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A career in professional tennis is demanding and expensive. Players must start young, practice constantly, and pay the costs of professional coaching, equipment, and travel to competitions.

Carrie’s mother had paid for her training up to the age of 18, but when Carrie’s mother remarried, her new stepfather took over the finances.

“Are you sure you really need to waste all this money on tennis?” he asked her. “Why don’t you get a real job, that pays money rather than costs it? I can get you an interview at the local topless bar – you’re old enough now.”

Carrie blushed, and explained that she was serious about tennis. “It’s important to me,” she said.

“Is it the *most* important thing to you?” her stepfather asked.

“Yes,” said Carrie.

“All right,” her stepfather said. “I’ll pay. But only if it’s the *most* important thing to you. If I catch you later putting it in second or third place in your life, after I’ve spent all this money, you’re going to have to pay it all back, young miss. And it won’t be the topless bar you’ll be working – you’ll be down at the brothel.”

Carrie did her best to make big round puppy dog eyes at her stepfather, and promised that it was *absolutely* the most important thing in the world to her.

The next day, when she prepared for practice, she found that all of her tennis skirts and underwear were missing from her clothes drawer. When she asked her stepfather, he explained.

“Clothes are expensive, Carrie,” he said. “Maybe you need a proper sports bra to protect your tits in all that running, but I don’t see any good reason for you to go through skirts and underwear. You can get just as good at tennis with your ass exposed as in some slutty pair of lacy panties.”

“Dad, it’s a public court,” Carrie protested. “I can’t go out with my pussy bare!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said her stepfather. “Is your modesty more important to you than your tennis? And here I am having already paid for your trip to the amateur nationals this year. Are you saying you’d like to pay that back with your legs spread?”

Carrie blushed, and fumed. But she didn’t want to have to pay her stepfather back -and, perhaps more importantly, tennis genuinely *did* matter to her. So, her cheeks bright crimson, she went down to the tennis courts and did her practice with her ass and pussy completely exposed.

She gathered quite a crowd, some laughing, some pointing, some just men who were standing quietly with obvious erections. She had never been more humiliated in her life. But on the other hand, she supposed, she was getting real practice playing in front of a crowd. She had to learn to deal with eyes on her. And she had to admit that she felt lighter and more free without the weight of clothes around her waist.

Her stepfather would watch, too, of course, and his erection was no less obvious than anyone else’s.

A week later, her stepfather caught her masturbating to porn at her computer. She had been looking at a picture of a very handsome and fit shirtless man, but her stepfather pulled her away from the computer by her hair.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he asked her. 

Carrie blushed, and tried to cover her wet, naked cunt, that she had been fingering only seconds before. She had no panties nearby – she was going bare-cunted around the house, now, too, as her stepfather said that she had no reason to wear pants inside if she was going around showing off her pussy outdoors.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She thought her stepfather was upset at the porn, but it turned out that wasn’t it at all.

“Does this man play tennis?” her stepfather asked. “Or is it not tennis that gets you hot? Is this pornstar’s cock more important to you than tennis?”

“No…” said Carrie, confused and embarrassed.

Her father picked up her tennis racquet and passed it to her. “This is what should make you wet,” he said. “From now on I expect you to masturbate using this. And I want you to masturbate to the edge of orgasm whenever you pick it up, and only allow yourself to have that orgasm after you’ve completed a practice session. Go on, show me.”

Awkwardly, Carrie pushed the handle of the racquet up into her wet pussy, and began to fuck herself with it as her stepfather watched. She felt so humiliated. The handle was thick, and painful at first, but then it felt good.

As she masturbated, her stepfather took out his cock and started to pump it. Carrie stopped, horrified, but her stepfather said, “Keep going. I’m the one who pays for your tennis, and that’s more important to you than whatever prudish notions you have. Just remember that keeping me happy is necessary for your tennis, and tennis is the most important thing to you.”

So Carrie unhappily resumed fucking herself with the racquet, and in a few minutes she managed to reach orgasm. A moment thereafter, her stepfather groaned, and ejaculated. Sperm spurted from his cock and landed on her face, breasts and stomach. She flinched.

“Good girl,” said her stepfather. “Remember what I said – to the edge of orgasm, every time you pick it up.” And he put his cock away and left her alone.

Following his rule was difficult. She’d fuck herself with the tennis racquet before leaving for practice, but then she’d end up practicing while visibly aroused, her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her sports bra, and her exposed cunt drooling its sex-fluids down her inner thighs as she played. By the end, she’d be so horny from being stared at by her audience that she would need to complete the masturbation right there on the court, pumping her pussy with the racquet handle and orgasming in front of the crowd.

Before long, she began to find herself growing wet just from looking at the tennis racquet or picking it up. Thoughts of playing tennis always made her pussy start to throb. By the end of two months, she wasn’t playing very well anymore, but it didn’t matter to her so much as the delicious orgasm she would have by publicly raping her pussy with the racquet handle in front of a crowd.

Often her stepfather would collect her from practice before she could reach her orgasm. Delirious with arousal, she would let him take her home, bend her over her childhood bed, push the racquet handle into her anus, and then fuck her pussy until he came inside her.

She slept most nights now with the racquet handle buried in her cunt, because it felt good. By day, she accepted the suggestions of her stepfather for her tennis career. A boob job, because bigger tits attract bigger crowds. (“Is not looking like a fuckdoll more important to you than tennis?”) A vibrator that was held inside her pussy while she played via a painful clip on her clitoris, so she could practice longer before needing to fuck herself with the racquet. A series of vibrating butt-plugs of various sizes, to train her ass to accept the racquet handle better. (She wasn’t sure how this last helped her tennis career but by now she was finding it hard to argue with her stepfather, or really say anything to him other than begging him to let her orgasm.)

Finally, her stepfather helped her line up sponsorship. Pleasing sponsors turned out to involve letting them fuck her, and over several weeks she attended meetings where a man, or several men, or in one case a woman, raped her while she tried to be appealing and pleasant so they would choose to sponsor her. 

She got almost every sponsorship deal, and it was only later that she learned that her sponsors were a dildo manufacturer, a porn website, a lingerie company, a brothel and a political party that advocated the enslavement of women. She was obliged to wear their branding on her clothing, but as she wore nothing below the waist, she ended up getting the name of the dildo company (“Rape My Pussy” brand) and the name of the lingerie line (“I Consent”) tattooed on her inner thighs. She was required to appear in ads for her sponsors, advocating their products. She orgasmed in each appearance, but for some reason she orgasmed hardest when producing the ad for the Female Enslavement Party. (“I’m a woman, and all I can think about is my cunt. I don’t deserve rights. Vote to make me your public-use fuckdoll.”)

In the end, she didn’t score a single point at the nationals, as she spent the entire match standing in centre court, vacantly fucking her pussy with her racquet as her opponent served up point after point. But her performance became a social media sensation, and when Carrie heard that some major competitions were proposing to start requiring female competitors to play bare-cunted, to attract audience interest, she orgasmed so hard against her stepfather’s cock that she nearly passed out…


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