With so many books in the All These Roadworks library, and so many individual stories, it can be hard to find know where to start! So I helpfully put together occasional lists (themed around particular kinks) of paid e-books, ongoing stories, and a select few one-shots, to help you out.

Today’s list is for stories related to office erotica. If you want stories of workplace humiliation, demotion fetishes, bimbo secretaries, or degrading work environments, this is the list for you!

I’m limiting the list to material that’s been republished on AllTheseRoadworks.com, so you can read without needing to create a new account – but remember that I have a much longer back-catalogue of stories on BDSMLR and newTumbl – it’ll still be a while until AllTheseRoadworks.com catches up.

This is a non-exhaustive list! Explore the archives and find more stories you enjoy!


Ongoing stories:


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