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Originally, PornBucks had come about because the government was trying to shut down prostitution and sex work. A suite of laws made it illegal to pay women money for prostitution, stripping, nude modelling, pornography, topless waitressing, sexual massages, or other work which consisted of commodifying her appearance or offering sexual services.

To get around these, a savvy IT startup introduced PornBucks – an untraceable crypto-currency for sex workers. A client would pay a prostitute’s pimp or brothel in real money, the pimp would pay the prostitute in PornBucks, and then the prostitute would spend her PornBucks at a range of semi-legal outlets which could translate it back into real money.

However, when an electoral upset delivered government to a party of outsiders – dominated by misogynists, and including the founder of PornBucks – the system was put to a whole different purpose.

New laws introduced licensing for businesses offering sexual services. Licensed businesses could transform a percentage of their profits into PornBucks to pay their workers. The percentage was capped, keeping sex worker wages low. Non-sexual businesses simply couldn’t obtain PornBucks in any significant quantity.

Then new laws limiting sale of goods and services to women came in. A woman could buy food and entertainment using normal money, but anything that gave her independence had to be paid for in PornBucks. 

Sexy clothing cost PornBucks; non-sexy clothing was illegal to sell to women, and illegal for them to wear. 

If a woman was paying for accommodation, she had to pay in PornBucks. Women had to live with a man, or have a man pay for them, if they didn’t have enough PornBucks to put a roof over their heads.

Contraception cost PornBucks. Education cost PornBucks. Driver’s licences and fuel cost PorrnBucks. Hiring a lawyer cost PornBucks. All government fines, and all interest on debts, accrued in PornBucks.

The PornBucks app gave a couple of alternative ways to earn PornBucks. Women who got a breast enhancement – available for real money – could upload the documentation and a photo of their naked, fake tits to get a one-time generous payment of PornBucks, depending on how large their new fuckbags were. 

Men who fucked a woman – any woman – and then uploaded visual documentation of her use and degradation to the app were transferred a small amount of PornBucks. They could pass these on to the woman they had used, or keep them to spend on other women. Some women got in the habit of raping and photographing other women for the app as a source of PornBucks income. (It paid twice, because they could upload the other woman’s rape, and then their own involvement in it.) All this documentation was, of course, publicly available and searchable through a woman’s name.

A woman was allowed to go up to $10,000 in PornBucks debt. A woman in PornBucks debt was deemed to consent to any sexual activity with any man until her debt was paid off, and men were allowed to use reasonable force to procure her cooperation. Only when a woman was lucky would a rapist upload her rape and then give her the PornBucks he had earned from it.

A women was left with few options. She could become the fuckdoll of a man, and keep him sufficiently satisfied that he paid for her accommodation and transport. Unable to buy clothes, these women would spend most of their days nude, little more than sex pets.

Alternatively, she could find a reliable male fuckbuddy who would transfer her the PornBucks he got from fucking her, and maybe supplement that with weekends as a topless waiter. This might get her enough money to be able to wear slutty but concealing clothes to her day job. If she whored herself out most nights, she may even be able to afford to live by herself.

Or, lastly, she could take a full-time job as a whore, which would allow her to do more or less whatever she wanted with her life, as long as she spent all day and all night being fucked for money by whoever wanted to use her…


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