The proliferation of video streaming services led to a range of new niche content providers. The “Porn Sports Network” was one of the most successful, and one of its first big hits was “Tongue Wrestling”.

Two girls would enter the arena, and kiss. The first one to break off the kiss would be the loser. The girls would push their tongues down each other’s throats, trying to make their opponent gag. They would spit into each other’s mouths, bite the other girl’s lip, and entwine their tongues in ever more aggressive ways.

They were allowed to use a limited number of moves on their opponent’s body, too. Hair pulls were allowed. The breasts, groin and anus were free-for-all zones, and contestants would squeeze and punch at each other’s tits, attempt to finger-rape their opponent’s cunt, and spank and scratch at each other’s asses.

If a kiss was declared broken by the umpire, the dominant girl would be given five minutes to rape the girl who had pulled away and attempt to cum. If she reached orgasm using her opponent, she would win the match – otherwise the kiss would resume, and battle would continue.

The show was so successful that many schools instructed their sports programs to start their own Tongue Wrestling leagues for their female students. Girls would often spend their free time with friends playing at Tongue Wrestling. The current national champions were every girl’s hero – even if many girls couldn’t be sure whether they wanted to *be* the champion… or be raped by her…


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