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“Fetch me a drink, Cumhole,” said Dave as he lounged in his armchair.

His wife’s face flushed with fury.  Her birth certificate said “Brooke”, but for the last week no one in the house had called her anything but “Cumhole”.

“Don’t give me that look, Cumhole,” warned Dave.  “It’s our duty to make our Etreborian guests feel at home, and that includes accepting the Etreborian version of your name.”

The guests were Milo and his naked, attractive sister Slutglobes, teenagers from the distant misogynistic nation of Etrebor, quartered with the Watson family as part of an exchange program.  They had had quite an effect on the Watson family, and Brooke’s new name was only part of that effect.

“Dave, I think this has gone on for far too…” Cumhole hissed in a low voice – but she broke off suddenly.  Milo had entered the room, wearing his usual oddly-formal three-piece-suit.

“Is something the matter, Cumhole?” asked Milo politely.

“No,” said Brooke quietly, looking down.

“No, sir,” Milo corrected.  “Women show respect to all men in Etrebor.”

“No, sir,” repeated Cumhole.

“Very good,” smiled Milo.


Brooke didn’t dare disrespect Milo now.  She had had a small explosion two nights ago, and shouted at Dave, and refused to answer to the name “Cumhole”, claiming it was demeaning and sexist.

Milo, who had been present for the whole argument, had said nothing, merely instructed Dave’s teenaged daughter Anus – once known as Rachel – to kneel and expose her tits.

On his first night in the house, Milo had raped Rachel, exhaustively videoed the rape, and threatened to show the footage to Rachel’s friends.  Now Rachel accepted the name Anus, and was submissive to Milo’s every command.  Her facial expressions gave the constant impression that she hated Milo with a poisonous passion – but her body showed nearly constant signs of arousal, and when Milo raped her each night in her bedroom, everyone in the house could hear that her sobs and screams were mixed with cries of lust and noisy orgasms.

Milo had had Anus tell the family many times that she consented to everything that Milo was doing to her, and loved her new name.  And Milo had made it clear that if Dave’s wife Cumhole did not show men the proper respect, it would be Anus that would suffer.

Milo had taken off his leather belt, and begun to wordlessly whip Anus across the breasts with it.  He had gone on, stroke after stroke, until Anus had tears running down her face, and her tits were turning a deep bruised purple.

Finally he had stopped, and turned back to Dave.  “I do not wish to offend, Mr Watson.  Can your wife please tell me what name I should address her by?”

Brooke had flushed, her eyes moist with humiliation and defeat, horrified by the violent abuse of her daughter.  “Cumhole,” she had said quietly.  “Please call me Cumhole.”

“Very good,” said Milo, whereupon he grabbed Anus by her hair and physically dragged her back to her bedroom, for a session of vigorous raping that the whole household could hear.


Now, as Cumhole averted her eyes, and went to fetch the drink that Dave had asked for, Milo went to the wall and began to unroll a large poster.

“I have obtained a decoration for the house, Mr Watson,” he said.  “A motivational poster.  May I display it?”

“Go right ahead,” said Dave.

Milo finished unfurling the poster and Blu-Tacced it to the wall.  It showed two naked blonde women with big plastic tits.  The women bore a passing family resemblance to each other.  They were kneeling, and passionately tongue kissing each other, their large udders touching.  Their hair and faces were splattered with sperm, and there was clearly sperm in their mouths that they were passing back and forwards as part of their kiss.

At the top of the poster were the words “GOOD WIFE”.  At the bottom were the words “GOOD DAUGHTER”.

Dave’s cock hardened as he looked at it.

“I have another one for your bedroom, if you would like,” offered Milo.  He held up a second poster.  It showed a woman that looked very much like Cumhole, nude, kneeling, cupping her tits, her mouth open and cum drooling from it.  The text read “WOMEN ARE NOT HUMANS”.

“Sure,” said Dave.  “Go right ahead.  It’ll be nice to have some Etreborian culture around the house.”

Cumhole was glaring daggers at Milo as she approached with a bottle of beer.  She held it out to Dave.

“No,” said Milo.  “When a cunt brings a man a drink, she kneels, and offers it up, and remains in that position until acknowledged.”

Cumhole looked like she might throw the bottle at Milo’s head.  Instead, she slowly descended to her knees beside Dave’s chair, and held the bottle out to him with one hand beneath it and the other holding the body of the bottle.

Dave made a point of ignoring her for a long moment, before finally taking the beer, saying, “Thank you, Cumhole.”

“You are welcome, sir,” said his wife.


Each night, a little after midnight, Dave crept out of the bed he shared with his wife to meet Milo’s sister Slutglobes in the kitchen.

Their midnight meetups were a chance for Dave to vigorously fuck the slutty teenager and cum in her tight little pussy.  Slutglobes was teaching him how to fuck a girl in the Etreborian style, and Dave was loving every lesson.

“It is customary in Etrebor for bitches to be in pain during sex,” said Slutglobes as she teased Dave’s cock with her hand.  “Maybe you would like to start today’s session by slapping me across the face, sir?”

He did like that very much indeed.  There was something very pleasant about slapping a woman for his sexual pleasure and knowing there would be no repercussions.  And then, once he had his cock in her, she encouraged him to crush her tits with his hands and pinch at her clitoris.

The next night he found her attaching a strip of blunt spikes to the wall in the corridor, about four feet above the floor, and a strip of sandpaper on the opposite wall.

“What are these for, Slutglobes?” he asked her.

“You’ll see,” she smiled mischievously – and he did see, when he had slapped her, spun her around, and shoved his cock into her ass while pulling her head back towards him by her hair.  The strips were the perfect height to push her tits into while raping her up against the wall, and he had the choice of increasing her sexual pain by mashing her slutty plastic tits against the spikes, or dragging them back and forth against the sandpaper.  The spikes weren’t sharp enough to break the skin, but judging by her reaction they caused unbelievable agony in her tits.

“Most rooms in Etrebor have those strips installed, for that reason,” Slutglobes told him later.  “Many countertops and tables too, for when you bend a bitch over them.  Some fathers sew them into the crotches of their daughter’s panties or the cups of their bras as punishment.”

Dave thought to himself that his wife Cumhole could learn a thing or two from having sandpaper in the crotch of her panties.


Of course, Dave wasn’t the only person that Slutglobes was fucking.

Dave’s son Trent came to him one Saturday to speak to him.  “Dad, is it okay that I’m fucking Slutglobes?” he asked.

“Of course, son,” said Dave.  “She consents, doesn’t she?  Not that consent really matters in Etrebor, I understand.”

“Yes,” said Trent.  “And she’s super-hot.  It’s just she’s… pretty extreme.  Sometimes I feel guilty.”

“Why on Earth would you feel guilty, son?” asked Dave.

“Well, she’s got all these photos on her phone, from Milo,” said Trent.  “They’re photos of Milo fucking Rachel – I mean, Anus.  And last night she made me look at them while I was fucking her, and call her Rachel and Anus while I slapped her and stuff.  I got super turned on and I came really hard – but afterwards I felt guilty that I’d gotten off on photos of my own sister.”

“Well,” said Dave.  “In Etrebor, women aren’t people – they’re objects.  And your sister has chosen to embrace the Etreborian lifestyle that Milo is offering her.  And there’s nothing wrong with masturbating using an *object*, is there?”

“I guess not,” said Trent, slowly.

“So don’t worry about it,” said Dave, putting a friendly arm around his son.  “Just enjoy the things our Etreborian guests are offering us.”

“Sure,” said Trent, cheering up.  “I hadn’t thought about it like that.”

“Got big plans for the weekend, son?” asked Dave.

“Yeah, I’m going to a big party tonight,” said Trent.  “I’m going to take Slutglobes, and share her around.  Let my friends take a turn with her.  I think it will make me pretty popular.”

Dave chuckled.  “I bet it will.  Have fun.”


That day, Dave installed the spike and sandpaper strips in his bedroom.  When Cumhole came to bed, he looked at her, thinking how much more attractive she had looked kneeling submissively with his beer than she ever had as an angry feminist.

“Cumhole, look at me,” he said.

She did.

He slapped her across the face.

She opened her mouth to squeal, but he slapped her again.

“This is the Etreborian custom for sex,” he told her.  “I think we should try it.”

“Dave, have you gone mad?” she hissed.

He slapped her again, then ripped off her nightgown to expose her naked body.

“Shut the fuck up, Cumhole,” he said.  He wrestled her to her feet, and managed to push his cock up into her pussy from behind.  One hand held her hair, the other went over her mouth, to stop her making any more unnecessary protests.

His wife’s cunt had never felt so delicious.  He realised that was because this was the first time he had ever put his cock in her cunt without consent. 

He raped her as she struggled.  “Be good,” he told her.  “If you’re not respectful, who knows what Milo will do to our daughter Anus?”

He turned her to face the poster that said “WOMEN ARE NOT HUMANS”, and made her look at it as he continued to pump in and out of her non-consenting pussy.

Then finally, he turned her towards his new installation on the wall, and pushed her forward hard. 

Dave couldn’t see the expression on her face when her large tits hit the spikes, but he could feel the reaction in her body.  Every muscle spasmed at once with pain, humiliation, and fear.  He laughed out loud, pulled her back from the wall, and then pushed her tits down on the spikes again.

This time, when she screamed through the hand with which he was gagging her, he felt himself cum, firing his sperm up into his wife’s womb.

The best bit, though, was what he made her say afterwards, as she lay on the floor weeping, red marks on her tits from the spikes, his cum dripping from between her legs.  She didn’t want to say it, but he reminded her what would happen to Anus if she was disrespectful, and eventually she complied. 

They were the sweetest words he ever heard.

“Thank you for raping me, sir,” she sobbed.  “Please do it again tomorrow night.”


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