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Rachel Watson – the pretty teen girl who even her father Dave now thought of by her Etreborian name of “Anus” – had been out all night.  Dave wasn’t sure where she had been, but she had been in the company of their Etreborian exchange-student guest Milo, so he was sure she hadn’t gotten into too much trouble.

Or rather, he was sure she would come home again.  Milo would make her.  It felt strange seeing his daughter slowly transformed into the unwilling degraded sex-slave of a foreigner, but he had to admit that she was less of a bitch and a brat these days.  Milo even made her do her share of the housework – sometimes completely nude.  

And of course, she was more affectionate towards him as her father now, which is to say that Milo forced Rachel to cocktease him.  Dave had discovered that kissing his own daughter on the lips was surprisingly pleasurable – and even better was actually fucking her tight teenaged cunt, which he had done last week during the Etreborian festival of Tharwata, when he had swapped his wife to Milo for the day for him to fuck, and taken his daughter Rachel as his own pretend-wife, with all the sexual benefits that entailed.

The affection wasn’t entirely fake, either.  In the fucked-up abused state that Milo had taken her to, Rachel seemed to genuinely enjoy his presence and attention – whether sexual or otherwise – and she had taken to giving him a hug and a kiss each morning and night that appeared to be entirely separate from anything Milo required of her.

Dave was taking his morning shower when Rachel got home.  He had sent his wife Brooke to do their weekly household shopping, and she wouldn’t be back for some time.  His son Trent, he thought, was out with friends.

The front door banged as Rachel entered the house – and only moments later, Rachel was entering the bathroom, and stepping into the shower with Dave.  She was completely naked, and sobbing – big, noisy tears, her eyes swimming with misery. 

As soon as she stepped into the shower, she took her father’s cock in her hands and began stroking it.  He became aroused immediately.

“What’s the matter, honey?” he said.

“Milo says I can only tell men things I’m sad about when I’m helping them to cum,” she sobbed, in great, choking breaths.  “So I can see that my pain entertains them.  But daddy, I have to talk about it.  I’m such a slut.  I’m such a disgusting slut.”

“There there, Anus,” said Dave, pressing against his daughter, feeling her naked tits against his chest as the warm water flowed over them both.  He stroked her wettening hair with his hand.  “I know you’re a disgusting slut, but I still love you.”  He had decided there was no point in telling her daughter she wasn’t a whore.  She clearly enjoyed many of the things Milo did to her, and there was no escape from Milo’s control – nor did Dave want her to escape – and the sooner she became accustomed to her new role in life, the happier she would be.  “Tell me what’s wrong,” he said.

“Milo rented out a hotel room,” said Rachel – or, more properly, Anus.  “He invited all my closest friends to a party there.  Except when they got there, he made me be naked, and tell them all my name was Anus now, and then I had to masturbate in front of all of them and tell them that I didn’t believe in consent and that I liked being raped.”

Her hand was still pumping Dave’s cock.  It felt amazing.  “Oh, my poor baby,” he said.  “But all that stuff is true, isn’t it?”

Rachel just wailed, and rested her head against his neck as she masturbated her father.

“Most of them left,” she said.  “They said they were disgusted by me.  And then Milo made me keep messaging them with pictures of my cunt, and begging them to rape me, until they all blocked me.  They were my friends, and they’ll never speak to me again.”  She broke down into incoherent sobs again.

“Oh, honey,” said Dave, consolingly.  At the same time, he took her hand off his cock, used his knee to nudge her legs apart, and then gently slipped his cock into his daughter’s pussy.  He was pleased to feel the exterior wetness of the shower give way to the thicker, warmer interior wetness of arousal.  Anus gasped as he penetrated her, but didn’t struggle.  “Good girl,” he whispered, and began to gently fuck her.  “Tell me what happened with the friends who stayed.”

“They were mostly boys,” said Anus.  “But also Melinda stayed.”

Dave knew Melinda.  She was a pretty redhead who had been friends with Anus since they were both children.  She had grown into a sexy little teenaged slut, and he had fantasised about fucking her on more than one occasion.  He leaned in and kissed Rachel on the lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth while he fucked her, imagining it was her friend Melinda he was raping.  His daughter moaned and kissed him back.

“And how did they react?” he asked, when he had finally broken the kiss.

“They were turned on,” she said.  “They asked if it was really okay to rape me.  And I said it was.  And so they did.”  She broke down into crying again, so Dave kissed her again until she stopped.

“Milo made me say I like it best when it hurts,” said Rachel.  “So they hurt me.  My friend Kevin wanted to punch me in the tits, and Melinda really enjoyed pinching my clitoris.  And Milo made me tell them that I liked being told to shut up, and if they were bored with what I was saying they should just slap me across the face, and then I got them to practice.”

“You’re such a good girl,” said Dave, fucking her harder.  “I’m so proud of you, honey.  How many times did you orgasm?”

She screamed at this – a scream of complete humiliation, because her father was right, she *had* cum, Milo had trained her to cum from abuse, and it was so obvious to everyone that knew her that she was the kind of slut who orgasmed from rape that her own father had been sure of it.

“Four times,” she sobbed.

Dave let her cry for a bit while he raped her pussy.  She really was delightfully tight, and wet, and the way she bucked her hips against him eagerly even while crying was incredibly hot.  He was lucky to have such a good daughter, he thought.

Finally, she said, “Milo says bitches don’t have friends.  They just have masters and rapists.  He says I can’t use the word ‘friend’ anymore.  If they’re female friends, I say ‘cunts’, and if they’re men, I say ‘rapists’.  From now on I’ll have to invite some rapists over every week to have fun with me.”

“That will be nice,” said Dave.  “You’ve been a bit anti-social ever since Milo and Slutglobes got here.”  He thought about saying, “You need to see your friends,” but under the circumstances he instead chose to say, “You need to be raped by people outside your family from time to time.”

“I’m so sorry, daddy,” Anus sobbed.  “I’m so sorry I’m such a disgusting slut.”

“It’s all right, honey,” Dave said.  “I love you anyway.”  He sped up his fucking.  Her pussy spasmed delightfully around his cock with every sob.  He pictured his daughter’s friends slapping her across the face and raping her, and had a thought.  “Honey, I think I might cum faster if I slap you across the face.  Is that okay?”

Her tortured expression told him that, no, it wasn’t, that she was about to start crying even harder, but her lips said the words that all good daughters should say.  “Yes, daddy.”  And that was all the permission he needed.  He drew back his hand and slapped her hard across the face.

“There there,” he said.  “Shut up, you disgusting little slut.”

The erotic feeling of slapping his daughter was what he needed.  He slapped her, and slapped her again, and on the third slap he felt himself cumming, ejaculating deep into his daughter’s fuckhole.  

But he was a considerate lover, so he kept slapping her until she came, too.


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