Brian had some trouble getting his grown daughters, 18 and 19, to do as they were told after his divorce. They lounged around the house, not working, not studying, not doing chores. They were naturally pretty, but they didn’t even do him the courtesy of dressing attractively.

He took a rather unique parenting approach. He brought home a new girlfriend, Lindsey, barely older than his daughters. Lindsey was unabashedly a slut. She walked around the house nude, often with Brian’s cum still wet on her skin. She masturbated unashamedly in the lounge. And, on Brian’s orders, she set out to wreck the girls’ social life.

She would always be nude and dildoing her pussy in the public areas when the girls brought friends over. She would turn up to parties the girls attended and let the girls’ friends gangbang her. She would seduce the girls’ boyfriends.

When they begged Brian to make it stop, he set some fairly simple conditions, and if they followed them, they could have their social lives back, and Lindsey would behave herself in company. The girls simply had to go naked around the house, do their chores, look for jobs… and turn up for “family togetherness night” every Sunday, where after dinner they would let Lindsey lick their pussies until they orgasmed, and then return the favour, all while Brian watched.

They were outraged; but a social life is important to a teenager, so in the end, they agreed.

The next Sunday, as Brian watched his naked teen daughters blushingly lez off with his girlfriend, he reflected on the importance of appropriate role models for young women, and congratulated himself on finding such a good one…


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