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Trent woke in the middle of the night to find his mother kneeling naked by the side of his bed.

He was naked as well.  He had fallen asleep after fucking the Etreborian girl, Slutglobes, to a very satisfying orgasm, as had been his custom every night for the last few weeks.  With her encouragement, he was seeing Slutglobes as less human every day, and more of a masturbation tool.  She rarely spoke, she submitted to his every whim, and she got wet when he slapped her across the face or tits.  It had been a whole week since he asked Slutglobes her opinion on anything, or cared whether she was enjoying whatever sexual fantasy he was using her to fulfil.

There was no sign of Slutglobes now.  She must have crept out during the night.  And now here was his mother, Brooke – or, as the Etreborians called her, Cumhole -her blonde hair artfully arranged, her large breasts exposed to his view.

“Ssh,” she said – and reached out and took his cock in her hands, beginning to slowly stroke it.  It hardened almost instantly.

“Mom?” asked Trent, sleepy and confused.  “What…”

“Ssh,” said Brooke again.  “It’s time for you to fuck your mother.”

His cock twitched and became even harder.  Once, fucking his own mother would have been unthinkable, but as the Etreborians had taught Trent to see women as objects and animals, and as both his mother and his sister had been led into ever more slutty and degrading behaviour, those inhibitions had weakened, and now the thought of ejaculating into the pussy that had birthed him made him horny and eager.

“I thought you didn’t want to,” whispered Trent.  Not that what a woman wanted mattered, of course – but his mother had resisted the Etreborian influence at every turn, and it was a surprise to find her now willingly stroking his dick.

But of course, it wasn’t entirely willing, as Brooke soon revealed.  “Milo wants your sister to go to the police,” whispered Brooke.  “He wants her to tell them I raped her.  He has the footage from when we were home alone the other day.  He says I’ve been disobedient, and it would be funny to see me go to jail as a rapist.”

Trent’s eyes widened.  “What?  Mom, no…”

“He says that he’ll make Anus stay quiet if I do as I’m told now,” said Brooke.  “No more fighting.”  She was smiling – even as she used the demeaning Etreborian name for her own daughter – but there were tears in the corners of her eyes.  “It’s time for you to fuck me, Trent.  It’s the Etreborian way for sons to fuck their mothers.”

Trent tried again – even though his cock felt so good.  “Mom…”

“Don’t call me ‘mom’, honey,” said his mother.  “Call me Cumhole.  Or ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’.  It will make it easier.”

She pumped his cock gently, and Trent groaned.

“How… how should I do it?” asked Trent.

“Just like you do with the Etreborian girl,” said his mother.  “She says you’re very good at it.”  Brooke’s voice quavered as she said this last.

Trent looked at his mother – at the woman who had once been his parent, and was now the family whore.  He wondered if she really knew how he fucked Slutglobes.  Surely she didn’t want that?

But it didn’t matter what she wanted, did it?  His cock was hard, and she was a woman, and it didn’t matter whether she wanted it any more than it mattered whether a toilet wanted you to use it.  

He shuffled over on the bed, bringing him closer to his kneeling mother.  He reached out and caressed her face, gently – and felt her kiss his hand softly as he did so.  Then he lowered his hand to her breasts, and began to feel their full, ripe roundness.  He heard his mother gasp.  Her face flushed.

“Are you aroused, mom… I mean, are you aroused, bitch?” asked Trent.

Cumhole blushed.  “Milo made your sister lick my… pussy… for hours before I came in here.  I’m… very wet.”

Trent smiled, and gently flicked her nipple.  His mother gasped again.

Then he reached over to the nightstand, and picked up the toy that Slutglobes had bought for him to use on her.  Two tight clamps, connected by a chain.  Before Brooke could really understand what he was doing, he had fixed one clamp to each of her nipples.

“Ow!” Brooke complained, and tried to jerk away – but Trent’s hand was on the chain, and the jerk made her squeal in pain.

“No running away, bitch,” said Trent.  And then he looked his mother in the eyes – and slapped her across the face with his free hand.  Because that was what he always did with Slutglobes to get her ready for sex.  Slutglobes said women needed to be slapped regularly or they started to have disobedient thoughts.

“Trent…” gasped Brooke, shocked.

“Shut up, bitch,” said Trent.  His cock was hard and he was eager to go now.  It was easy now to not see this as his mother.  Nothing that let its tits be leashed and its face be slapped could be a real person.  

He yanked hard on the chain, and just like that Brooke was eagerly, desperately climbing up on the bed, following her tit leash, trying to relieve the pain in her fuckbags.  He pulled her up until she was on the bed on all fours – and then pushed her head down on his cock.

Her mouth opened automatically, instinctively, and just like that he was fucking his own mother’s face.

It felt amazing.  Warm and wet and exquisite.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her down on his cock, until her lips were kissing his ballsack.  She began to gag and struggle, and he held her there.  Slutglobes said it was important for a woman to learn that rape doesn’t stop when she struggles.  He held his mother down until she stopped gagging and struggling, and then began to rhythmically fuck her mouth.

He used the chain to yank her up and down on his dick, enjoying the squeals she made with each tug.  Raping his mother was so much better than raping Slutglobes, because Slutglobes liked being raped, but his mother’s struggles were genuine.  

He felt like he might cum then and there – but he wasn’t done yet.  He pulled her face off his cock, and then pushed her down on the bed, back down, tits up, legs spread.  And then he was lying on top of her, his cock seeking out her pussy, finding it – so soppingly wet – and sliding in without resistance.

She did start to cry then, as she felt her son’s cock enter her, and that just made it hotter.  He slapped her across the face again as she started to rape her, and then slapped her tits for good measure.  “Shut up, cunt,” he whispered, and put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Fucking his mother’s pussy was even better than her mouth.  He moaned with delight as he violated her again and again – and when he felt her pussy begin to squeeze him, and her body shake, he knew that she had orgasmed – orgasmed from being raped by her son – and the last of his respect for her vanished.

He let himself cum.  He felt his cock twitch and spasm, as blessed release flowed over him and he fired squirt after squirt of sperm into the womb that had conceived him.

When it was done, he rolled over, and lay beside her, her tit leash still clenched in his fist.

“So do I get to fuck my sister too?” he asked as they lay together.

Brooke nodded.  “Yes, but she’ll struggle,” said Brooke.

“I thought she was obedient to Milo?” said Trent.

“Milo wants you to learn to rape a girl who fights back,” said Brooke.  “Milo has told Anus that she’s not allowed to leave the house for a week, and if you haven’t cum inside her at the end of that time he’ll let her finish her arts degree at the university, but if you manage to rape her before the end of the week he’ll make her drop out and start working as a prostitute.”

“That arts degree is such a waste of money,” said Trent.  “She’s never going to get a job with that anyway.”

Brooke was silent.  Trent knew it was his mother’s fondest wish that her daughter graduate from university – but she was a woman, after all, and what she wanted didn’t matter.

He felt his cock softening.  “Raping you was fun, mom,” he said.  “But I need to piss.”

Brooke shifted in the bed.  “I’ll let you get up,” she said, starting to rise to her feet.

“No, it’s okay,” said Trent.  He pulled on her nipple leash, forcing her back to the bed – and then grabbed her hair and moved her face down, towards his cock.  “I don’t need to get up.”

His mother struggled, of course, but Trent was stronger, and her tits were leashed, and anyway, like Slutglobes said, it didn’t matter even a little bit whether a toilet *wanted* you to piss in it.


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