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Dave gave his wife the papers to sign without initially telling her what they were.

It was on an autumn evening, and when Dave arrived home he found his wife and daughter energetically raping each other on the dining room table.  This was all as per his instructions – he had told them both he expected to find them like this when he returned from work each day, and they usually began lezzing off around 4.30 each day in case he came home early and would remain in the throes of passion until he eventually walked through the door.

It had been four months since Anus’ gang-rape and impregnation, and her belly was beginning to show a cute little bulge.  He knew it horrified his wife Cumhole – not just the knowledge that her daughter was pregnant with a rape-baby, but that the father could be any of thirty different people, including Anus’ own father – Dave himself – and her brother.

Cumhole’s mouth was fastened to Anus’ breast, and sucking, even as her fingers worked Anus’ pussy to orgasm.  Anus was lactating already.  Unwilling to wait for nature to take its course, Milo had started Anus on a program of breast-pumping three times daily, and now her tits were already swollen with milk, and they were able to enjoy the erotic sight of Cumhole suckling at her own daughter’s breast milk.  Dave loved the humiliation and degradation his wife received from this act, and it always put him in a mood to rape his wife, or daughter, or both.

But Dave had other things on his mind tonight.  He pulled the women apart by their hair, and slapped each of them across the face.  Anus had come to see this abuse as affection, and she gazed up at her father with hurt but adoring eyes.  Cumhole just took it as discipline, and she winced, and tried to take up a servile position that would please her husband and forestall further pain. 

“Sign these,” he said, pushing a pile of paper and a pen in front of his wife.

She picked up the pen, went to sign the paper – then read what it said, and looked back at Dave with big, wide eyes.

“Master…” she said – as Dave had now taught her to call him.  “What – why…”

“They’re divorce papers,” said Dave.  “Sign them.”

Cumhole started to cry.  “Why?” she begged.

Dave coughed.  “We did an exchange – Milo and I.  He sold me his sister – Slutglobes – and in return I’ve sold you to him.  The divorce is so that you can legally marry him, if he wants you to.”

Milo appeared at the door of the room at this point.  Speak of the Devil, thought Brooke, but knew better than to say it.  Instead, she just turned to Milo, her eyes mute, pleading.

“Honestly, I haven’t decided if I want to marry you yet, Cumhole,” said Milo.  He laughed.  “I may have better offers, you know?  You have very nice udders for such a mature cow, but as your people say, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”  He walked over and stroked Cumhole’s hair.  “But I *have* decided that I would very much like to teach you to orgasm from having a cattle prod used on your fuckhole.  That will be fun, won’t it?”

He paused.  “Oh – I have decided to stay in your country, by the way, if that was not clear.”  He laughed again.  “So many women who do not yet know their place!  So delicious to teach!  I cannot bring myself to go home and leave them all ignorant of their true role.  So, also, I am buying your house.”

“Our house?” squeaked Cumhole.  “But where will we live?”

“Well, you’ll live with Milo, in this house,” said Dave.  “I believe he has a cage picked out for you.  And as for me…”  He coughed.  “The company has been really excited about all the things I’ve told them about Etrebor.  They’re going to open a branch over there – and they want me to head it up.”

Cumhole stared at him.  “You’re moving to Etrebor?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Dave.  “And I’m taking Trent and Anus with me.  Trent is a growing young man, and he deserves to have a wider range of young women available to rape, which I think Etrebor can provide.  And in Etrebor, it will be legal for me to marry Anus, and ensure her children are brought up according to Etreborian values.”

Anus jumped.  “Daddy!” she squealed.  “You’re going to… marry me?”

Dave smiled.  “Yes, honey,” he said.  “You’re going to be my daughter-wife.  Isn’t that exciting?”

Anus squealed with happiness, and jumped down off the table and ran to her father, kissing him on the lips and massaging his cock through her pants – the behaviour she had been trained to engage in with men instead of hugging them.

“Milo and I were talking,” said Dave, “and we both agreed that it’s very important that throughout your pregnancy, and when you’re giving birth, that you be absolutely 100% aware that whether your baby is a boy or a girl, when it turns 18, on its 18th birthday, it’s going to rape you.  Don’t you think that sounds great?”

A look of horror and revulsion crossed her face, and she paused – but she didn’t want to disappoint her father.  “Yes, daddy,” she said, still stroking his cock.

“And then if it’s a girl, I’ll rape her too, and you can help,” said Dave.

“Yes, daddy,” agreed Anus, tears in her eyes.

“There’s a good little bitch,” laughed Dave, reaching down to squeeze his daughter’s ass.

Cumhole looked up at her daughter, a desperate appeal in her eyes.  “Please, Rachel,” she begged.  “We don’t have to do this.  They can’t make us.  We can leave – start a new life somewhere else.”

Anus felt a visceral and complex reaction when she heard her mother use her old name.  The first was a wave of fear – a knowledge that Cumhole would certainly be punished for that mistake, and then terror that Anus would be punished for it too.  Milo would certainly not need much encouragement to use his cattle prod on her cunt.

Then came shame – the brief sense that she *was* Rachel, that she had betrayed something precious in becoming Anus.  A surge of humiliation rolled over her, as she briefly remembered that nice girls didn’t become fuck-toys for their own daddies, didn’t get impregnated by anonymous men, didn’t drop out of college to become prostitutes and rape their own mothers.

And then came anger.  How dare her mother call her that name?  Her name was Anus, not Rachel.  Cumhole was just jealous – jealous that Dave fucked *her* now, instead of Cumhole.  Really, her mother was a stupid dumb slut who *deserved* this to happen to her.

“Shut up, Cumhole,” she said, and slapped her mother across her face using her left hand.  Her right was holding her father’s cock, which she had extracted from his pants, and she felt it twitch approvingly in her hand as she abused her mother.  She pumped it idly, knowing it would please him.

“Good girl, Anus,” said her father, proudly, stroking her hair.  “You’ve learned an awful lot, for such a dumb big-titted animal.”

“Thank you, daddy,” said Anus, with real delight, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him on the lips.  “Do you want me to beat Cumhole’s tits until she cries?”

“Maybe later, honey,” said her father.  “And only if your mother isn’t a good girl.  But I think she is going to be a good girl, isn’t she?”

Cumhole looked around.  She had no options.  There was no escape.

She signed the divorce papers.

“Excellent!” said Milo – and before Cumhole could move, he had produced a large metal collar from somewhere, hinged at one side, and snapped it into place around Cumhole’s neck.  There was a click of a lock snapping shut.

“What…” said Cumhole – and then she squealed, and squealed again.  There were two short, sharp buzzes from the collar.

“Ah, yes,” said Milo.  “This is a de-barking collar, for bitches.  It will give you an electric shock whenever you make a noise.”

“What…” began Cumhole again, and then squealed again as the collar buzzed.

“Your ex-husband Dave was very lenient with you,” said Milo, “but honestly I don’t have any need to hear your ungrateful objections and bitchy complaints.  In fact, I don’t think I ever need to hear you speak again.  I have the key to the collar, but the collar is waterproof and can be re-charged without removing it, so I honestly don’t see any need to ever take it off you again.”

Cumhole’s eyes widened.  She looked around, hoping it was a joke.

Anus found herself giggling.  It *was* a joke, but not the one Cumhole hoped for.  The idea of her mother never speaking again, never ordering Anus around, never bitchily calling her “Rachel” or suggesting that she disobey her father, was just perfect.  She couldn’t help but find it funny.

“Come along, Cumhole,” said Milo, grabbing Anus’ mother by the collar and pulling her towards the bedrooms.  “Let’s go get you acquainted with the cattle prod.  Good training is best begun early, after all.”

And meanwhile Dave was bending his daughter over the dining table, tits down, and spitting on her upturned buttocks.  “Milo pointed out that for a girl named Anus, I really haven’t fucked you in the ass enough, honey,” he told her.  “It might be painful, but it’s better for you when it’s painful, isn’t it?”

It wasn’t, but Anus was eager to please her father.  “Yes, daddy,” she said, and wiggled her ass for him – before grunting, and then sighing, as she felt her father’s cock push its way into her rectum.

“There’s a good girl,” said her father soothingly, as he anally raped her.  “Now we’ve got some very important decisions to make before we go to Etrebor.  For instance, I don’t want to just leave you around the house all day while I’m at work, now that you won’t have your mother to rape.  I’m looking into some very nice bitch daycare services in Etrebor.  There’s even some pregnancy-specific ones.  They’ll make sure you stay on all fours like a good bitch all day, they’ll give you regular milkings, and they’ll make sure your tits are in pain all day long.  Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Yes, daddy,” she said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

And the thought occurred to her, as she did her best to help her daddy to cum in her ass, that she would have to ask her daddy for one last chance to let Milo rape her before they left.  Because she had to say thank you to Milo.  Without him, she would never have gotten these big fake tits that her daddy loved so much.  She would never have become her daddy’s fucktoy, and his soon-to-be-wife, and gotten so much of her daddy’s love and affection.  She would never have learned how to make her daddy’s cock rock-hard by crying while she orgasmed, and she would never have learned that she was nothing but a sub-human sex-doll that existed to make men cum.

Milo and his sister had come to her country to learn – but in the end, they had been teachers, and they had taught Anus and her whole family so much.  They had come on an exchange program – but it was Anus who had made the exchange, exchanging her humanity and her dignity for a new life as a rape-puppet for her father.

And when she thought about that exchange, she had two options – to scream, and cry, at the awful things that had happened to her – or to joyfully accept it, as exactly what she deserved and needed in life.

It was better to be happy.  Her daddy would want her to be happy.

And so, as her father reached his orgasm, and ejaculated into her ass, Anus quietly let herself be grateful for the miracle that was the Etrebor exchange.


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