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Brooke and Rachel were home alone, together, for what felt like the first time in a year.

Last night at dinner, Milo had started a debate about which of the bitches in the household had the most attractive cunt.  He had invited each of the women to make an argument that their cunt was the best of the three.  Brooke’s daughter, Rachel – now known to the household as “Anus”, although Brooke still secretly held onto her daughter’s real name – had made a passionate case that her pussy was the wettest, the youngest, the least heavily-used.

They had turned then to Brooke, but Brooke had refused to play, just sitting in sullen silence as she and her daughter were objectified and degraded.

Finally, Milo’s sister Slutglobes had climbed naked up onto the dinner table on all fours, and let each of the men try her pussy by sticking their cocks into it, and after this vulgar display, all three men – including Brooke’s son Trent and Brooke’s husband Dave, had agreed that Slutglobes had the best cunt in the household.

The humiliation of the whole experience hurt – but what hurt worse was seeing the jealousy and betrayal on her daughter’s face.  Anus – Rachel – had been genuinely hurt by her father saying he preferred another girl’s cunt over hers.  Only Brooke saw the small tears in the corner of Rachel’s eyes.

If she, Brooke, had also felt a little jealousy at not being the best cunt in the household, she suppressed it.  She wouldn’t play the filthy games that their Etreborian guests had initiated any more than she had to.

Milo had declared that Slutglobes’ pussy deserved a prize for winning the competition, and so he had arranged for all three men to take Slutglobes to a local hotel, where they would spend an entire day gang-raping her, along with Milo’s prostitute friend “Bitch”.  Slutglobes had practically wiggled with excitement at this announcement.

However, if Brooke thought that being left at home meant freedom and privacy, she was mistaken.

Milo and Dave spent a good chunk of the morning explaining what they expected of the women while they were out.  The front door and the backyard gates were locked from the outside – “for your protection” – and they did not leave Brooke with a key.  

Brooke had no serious thought of running away, but the idea of being locked in her own house humiliated her.  Leaving the house was also unattractive because she was completely nude – Milo had installed locks on all the girls’ cupboards, and only the men had keys, to ensure they “dressed appropriately”.  Today, Dave said, neither Brooke nor Anus required clothing.

To her further humiliation, the toilet doors in the house were also locked.  “Toilets are a luxury for men,” Milo informed her.  “The backyard is unlocked.  You may relieve yourself out there.”

“You can’t be serious!” wailed Brooke, horrified.

Milo looked at Dave, and Dave slapped Brooke across the face.  “Don’t be disrespectful to our guests, honey,” he told her.  “Milo has been saying it’s about time we got you girls trained on a litter tray, like proper Etreborian women, and he’s been generous enough to buy one and set it up outside for you.”

In the kitchen, there were three new dog-bowls on the floor.  Names on the bowls read “Cumhole”, “Anus” and “Slutglobes”.  The bowls for Cumhole (Brooke) and Anus (Rachel) were filled with cold leftovers from last night’s dinner, and there was a drizzle of white goo over the top of each.  Brooke knew without being asked that the goo was semen, and she knew also that if she asked whose it was she would be told she didn’t need to know.

“We’ve prepared you a lunch,” said Milo.  “I expect you to eat it all, at 11 am, in the appropriate manner.  A little early, perhaps, but sluts need their energy.  Do not let it go to waste – I will know if you do, and myself and Dave will need to discipline you if that occurs.”

Finally, the women’s hands were cuffed behind their back, and then they were given chores to perform for the day.  “I want you to mop all the surfaces and floors in the house,” said Dave.  “Make sure they’re spotless when we get home, understand, honey?”

Brooke glared daggers at him – but she knew there was only so far she could disobey.  She remembered Milo’s threat to have Rachel impregnated if Brooke didn’t play along.  “Yes, sir,” she said finally.

“Good girl!” said Dave cheerfully, and ruffled her hair.  Then the men and Slutglobes left, and Rachel and Brooke were alone.

“Rachel,” Brooke said, once they were alone.  “I’m so sorry about all of this.”

“You’re supposed to call me Anus now,” said Rachel sullenly.

“Come on, Rachel,” said Brooke.  “It’s just us.  You’re my daughter.”

“Call me Anus!” hissed Rachel.  “They’ll know!  They might have cameras, or something.  Anyway, Milo always knows when I’m lying or when I’ve been disobedient.  He can see it on my face.”

“I can’t just treat my daughter like she’s… a hole that shit comes out of!” Brooke protested.

Rachel was on the verge of tears.  “It’s all I am, mom!  It’s all we both are!  You’re just a Cumhole and I’m an Anus!  If we were real people, like the men are, would we be locked naked and handcuffed in our own house?  We could have run away so many times, but we let it just keep happening.  We could run away now, but we’re not going to.  Because this is what we deserve, mom!”

“Oh, honey,” said Brooke, heart full of love and pain for her broken daughter.  She moved to try and hug Rachel, but with her hands behind her back, the best she could do was nuzzle her face against Rachel’s, and rub her naked tits against her daughters.

When she did, Rachel pulled back.  “Anyway,” she said, “it’s *your* fault.”

“What?” asked Brooke.

“If you’d just been a little sexier for dad, he’d still be satisfied with you,” said Rachel.  “He can only cum really hard when he’s hurting a woman – did you even know that?  If you’d just let him slap you a little and punch your tits, you’d still be the centre of his attention.  But you were a frigid bitch with him, and now he’s giving me a chance to show how much I can please him.  Dad loves *me* now, and he enjoys cumming inside me more than he ever did with you!”

Brooke was shocked, and hurt to the core of her being.  “Rachel, he’s *raping* you!” she protested.

“If it’s rape, then why do I cum?” screamed Rachel – and she was crying now.

Brooke moved in to comfort her daughter again – and this time Rachel let her.  The women’s tits pressed against each other, and when Brooke leant in to nuzzle Rachel’s face, to her surprise and shock Rachel turned her face, and kissed her mother on the lips.

Brooke didn’t know what to do.  Rachel was accepting her affection – she didn’t want to make things hostile again by backing away.  She just stayed there, kissing her daughter on the mouth, and when Rachel’s tongue slipped between her lips and teased her own tongue, she let it happen.

When the kiss was over, Brooke was flushed, confused, and – to her shame and horror – aroused.  

Rachel didn’t act like anything strange had happened.  She behaved as though her mother had simply given her a hug.  “Thanks, mom,” she said.

“That’s okay,” said Brooke.  “I’m glad you’re looking after your father.  Someone should.  It’s better you than that Etreborian whore.”  She vividly remembered her own lesbian encounter with Milo’s sister Slutglobes, where Milo had made Brooke call the girl by her daughter’s name while having her cunt licked, and shivered.  Her pussy throbbed.

“Thanks, mom,” said Rachel again.  “But you really need to call me Anus, okay?”

Brooke sighed.  “Okay… Anus,” she said.  “Now, how do we do these chores they’ve set us with our hands cuffed?”

Anus showed her.  She used her mouth to pick up the sink plug and set it in the sink, then managed to nudge the tap to fill the sink with water.  With some difficulty she picked up the detergent bottle in her mouth and added detergent, until the sink was filled with warm, soapy water.

Then Anus leant over, dipped her tits in the warm soapy water, moved to the kitchen counter, and began rubbing them back and forth against the counter surface.

Brooke was degraded by the idea of such slutty domestic service, and hesitated on joining her daughter in the work – but it was clear Anus couldn’t complete it by herself, and Brooke had no doubt that if Dave and Milo returned for their sex adventure and found the work undone, both girls would receive a whipping on their breasts, or pussies, or both.  So, blushing, she dipped her tits in the water, then got down on all fours and began wiping them across the kitchen floor.

By 11 am she had finished the kitchen, and begun work on the tiles of the dining area.  She hated this room.  It was the site of many of her humiliations – and in addition, she could barely stand to look at the walls.  In pride of place was the large poster that Milo had obtained, which showed two huge-titted blonde women, naked, covered with cum, and passionately tongue-kissing each other.  The words on the poster read “GOOD WIFE.  GOOD DAUGHTER”.

Around the poster were the family photos that Milo had commissioned as a present.  They were professionally staged and shot, and posing for these in front of a photographer she didn’t know had been yet another source of humiliation for Brooke.

Each of the six members of the household – including the two Etreborian guests – had their own portrait.  Brooke’s was labelled with a plaque that read “CUMHOLE”, and it showed her naked, her legs spread, using her fingers to spread open her pussy, which was the centre of the composition.  Rachel’s read “ANUS, and she was standing facing away from the camera, nude, bent forward at the waist, using her hands to spread her ass cheeks for the camera.  Her head was hanging down between her legs, looking back towards the photographer.  And Milo’s sister was depicted in “SLUTGLOBES”, which showed only the top half of her body.  Her mouth was open, and cum – supplied by the photographer – was drooling from her lips down onto her large, fake tits.

All three of these photos were framed in childish pink plastic.

Across the room, facing them, in solid mahogany frames, were the three men.  Each was photographed standing, in a fine suit.  Kneeling at the feet of each man was a naked woman, and the man’s cock, protruding from his open fly, was buried in the girl’s mouth.  Brooke herself was sucking her husband’s cock.  Slutglobes was servicing her son Trent.  And Milo was making use of her daughter – Anus.

Dave had invited the next-door neighbours around for dinner the night after the pictures were hung.  Mr Dabrowski, 50 years old and overweight, had spent the entire night with his eyes going from the pictures on the wall to the (mercifully fully-dressed) women sitting across the table from him.  His wife had spent the night with a look of withering disgust on her face.  Milo had made Brooke explain that the pictures were her idea, and she loved how well they captured the essence of herself and her daughter.

Now, as she mopped the floor, Brooke’s tits were hurting from the constant rubbing, and she straightened up to give them a rest – when suddenly the house was filled with sound.  The speakers installed throughout the house – intended to play music during parties – were suddenly playing a recorded voice.

It was her voice.  Recorded by Milo,  From when he had fucked her, and made her fuck his sister.

“Women deserve rape,” said Brooke’s voice, loudly, from speakers.

Anus crawled into the dining room.  “Mom?” she said.  “What’s going on?”

Before Brooke could reply, the speakers blared again.  

“Mothers should rape their daughters,” said Brooke’s voice.

Anus’ eyes widened.

“Daughters should fuck their fathers,” said Brooke’s voice on the speakers.

“Mom?” asked Anus.

“My daughter is a cunt,” said the speakers.  “She deserves to be raped.”  And then a slutty moan.  Brooke remembered that moan.  It had been when Slutglobes’ tongue had licked over her clitoris in a particularly delicious way.

“It’s not what it sounds like!” said Brooke, desperately – although, of course, it was exactly what it sounded like.  It was Brooke degrading and betraying her daughter in order for the chance to cum from having her pussy licked.

“What the fuck, mom?” demanded Anus.

“Rachel,” said the speakers loudly, in Brooke’s voice, “I want you to lick my cunt.”

“No…” said Brooke, desperately.

“Lick my pussy, Rachel,” said the speakers.  “Lick mummy’s pussy.  Be a good girl, Rachel, and lick mummy’s cunt.”

Anus’s eyes were locked on Brooke with flat hatred and disgust.  “You fucking hypocrite,” she spat.  “You deserve everything dad and Milo do to you.”

“No, Rachel – I mean, Anus – please,” said Brooke.  “I didn’t mean it.  Milo made me…”

“Made you?” said Anus.  “Fuck you, mom.  You did it for the same reason that I let Milo do things to me – because you’re a stupid whore and you think with your cunt.”

““Damn it, Rachel, you cock-teasing slut, get over here and lick your mummy’s pussy,” said the speakers, loudly.

“Anyway,” said Anus.  “It’s time for us to eat lunch.  We’ll get in trouble if you don’t.”


How did I get here? wondered Brooke.  How did I end up naked and handcuffed, eating leftovers covered with cold sperm out of a dogbowl, face-first like a dog, while I listen to my own voice begging my daughter to lick my pussy?

And the worst bit was it wasn’t even that hard.  She thought she would have to choke and gag the food down, but it was just – food.  Flavoured with a salty, sticky sauce.  Sure, eating it like a dog made it get smeared all over her mouth, but that wasn’t so bad.  It almost felt… right.  Like something she deserved.

“Lick my pussy, Rachel,” moaned the voice on the speakers.  “Please lick my pussy.”

Whatever recording was playing over the speakers seemed set to repeat endlessly.  They would be listening to it until the men came home, she suspected.  She tried to tune it out, but the voice was so whorish, so lustful, that it was hard not to continually blush.

Afterwards, Brooke needed to pee.  The toilet was still locked.  She suggested to Anus – still treating her with icy disdain – that they could pee in a glass, or in the sink, to avoid going outside, but Anus was firm that the men would *know* if they misbehaved.  And so both girls blushingly went nude into the backyard and took turns squatting over the plastic tray filled with kitty litter to urinate.

Brooke felt like an animal – like she wasn’t even human – as she peed like a common house pet.  But if her humiliation was high inherently, it was even worse when she looked up after wiping her pussy clean with her hand and saw Mr Dabrowski watching her over the side fence.  There was a crude, avaricious leer on his face as he stared at her naked body.

“Mr Dabrowski!” Brooke squealed.  “Please, go away!  This is private!”

Anus gasped as Brooke said this, and rushed over and – to Brooke’s shock – kicked her mother in the pussy – hard.

“What are you doing, mom?” she said.  “Are you saying no to a man?  Milo will be punishing us for a week!”  She looked hurriedly across the fence at the neighbour.  “It’s okay, Mr Dabrowski, you can watch!”

And then she went and performed her own toileting, orienting herself to give their leering neighbour the best possible view of her tits and cunt as she did so.

“You have a very pretty daughter, Ms Cumhole!” said Mr Dabrowski in a friendly tone.  “Looks very nice, pissing like a dog!  Such a pink pussy!  Maybe some time while my wife is out, I come round and use her?  Use you both, maybe?”

Brooke wanted to say no – but her pussy still stung from Anus’ kick  So instead, she said, lamely, “You should ask my husband.”

“Thank you!” said Mr Dabrowski.  “I will!”

The two women shuffled back inside – where the voice was waiting for them.  “You disgusting little whore-trollop, Rachel,” said Brooke’s recorded voice.  “Lick your mommy’s pussy like a good slut.”

It wasn’t long after that Brooke realised something was wrong.  She was kneeling in the laundry, rubbing her tits painfully back and forth across the floor tiles, when she became aware that she was wet.  Aroused.  *Very* aroused.

She climbed to her feet and staggered to find her daughter.

“Anus, honey,” she said.  “I think Milo drugged our lunch.  With a – what do you call it?  A drug that makes women horny.”

Anus was flushed, her nipples erect.  “Oh, god,” she said.  “I thought it was just me.  Because of how much of a disgusting slut I am.”

“No, honey, it’s a drug,” said Brooke.  She was clenching her legs together, because she was so wet that her pussy was literally drooling, her sticky cunt nectar slowly running down her inner thighs.  Her nipples were rock hard, and her face felt hot, and it was hard to think clearly.

“I wish I could masturbate,” moaned Anus.  With her hands cuffed behind her back, there was no way she could touch her pussy.

“Me too, honey,” said Brooke.  Only a few months ago, she would never have confessed a need to masturbate to her own daughter, but things had changed – and anyway, her pussy was so wet, she couldn’t *think*.

Anus moaned.  She staggered to the dining room table and began to hump her naked pussy against the table corner, but it was clear to both of them that the demeaning behaviour was only making her wetter, and wouldn’t allow her to cum.

“I wish Daddy was home,” Anus moaned.  “Then he’d rape me and make me cum.”

“Or Milo,” suggested Brooke.  She knew the Etreborian boy was regularly raping her daughter.

“Milo makes me *do* things if I want to cum,” said Anus.  “He makes me humiliate myself.  Dad just slaps my face and fucks me until we both cum.”

The thought of being raped and slapped made Brooke moan.  She wanted that.  She wanted to cum.  She needed to cum.  It could be hours until the men got home, and…

A thought dawned on her.  Would any of them even fuck her when they did?  She certainly didn’t want her son Trent to fuck her.  Dave might show interest, if she was slutty enough – but her daughter was so much younger and sluttier, and she thought in a competition between them, Anus would win.

Which left Milo.  And, as her daughter had just said, Milo would make her *do* something if she wanted to cum.  What might she agree to, in her desperation to orgasm?  Fucking her son?  Becoming a prostitute?  Something even worse?

She had to cum.  She had to cum before the men got home.  She had to have a clear mind, so she wouldn’t beg Milo to degrade her.

“Women deserve rape,” said Brooke’s voice on the speaker.  “Mother’s should rape their daughters.”

“Anus, honey,” said Brooke, in a quavering voice. “Mommy really needs to cum.”

“What are you talking about, mom?” asked Anus.

The speaker replied for her.  “Be a good girl, Rachel, and lick mummy’s cunt,” it said.

Brooke blushed.

“Fuck off,” said Anus.  “You’re a hypocrite and you’re a disrespectful bitch to dad and to Milo.  Find your own way to cum.  I can wait for dad.  I hope Milo *does* make you pay for your orgasm.  I hope he makes you get a titjob like me and legally change your name to Cumhole.”

Brooke went even brighter red.

She couldn’t let that happen.  She couldn’t suffer any further degradation at Milo’s hands.  She had to cum, so she could think straight.  So she wouldn’t be driven by her wet pussy.  And really, wasn’t it a daughter’s job to help her mother?

“Please, Anus,” she said.  And the speaker echoed her.  “Lick my pussy, Rachel.  Lick mommy’s pussy, Rachel.”

“Go to hell,” spat Anus.  She was still trying to hump the table.

She should force Anus, Brooke realised.  It wasn’t any big thing.  Just a little orgasm.  Just a chore.  When children refused to do the chores, they had to be forced.  It was for their own good.

Wait – was she really thinking about raping her daughter?

Only, this wasn’t really her daughter, was it?  Her daughter was a beautiful innocent girl called Rachel.  The… thing… humping the table was a fake-titted whore called Anus who had seduced her own father.

The poster on the wall looked down at her.  Two women, tongue-kissing, drenched in sperm.  GOOD WIFE.  GOOD DAUGHTER.

“Only a filthy little prostitute would seduce her father,” said the speaker, and Brooke agreed with it.  Her cunt was so wet.  It was throbbing so hard.  It was the drugs.  It was Milo’s fault for dosing her with the drugs.  These weren’t her decisions.  It was just what the drugs were making her do.

Before she realised she was doing it, she was moving quickly across the room.  She lowered her shoulder at the last minute, and hit Anus around her midsection.  Her daughter made a surprised “oof!” and fell to the floor.

Then Brooke was on top of her daughter, straddling her, facing down towards Anus’ toes, pinning the girl to the floor.  She got her soaking wet cunt directly over her daughter’s mouth, and pressed down, silencing Anus’ complaints before they even began.

God, it felt so good – a warm, young mouth forced against her wet fuckhole.

“We both know you’re a disgusting sub-human plastic-titted father-fucking whore,” Brooke heard herself say – all her anger at her daughter’s behaviour now coming to the surface.  “So be a good little fuckpet and lick.”

There was a muffled noise of protest from Anus, and Anus’ legs kicked, but she couldn’t dislodge her mother.  Brooke looked down at her daughter’s naked, wet pussy, and wished her hands were free so she could spank it.  But then, hesitantly, Anus began to lick, and Brooke’s mind melted away.  It was so good.  It was what she needed.

She ground her pussy harder against her daughter’s mouth, moaning sluttily now.  And as the licking continued, she forgot where she was completely.

“That’s it, you little cockteasing trollop,” she said.  “Lick me like the fucktoy you are.  It’s no wonder your daddy wants to rape you – you’re only good for sex.  Keep licking, or I’ll make you wish I’d never squeezed you out of that hole you’re tongueing.”

And then she could help it no longer.  She leaned forward and buried her face in Anus’ cunt, and began licking her daughter in return.


By the time the men came home, Brooke had had seven orgasms, and Anus had had three, and they were still licking, in the thrall of the drugs.  Brooke leaped off her daughter when she realised they were being watched, her face going white with shock as the reality of what she had just done came crashing back onto her – along with the knowledge her husband and son had seen her raping her daughter.

But the men had just spent all day in a non-stop abusive sex orgy, in which Milo had repeatedly encouraged them to demean Brooke and Anus and invent cruel sex games for them, and their own minds were clouded by lust and a propensity to see women as sex objects.

They cheered when Milo announced he had had cameras monitoring the house while they were out, and so the household crowded into the lounge room to watch Brooke’s rape of her daughter replayed on the big screen.  They made the women masturbate as they watched it.  The men masturbated too, and when Brooke’s son Trent neared his orgasm, Milo encouraged him to stand and point his cock at his mother.  Brooke flinched as her son’s sperm spattered all over her.  A moment later, Milo and Dave bathed Anus with their own ejaculate.

Then they told Brooke she was going to repeat her rape of Anus as a live show for them all to watch – or else the tape of her behaviour would go to the police.  And she should start by licking the sperm from her daughter’s face.

As Brooke leaned in to kiss her daughter, she began to cry, for three reasons.  The first was the realisation first that they were recreating the demeaning poster on the wall.  She was finally a GOOD WIFE, and Anus was a GOOD DAUGHTER.  The second was the knowledge that her husband and son were eagerly masturbating as they watched her prepare to rape her daughter for the second time that day.

And the third was because her cunt was wet – sopping wet – even though the drugs had worn off about an hour ago….


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