pressed her soft, plastic tits up against Brooke’s chest, and leaned in for a long, sensuous tongue kiss.  Brooke moaned, and kissed the girl back, and even unconsciously ground her hips against Bitch’s leg as she did so.

And then it was over, and she was standing there in the middle of a public car park with a spiked lion-cock vibrator in her cunt, and she wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard.

“Thank you,” she said, dumbly, not sure who she was thanking, or for what.

“And my sister Slutglobes is going to be your daughter for the day,” said Milo.  “Why don’t you give your daughter a kiss, too?”

Brooke didn’t want to kiss Slutglobes, especially while pretending the girl was her daughter – but she also did want to kiss her, kind of.  She wanted any stimulation, any touch.  She wanted to cum.  And she could argue about it, and lose the argument, and be humiliated, or she could just give in and do what Milo said.

So she kissed Slutglobes – and it was even better than kissing Brooke.  Slutglobes had no inhibition, melting her mouth against Brooke’s and sticking her tongue right down Brooke’s throat.  Her free hand went to Brooke’s chest and groped her tits, and she guided Brooke’s own hand onto her ass, which Brooke squeezed dutifully.

She moaned with frustration when Slutglobes broke away, because she had felt like she was about to cum.  She almost wanted to touch her own pussy, right here in the car park, but she wasn’t a whore, so she didn’t.

“What about Rachel?” she asked, finally – and then remembered she was supposed to use her daughter’s Etreborian name.  “I mean, what about Anus?”

“Why, Anus will be Dave’s wife for the day!” said Milo.  “And she will also serve as Trent’s mother!”

“No!” exclaimed Brooke, realising where this was going.  “That’s wrong!”

“Anus, give your husband a kiss, would you?” asked Milo.

For a moment, Rachel’s face was a mask of rage, hatred, and humiliation.  Brooke was glad to see there was still some resistance in her daughter.  But then the expressions were gone, replaced by a face of obedient submission.  She walked over to her father and said, “Hi, honey.  I’m so glad we’re married.  Want to kiss me?”

“Absolutely,” said Dave.

Rachel smiled, stood on tiptoes to reach his face, and kissed him on the lips. Dave kissed her back, eagerly.

“Anus!” snapped Milo, as the two kissed.  “What have I told you about using your hands when you’re hugging or kissing a man?”

Anus blushed, and broke off the kiss.  “Sorry, sir,” she said.  Then she kissed her father again – and this time her hands began to stroke his cock through his pants as she kissed him.

“Good girl,” said Milo. 

When the kiss was done, Dave was flushed, smiling, staring at his daughter’s tits, his cock visibly hard in his pants.  Anus followed it with a kiss for her “son” – just as slutty as the first, and with the same stimulation of the cock.  Trent was obviously nervous but excited about kissing his newly-slutty sister, and responded immediately to her teasing of his dick.

Brooke felt a part of herself die as she watched her own daughter kissing and cockteasing her husband and son.  She felt horrified that this was happening, embarrassed that she had been such a terrible mother, and jealous that they both reacted more enthusiastically to her sexual attention than they did to Brooke’s own.

And then, to make everything even more humiliating, the lion-cock vibrator brought her to her inevitable orgasm, and she felt her body shake and tremble as waves of pleasure rolled out of her cunt, while she stood there in public watching her daughter tongue-kiss her husband.


Brooke went numb as she walked around the zoo.  She couldn’t believe any of this was happening, that she had fallen so low.

At each exhibit, Milo stopped to kiss her, and then she had to kiss Bitch as well, pretending that the other tourists weren’t staring at her, watching her kiss a boy young enough to be her son and then an obvious porn-slut.

Milo would ask her at each enclosure what she thought it would be like to be fucked by the animal they were looking at.  At first, she didn’t answer, just blushed, and Milo let it go, but at the third stop – the small primate cage – he had had enough, and told Slutglobes to pull off Brooke’s skirt. 

There were luckily no people around, but Brooke still panicked, standing bare cunted with a vibrator inside her in a public place.  She tried to get her skirt back off Slutglobes, but the  younger girl was too fast and nimble. 

Finally, she had to say, “I think these monkeys have dicks that are too small to really feel in my cunt, but I could probably give them a blowjob,” and Milo, satisfied, had Slutglobes return the skirt.  And from then on Brooke genuinely had to imagine being fucked by each animal she saw, in order to describe it to Milo’s satisfaction.

She knew that people were staring at her constantly.  Her face and neck were flushed with arousal, her tits were swollen and her nipples erect, and arousal had been dribbling down her legs since that first kiss with Milo.  She must stink of sex.  And whenever she tongue-kissed her bimbo “girlfriend” on Milo’s instructions – or occasionally made out with her Etreborian “daughter” – heads turned.

She realised that Milo was deliberately using her to get attention, because Rachel was spending almost the entire trip with her hand on her father’s cock, or her brother’s cock, or both, and the more people were looking at Brooke, the less were noticing a teen girl masturbating two men she appeared to be related to through their pants.

The trip ended at the lion enclosure.  Milo had bought everyone ice cream cones, and Brooke was at least excited about getting to eat a sweet treat.  But when he brought her cone over to her, instead of handing it to her, he lifted her skirt – exposing her ass to everyone – and then pushed the open end of the ice cream cone against her anus.  Cold, sticky ice cream wet up her ass and smooshed into her ass crack.  She squeaked, and jumped.

He pushed her back down onto one of the benches that faced the enclosure, and the ice cream smooshed further up inside her as she sat, and began soaking into the back of the dress.  She was mortified.  It felt so wrong – so slutty – to be sitting her in public with ice cream up her ass.  The cold, wet, sticky feeling was disgusting.

Milo handed her the remains of the cone, and, seeing his stern look, she began licking it, despite it having just been wiped against her ass.

Then Milo sat on one side of her, and Bitch on the other.  Together, they lifted her skirt to expose her pussy, and then pulled her legs apart, so that they were wide open.

Brooke whimpered, and tried to close her legs.

“No one will see, as long as you don’t call attention to yourself,” said Milo.  “They are all looking at the lions.”

He was right.  She was invisible – as long as she was quiet.  So she just sat there, licking her ice cream, with her legs spread and her pussy bare in public, the vibrator humming happily in her cunt, and the cold feeling of sticky sugary mess in her anus and ass crack.

Ahead of her, leaning against the transparent hard barrier of the enclosure, were her husband and her daughter, kissing.  Rachel looked genuinely happy.  Her father was giving her more attention than he had in years, and had bought her a stuffed gorilla, “just the like the one in your pussy”, that Rachel had named “Uncle Kong”.  She moaned as she tongue-kissed her father and pressed her new fake tits against his chest and stroked the crotch of his pants.

Brooke didn’t know where to look.  When she tried to close her eyes, Milo pinched her to make her open them.  If she looked at her husband and her daughter, the idea that her cunt was being pleasured while she watched her daughter seduce her husband made her want to cry.  But if she looked at the enclosure, all she could see was the large male lion, and her mind was filled the image of it fucking her – of it taking her on all fours, spearing her with its spined cock, just like the one inside her now…

Brooke orgasmed five more times at the zoo.  The first two were while looking at the lion.  The third was when she saw Rachel finally cause her husband Dave to cum in his pants.  The fourth was when Milo told her that she was to take Bitch to the toilets and have Bitch clean the ice-cream off her with her tongue.  And the fifth was standing nude in a toilet cubicle with the big-titted prostitute on her knees, as Brooke bent over, spread her ass cheeks, and felt the first touch of Bitch’s tongue against her anal sphincter…


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