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The police force had long campaigned for increased powers to fight crime, and their greatest success was the “Any Measures Act”, a bill that enabled the Police Commissioner to direct – and compel – his officers to take any action that might credibly lead to success in law enforcement.

It had been expected that the law would amplify police powers around surveillance, searches, and other frontline work, but instead an idea was floated by two Senior Sergeants that they dubbed “Smarter Policing”.

The plan concerned the city’s large roster of female police officers – and its first step required every such woman to receive breast enhancement, giving her giant plastic whore tits.

Many female police objected – but the Any Measures Act required them to follow the Commissioner’s direction, or face consequences. Those women who didn’t comply were restrained and cuffed by their fellow officers and taken to surgery in caged vehicles.

Upon emerging from hospital with their new bulging slut-balloons, the women found that their uniforms had been amended. They now wore tiny skintight costumes that exposed most of their tits to public view. They didn’t look like police – they looked like strippers cosplaying as police. They were sent on foot patrols in the busiest parts of town, so all the city’s underworld would see them.

And the final stage of the plan was the “confession rewards” program. It was simple. If you had committed a crime, and confessed to it, you would get to sexually use a female police officer. Shoplifting, driving offences, or minor property theft would entitle you to a blowjob, handjob or titjob from the officer of your choice. Confessing to an assault would allow you to slap a female cop across the face, beat her tits and pussy for 20 minutes, before cumming in her mouth.

Confessing to a sexual assault involved re-enacting the crime using a female officer, before having a full two hours to rape her to your heart’s content. For major frauds or serial crimes, you could have your way with her for a whole weekend, and even request her to be fertile and denied birth control.

For the most serious crimes – murder or terrorism – a criminal who confessed would be given a female cop to keep, who would be kept naked and leashed in the offender’s jail cell for the duration of their incarceration.

The program was a huge success. Confession rates went through the roof. More cases were being closed than at any time in history, and with less effort on the part of police and less costly contested criminal trials. The only downside was that once word got out that female police officers were now little more than unwilling rape-dolls for criminals, it became very hard to recruit new women to the police force.

That was okay, though. The government was so pleased with the program’s results, that they were willing to do anything to keep it operating – and so new laws were passed that would give the police the power to conscript pretty young 18-year-olds into the police force straight out of school – whether they wanted to join or not…


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