He had told his stepdaugher Lizzie a million times to wear clothes around the house, and even though she was 18 and should know better, she just wouldn’t listen. He was damned if he’d have her act like a slut under his roof, so he kept escalating the punishment. At first he’d told her off, then grounded her. She’d kept slutting around in the nude, so he’d escalated to spanking her over his knee, as naked as he found her. When neither 20, 40, 60 nor 100 blows caused her to do anything more than moan like a whore on his lap, he’d started taking to her tits with his leather belt, and then finally he’d turned her over, spread her legs, and whipped her pussy. 

That last had made her cry, but it had also made her orgasm, writhing like a slut with her legs spread as the pain made her cum. And it only made it worse – after that, she never wore clothes. Every day she would bounce naked on his lap as he tried to watch TV, or crawl around on all fours like a whorish kitten.

He had finally decided that the only thing that would get through to her was rape. Tonight, he’d beat her ass, her tits, her cunt, and then as she lay there cumming and crying he’d stick his cock into her and fuck her till he came. It might be tough, to ejaculate into his stepdaughter, but he if thought hard about all the ways he could further punish her if she still didn’t learn, he reckoned he could probably find the strength to do what needed doing to her…


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