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Alice was happy with herself. She had married into money. Elijah was tall, handsome, polite – and incredibly wealthy. She had caught his eye with her attractive body and large tits, she had giggled and flirted and been a good little bimbo, and in due course he had married her.

The catch was that she was also marrying into his church. She didn’t know much about it – some Christian offshoot – but she figured playing the good little housewife wouldn’t be such a hard price to pay for a life of financial comfort.

She began to reassess, however, when her husband took her bra away from her the day after they returned from honeymoon.

“You won’t need that, honey,” Elijah said. “You’ll need to wear this instead.” And he showed her what she at first thought was a joke.

“You can’t be serious,” she said.

“Oh, yes,” he said. “Our teachings hold that large breasts on a woman are a sign that she is a whore. When women develop large breasts, they need to have those breasts punished constantly until they overcome their whorishness.”

“What do you mean?” asked Alice. “Breasts don’t just shrink…”

“You had better hope God wills they do,” said Elijah, “or become used to having them punished.” And he put the bra on her.

It was a cruel thing. It was at least two sizes too small. The underwire on the cups was connected to a tight piece of elastic that went over the top of her breast, constricting the entire breast around the base and making the rest bulge lewdly. And across the inside of the cup were dozens of tiny thumbtack-pins, which stuck into her painfully squeezed titflesh. 

The whole thing was agonising just to wear, but each step she took bounced her tits against the pins, and being hugged or receiving any pressure against her chest made her want to scream.

“How long do I have to wear this?” she asked.

“Every day until evening,” said Elijah. “Then we will take it off, and give your breasts twenty lashes of my belt. You can put it back on again in the morning, and so on until your breasts display a purer aspect of your soul.”

Next he pushed a metal plug into her anus. “It is my discretion as your husband as to when you toilet,” he told her. “As a woman, you accept my guidance. I expect you to ask in a loud voice when you need it removed.”

A thick vibrator went into her pussy, filling her uncomfortably. A clip on it base turned out to clamp onto her clit, to stop the device falling out. 

“A woman must always be ready to be used by her husband,” Elijah said, “but she should not be a whore. This device senses your level of arousal. If you are not very aroused, it will vibrate and stimulate you. However, if you become too wet or approach orgasm, it will give you an electric shock to your clitoris and the inside of your vagina, to discipline you.”

Lastly, he placed a collar around her neck. Alice felt the bite of little metal contacts against her throat. She tried to say, “What is this?” but as soon as she spoke, she felt a painful shock to her throat.

“It’s a de-barking collar for dogs,” said Elijah. “Women who grow up in the church learn from birth, but as an outsider you must learn that a woman’s place is silence. We learn from the example of Eve in the garden that a woman cannot be trusted to speak, and must not be allowed to converse with God in private. The collar will train you out of speaking. You will only use your voice in church, before the gathered congregation, to confess to God what a whore you are, and explain your sexual fantasies, and beg for appropriate punishments.”

The vibrator was already pumping in Alice’s pussy. She tried to beg him to stop this, to let her go, but the collar gave her a shock.

Elijah leaned in and hugged Alice, crushing the thumbtacks in her bra into her tits. “I’m so glad I married you, Alice,” he said. 

Alice tried to scream, but the collar just shocked her again.


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