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Brooke Watson had assumed that the day’s degradation was over when they returned home from the zoo late that afternoon, but she couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“Where are you going, Cumhole?” asked Milo, as Brooke headed for the master bedroom.

“I’m going to my bedroom to use the en suite,” said Brooke.  “I need to shower.”  Despite Bitch’s ministrations, her ass still felt sticky from the ice cream that Milo had smeared across it, and her pussy and inner thighs were pungent with the smell of hours of sexual arousal.

“The master bedroom is for Mr Watson’s wife,” said Milo, sternly.

“But *I’m* Dave’s wife!” protested Brooke.  She looked to her husband, but he was no help – he had immediately resumed tongue-kissing his daughter upon getting home.

“The festival of Tharwata lasts until midnight, Cumhole,” said Milo.  “I am afraid you are still my wife until then.  And Anus is the bride of Mr Watson, and the mother of young Trent.”

“Anus is my daughter!” wailed Brooke.  “And her name’s not Anus!  It’s Rachel!  She’s *Dave’s* daughter!  She’s Trent’s sister!  She shouldn’t be kissing her own father!”

Milo said nothing.  He just slapped her, across the face, hard.  And then again, for good measure.

“Anus, would you also discipline my wife, please?” said Milo.

Rachel broke away from her father’s embrace, stepped over to her mother, and slapped her across the face.  “Sorry, mom,” she whispered – but she didn’t look sorry, only confused and horny.

“Any further protests, Cumhole?” asked Milo.

Brooke had none.  Tears welled in her eyes.

“Now, it is time for you to clean your cunt-stuffers,” said Milo.

He had the four women take the animal-shaped vibrators out of their pussies.  Brooke had to be helped by Milo, because of the spines on the lion cock digging into her pussy walls.  Milo tugged on it playfully a couple of times, making Brooke squeal with pain, before using his remote to retract the spines and allow the dildo to be withdrawn safely.

Then the dildoes had to be licked clean – but not by the girl who had had it inside her.  Milo made the women pass the dildoes around.  Thankfully neither Brooke nor Rachel were required to lick each other’s cunt-juices off the dildoes.  Brooke’s lion cock went to Bitch, while Rachel’s gorilla cock went to Slutglobes.  Brooke blushed as she used her tongue to lick Slutglobe’s pussy slime off the giant horse-cock vibrator – although it tasted erotically good – and watched her daughter servicing the surprisingly realistic dog-cock dildo that Bitch had had stuffed inside her twat.

“Good cunts,” said Milo when they were done.  “Now, Cumhole, it is past time that I performed my marital duties with you.  Follow me to my bedroom.”

Brooke’s mouth fell open.  Marital duties?  Surely he didn’t mean – was he going to fuck her?  “No!” she protested.  “This has gone on far enough!  I’m married to Dave – and I’m faithful to him!”

Dave was tongue-kissing Rachel again.  He looked up, and had the decency to blush as he said, “No, it’s all right, honey, I give you permission.”

Brooke’s heart-rate sped up.  She realised the full implications of what was happening.  If Milo was allowed to fuck his “wife” – being her – then Dave would be allowed to his fuck his own pretend-wife, being his daughter, Rachel.  Milo was about to take her away and rape her, and while she weas being raped, her husband was going to fuck her daughter.

There was no help coming from her son, either.  Milo’s prostitute friend Bitch was sitting on the couch with Trent, and had taken her giant fake tits out of her bikini top to show him.  Trent’s eyes were wide as he squeezed her whore-melons with both hands, and he was oblivious to the drama unfolding on the other side of the room.

“I won’t do this!” Brooke objected.  “You can’t make me!  I’ll scream!”  She judged the distance to the front door, thinking about fleeing the house entirely.

“I thought we had been through this, Cumhole,” said Milo.  “You be a good little slut, and your daughter Anus gets to stay on birth control.  She is about to fuck Mr Watson.  You should be very grateful she is on birth control, as I understand that in your country it would be very humiliating for her to fall pregnant with a baby that will be both her son and her brother.  She will fuck Mr Watson again after today, Cumhole, and it is your good behaviour that ensures that she continues to be protected from pregnancy.”

Brooke moaned – but then, from behind her, someone clamped their hand over her mouth, grabbed her arms, and forced them behind her back.

It was Milo’s sister Slutglobes.  Brooke struggled, but couldn’t get free.

“In any case,” said Milo, “it is a daughter’s duty to see that her mother is regularly raped.  Bring her to my bedroom, Slutglobes.”


Brooke had thought that Milo would struggle with her, force her legs apart, and rape her violently, but he didn’t lay a finger on her.

Instead he had his sister do all the work.  Slutglobes wordlessly ripped off Brooke’s clothes as soon they were in the bedroom, and began to slap at Brooke’s tits with her hands.  When Brooke tried to cover her breasts, Slutglobes would slap her face, or her thighs.

“You are a very disobedient and difficult animal, Cumhole,” said Milo mildly as his sister beat her.  “What is happening is all your own fault.  What I want to hear you say is that you want me to rape you.”

There was no escape from Slutglobe’s slaps.  When Brooke cowered on Milo’s bed in a nude foetal position, Slutglobes just pulled on her legs to open her up to more abuse. 

“Please, sir, I want you to rape me,” she wailed eventually.

“Good slut,” said Milo.  “Take the position of a bitch in heat on the bed.”

Brooke got up on all fours, her legs spread, her ass pointed at Milo.  Milo undressed, and knelt behind her, and slid his cock into her fuckhole.  His dick was surprisingly large, and to Brooke’s shame her pussy was still wet from its day of stimulation with the vibrator.  She moaned as Milo penetrated her.

Slutglobes took out a mobile phone and set it at the end of the bed, pointed at Brooke’s face, and set it to film.  Brooke blushed, and looked away from it.

“I want you to address my sister by your daughter’s birth-name, Cumhole,” said Milo, as he began to fuck her slowly.  “Call her Rachel.  Using that name, I want you to convince her to lick your pussy while I fuck you.”

Milo didn’t have to add an “or else”.  By now, Brooke knew that if she failed to please him, things would get steadily more painful and degrading for her until she complied.

Still, she hated this.  Her daughter’s name stuck in her throat on her first try, and she had to swallow nervously and try again.

“Rachel,” she said quietly, “could you please lick my pussy?”

Slutglobes looked at Brooke, and shook her head mischievously.

“Please, Rachel,” she said.  “I want you to lick my cunt.”

Slutglobes shook her head.

“Lick my pussy, Rachel,” she said.  “Lick mummy’s pussy.  Be a good girl, Rachel, and lick mummy’s cunt.”

Slutglobes still refused.

Milo reached between Brooke’s legs and pinched her clitoris, hard.  Brooke yelped.

“You are being insufficiently convincing, Cumhole,” he told her.

Brooke gritted her teeth, wishing that his cock in her cunt wasn’t quite so distracting.  “Damn it, Rachel, you cock-teasing slut, get over here and lick your mummy’s pussy.”

Slutglobes still wouldn’t do it.

“You disgusting little trollop-whore, Rachel,” she yelled.  “Do as you’re told!  Only a filthy little prostitute would seduce her own father.  Now get those ludicrous fake tits over here, and do as your mummy tells you, and lick the hole that gave birth to you!”

To her relief and delight, Slutglobes finally did as she was told, and wiggled naked underneath Brooke, and began to apply her tongue to Brooke’s clitoris. 

It felt amazing.  Brooke had never had a woman lick her snatch before.  Her first lesbian kiss had been today with Bitch, her first lesbian sexual experience had been Bitch eating ice cream out of her ass in the public toilets, and now a woman was licking and sucking on her clitoris.  But Brooke was so confused, violated, traumatised, degraded and horny that she could no longer think straight.  The safest thing to do was stop thinking altogether, and just concentrate on the feelings in her pussy.

“Now repeat after me, Cumhole,” said Milo, as he fucked her.  “Women deserve rape.”

“Women deserve rape,” moaned Brooke.

“Mothers should rape their daughters,” said Milo.

“Mothers should rape their daughters,” repeated Brooke, not even processing the words she was was saying.

“Daughters should fuck their fathers,” said Milo.

“Daughters should fuck their fathers,’ repeated Brooke.

And on it went, with Brooke repeating everything Milo said, until finally she orgasmed, and then Milo orgasmed, ejaculating into her pussy, and then Brooke orgasmed again as Slutglobes licked Milo’s sperm out of Brooke’s twitching, dripping fuckhole….


Rachel was pretty sure she was the most disgusting person who had ever lived.  She deserved jail.  She deserved humiliation.  She didn’t deserve to be alive.

She was about to fuck her own father.

And not in a “bad daddy sexually abuses his daughter” way.  It was her fault.  She had spent all day tongue-kissing her father, and stroking his cock, and squashing her tits against him, and giggling as he grabbed her ass.  She had done it with no panties on, and a gorilla-cock shaped vibrator buzzing in her pussy.  She had done it right in front of her own mother.

She felt dirty.  She felt soiled.  She felt guilty.

But at the same time, she felt good.  Because her father had given her more attention and affection today than he had in years.  As Rachel had grown into a teenager – and a difficult teenager, at that – she had drifted away from her father, spending far more time arguing with him than hugging him.  She had watched her father give up on his bitchy, bratty teen daughter, and focus his efforts on the son who adored him, and felt her heart break a little as it happened.

But all day today he had smiled at her, hugged her, told her she was beautiful.  He had barely taken his eyes off her to look at anything else.  He had bought her presents, and complimented her, and if she had any doubt that he was sincere when he told her she was the sexiest teenager he knew, the feel of his hard cock straining against his pants dispelled them.

She had pressed her tits into his chest, and massaged his dick through his pants, and inhaled the smell of his cologne – a smell that she associated with her childhood, with unconditional parental love, with safety – and she had felt happier than she had in years.

And now she was going to fuck him.

Milo had been very explicit with her.  He had spent all yesterday beating her tits and her cunt until she would agree to do anything he said, no matter how degrading, and he had told her that if her father didn’t cum in her pussy by the end of the festival of Tharwata, he would send her back to the doctor to have her tits enlarged another two sizes and then start firing a Taser into her pussy before each time that he raped her.

She wanted to throw up.  She wanted to beg her father to whip her cunt with a belt for being such a slut (which she had now internalised as the natural and well-deserved punishment for being inadequate). 

Instead she led him to the bedroom he shared with her mother, and then undid his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled out the cock that had created her.

“Rachel, is this really all right?” her father asked, moaning at the touch to his sensitive dick.

“It’s all right, daddy,” said Rachel.  “This is what women are for.  It doesn’t matter that I’m your daughter.”  She giggled.  “Anyway, I’m not your daughter, I’m your wife, remember?  You already fucked me on our wedding night, and got me pregnant with Trent.  This is just a repeat.”

She pulled off her top and her skirt, revealing her naked body to her father.  He had seen it before, after her boob job, but it still made her blush to expose herself to her own father. 

She helped him take off his shirt too, kissing up his bare chest and his neck, as he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and underwear.  She took him by the cock and led him gently to the bed.

And then she was lying on her back on the bed – on her parents’ bed – and her father was lying nude on top of her, his bare skin against her naked tits, and she could feel the hard shaft of his cock between her legs, pressing against her pubus…

… and then he was inside her.  Her father’s cock was *inside her vagina*.  He was fucking her.  He was raping her.  He was making love to her.  To his daughter.  To his “wife”.  To the fake-titted subhuman sex-toy that she had become.

She made a noise halfway between a moan and a sob, and another as her father thrust into her.  Worried that she would cry, and dissuade her father from cumming inside her, she kissed him on the lips again, sucking on his tongue, and began to buck her hips eagerly against his dick.

She had seduced her father into cheating on her mother with his own daughter.  She was a homewrecker.  She was a slut, a jezebel.  She was disgusting, and the only appropriate punishment for her was exactly what she was getting right now – the experience of being raped by her eager father.

“Daddy,” she moaned into his mouth, and again, “Daddy.”  She wasn’t sure whether she was pleading with him to stop or begging him to rape her harder.

She could hear squelching sounds as he pushed his cock in and out of her fuckhole.  Her traitorous cunt was wet – so very, very wet.  She sobbed again at the confusion of physical and emotional feelings.

She hoped she was good to rape.  She wanted her daddy to love her.  “Hurt me,” she moaned, because she knew that she deserved it, and she thought that her father might enjoy hurting her.

He did.  He slapped her across the face, then grabbed her breasts and began squeezing them and pinching them until Rachel squealed.

“Thank you, daddy,” she moaned.  And then she orgasmed.  And orgasmed again.  And a moment later she felt her father shudder, and then squirt his cum deep into her womb, and she orgasmed again.

“Daddy,” she asked, as they lay there afterwards, sweaty, exhausted, “am I a slut?”  She wanted him to say no, that she was his pretty princess, that none of what was happening to their family was real.

But that wasn’t what he said.  “Yes, honey,” he replied.  “You’re a disgusting slut.  But I love you anyway.”

Rachel didn’t want to ruin the sex by bursting into tears, so she just smiled and kissed him, but on the inside she was weeping.  Weeping with degradation at the knowledge that her father thought she was a disgusting slut – and weeping with joy to know that if she kept fucking him as entertainingly as she just had, he would love her even though she was disgusting…


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