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Rachel’s resistance to being raped by her brother lasted less than 48 hours, and it would have been less, except that Milo convinced Trent to take the time to make an event of it.

Rachel had accepted that her name was “Anus” now.  She submitted to Milo’s daily rape and degradation of her.  She fucked her own mother for the sexual entertainment of her family, and she let her own father cum inside her most every night – in fact, even liked it, in a confused, fucked-up way.  But it seemed that she really didn’t want to fuck Trent.

The objection was not that he was her brother – after all, she had allowed every other member of her family to rape her – but rather that Milo had told her that if Trent orgasmed inside her, she would have to drop out of college and become a prostitute.  Somewhere deep in her mind, she held out hope that this degradation was all a phase – that eventually the Etreborians would go home, and everything would somehow go back to normal and she would be a nice, normal girl again.

But if she dropped out of college, it made it real. It showed that she wasn’t going to *need* a college degree, because doing a normal job wasn’t in her future.  Her life was really going to be rape and degradation, forever.

And so she fought.  She wasn’t allowed to leave the house, but she made a real effort to barricade herself in her room, fortifying the door to prevent entry.  It was a self-evidently pointless plan – she didn’t have enough food and water in there for a week, even if no one tried to get in – but it built a delicious anticipation for her eventual comeuppance in the other members of the household.

Trent and Milo discussed the raping of Anus, and agreed that they should make a spectacle of it.  They planned it for the second night following Milo’s decree that Anus should be raped by her brother.  Trent invited several of his friends around to the house.  Milo invited all of Anus’ remaining friends.  Trent’s father invited several of his work colleagues, who had heard of his new household situation and had expressed an interest in seeing it in practice.

And so by the night of the raping there was a boisterous party taking place throughout the Watson household.  Beer flowed freely.  Someone had brought a large creamy cake with the words “YOU’RE A WHORE NOW, ANUS” in icing on the top.  Milo’s sister Slutglobes and Trent’s mother Cumhole (formerly Brooke) were naked and collared, and crawling from guest to guest offering sexual services.  (Trent and his father had spent much of yesterday torturing and raping Cumhole to make her compliant – she was going to fuck more men in one night tonight than she had fucked in her entire life up to that point.)  Milo’s friend Bitch was also present, and being passed around like a party favour.

Three women was not nearly enough to satisfy the many men who had been invited, though – but they were enough to set a good example.  One of Trent’s friends, Jake, had brought his girlfriend Eva to the party, and when he saw Trent’s mother crawling around sucking the cocks of men she didn’t even know, he turned to Eva and said, “Maybe you should be a good girl, too.”

Eva, already disgusted by the discovery that she had been invited to, effectively, a rape party, threw her drink in Jake’s face and attempted to leave – at which point, one of Jake’s friends caught her arm, and another pulled at her skirt, ripping it off – and before she knew it, the poor girl found herself being stripped naked by a pack of horny teens, forced to her knees, and gang-raped.  There were cheers as her cries of protest were plugged by her boyfriend shoving his cock into her mouth, and more cheers as Trent took up a position behind her, driving his cock into her unwilling pussy.

Eva’s rape set off a chain reaction, as the status of the other invited women quickly changed from “guests” to “entertainment”.  One of Trent’s father’s co-workers suggested to his wife that she should be a good girl and strip, and she obeyed fearfully to avoid being forced.  Anus’ last remaining female friend Melinda – a lesbian who had come in the hopes of having a turn at raping Anus – found herself being slapped, undressed, and non-consensually fucked by her male peers as she cried and insisted she wasn’t into boys.

Soon enough, there were enough holes available to satisfy everyone, and the ones that weren’t consenting were the most popular of all.

And then, finally, it was time for Trent to rape his sister.


Despite all the work that Anus had done to barricade her door, it only took three good kicks by Trent to cave it in and permit him access to her room.  She could see Milo standing behind him, and could tell by the look on his face that one way or another it would be her, Anus, who would be paying for that damage.

She was wearing clothes – in defiant contravention of Milo’s rules for her – and had been writing the words “MY NAME IS RACHEL” again and again on a piece of paper.  She desperately wanted to believe it, but the words didn’t look right to her.  Rachel was another girl – a girl from her past.  A girl who went to college.  A girl who was respected by her friends.  A girl who certainly didn’t fuck her father and her mother.  She was someone different now – a bitch, a slut – and a bitch who behaved the way she did *deserved* to have a disgusting name like “Anus”.

Still, she screamed as Trent crossed the room and grabbed her legs, because she sensed this was her last chance to hold onto that identity, that time when she had been a “nice girl” with “friends” and a “family” instead of just people who raped her.  She kicked at him, and clawed at him with her nails.  She could see people out in the hallway – mostly men – and could hear them laughing loudly as she fought.  She despaired as she realised the noise from their laughter – and from the party – would drown out her screams easily.  No one outside this house would hear her.

She could see the bulge in Trent’s pants as he grappled with her. Her struggles were just making him hornier.  She was lying on her back on her bed, trying to get away, but Trent had her feet.  Every time she jerked a leg out of his grasp, he would reach down to snatch at her clothes.  She felt her skirt rip, and then come away from her body, and a moment later he had his hand around the waistband of her panties, jerking them down her legs and over her feet.  Her cunt was exposed now, and every time she tried to kick Trent away she just spread it wide for the enjoyment of the crowd watching in the hallway.

“Come on, bitch, you know you want this,” said Trent, his eyes fixed on her pussy.

And was he wrong?  She didn’t even know.  Certainly right now she didn’t want to be raped.  But she had listened to Trent fucking the Etreborian girl Slutglobes at night, through their bedroom walls, and heard her encouraging him to call her by Anus’ name.  “Rachel… Rachel…” she had heard Trent moaning as she fucked the foreign slut, and then the harsh crack that she knew was him slapping the girl across the face in the manner that she seemed to like.  And she had cried as she had heard her brother fantasising about raping her – but she had also felt her pussy grow wet, and reached down to masturbate it, until she had at last reached an orgasm.

That wasn’t her, she told herself.  That was how Milo had conditioned her – to respond to abuse by becoming aroused, so the endorphins would drown out the pain and humiliation.  And yet, she had still orgasmed to the sound of her own brother moaning her name, hadn’t she?

“Please, Trent,” she begged – but it was no use.  She could see in his eyes that he no longer saw her as his sister Rachel, but instead as the sub-human sex toy Anus.  She was just another set of holes for him to stick his cock in – and really, who was to say that he was wrong?  What had she done in the last month that was consistent with being a human that deserved respect?  

She made one last attempt to kick Trent away, and actually managed to get both feet free, and flip over onto all fours – but there was nowhere to go, nowhere to run to.  Trent grabbed her ankles again, pulling her legs out from under her, and when her tits hit the bed and Trent pulled on her feet, she felt her shirt being drawn up over her head by the friction of the bedclothes, leaving her completely nude.

“Come on, slut, it’s time to do this,” said Trent, and hoisted her bodily over his shoulder, ass up, tits down.  She beat at his back ineffectually with her hands as he carried her triumphantly through the house to the lounge.

For the first time she saw the collection of people who thronged the house – each of them here to celebrate her raping.  She saw the boys she had once called “friends” – but now Milo made her call them her “rapists”, because sluts like her didn’t have friends.  She saw Trent’s buddies, and her father’s work colleagues.  She saw the women being raped – including her friend Melinda – and knew they were being raped because of her, because she was a slut, because she had set a bad example for all women, because she was a traitor to her gender.

She saw her mother, Cumhole, kneeling nude, with one of Trent’s friends fucking her mouth.  Cumhole tried to struggle briefly as she saw her daughter being carried through the house, but the boy whose cock she was servicing just grabbed her hair, and held her close against his groin, and Anus saw her mother’s struggles subside as quickly as they had begun, replaced by passive submission, her eyes following Anus across the room even as she obediently sucked the boy’s dick.

Everyone was laughing and cheering.  There were nearly 50 people in the house, and not only was no one lifting a hand to protect her, but they were *cheering*.  They wanted to see her raped.  They were excited for it.  Some of them were people she had never met before, and even *they* wanted to see her get raped.

Her eyes fixed on her father – who had Milo’s sister Slutglobes bent over the kitchen bench, his dick buried in her wet, willing fuckhole.  

“Daddy…” she pleaded.  She was *his* special little slut, wasn’t she?  Didn’t he want her all to himself?  He’d save her, wouldn’t he?  She was filled with the desperate need to rush over and kiss him and masturbate his cock into the Etreborian girl and beg him to slap her, to show him how much she loved him, but she was trapped in her brother’s grasp.

Her father looked at her.  “Being a good little sex-doll for your brother, Anus,” he said, his voice hoarse with lust.  “He’s your brother, and he deserves the very best.  Slutglobes here has been training him to like it when girls cry, so be a good bitch and make your daddy proud by crying for your brother while you orgasm.”

Crying wouldn’t be hard.  She felt herself starting to cry already.  She was so silly – so STUPID – to ever have thought she could be a normal, nice girl.  What was happening tonight didn’t happen to nice girls.  It only happened to sluts who cockteased their father and brother.  And she *must* have been a tease, because normal fathers didn’t want to fuck their daughters.  She had been a slut, and made all the men she was related to want to rape her, and now she was getting what she deserved.

Trent brought her to the dining table, and put her down on her feet.  There was a cake on the table.  The icing said “YOU’RE A WHORE NOW, ANUS”, and it was covered with something white and sticky.  For a moment she thought it was glaze, but then she realised it was cum.  Men had cum all over the cake.  A lot of men.

“Take a bite of your cake, bitch,” said Trent, and forced her head down.  Anus extended her tongue, reluctantly, and licked at the glaze of semen atop the cake.  She knew it should taste revolting.  She knew she should throw up.  But it just tasted salty and kind of pleasant.  She had swallowed too much cum – this was normal now.  Another sign of what a slut she truly was.

“Thank you, everyone,” she said, without being prompted.  Someone had gone to effort to make this cake for her.  Men had spent their cum on it, when she knew that the other girls in this room would have wanted that cum for themselves.  It was a present, just for her, even if it made her feel small and degraded and violated just to look at it.

“YOU’RE WELCOME, BITCH,” came back the chorus of voices through the room, and then more laughter – and then, roughly, Trent pushed her face down into the cake.  She felt the cum smear over her face, and then the softy creamy cake collapse beneath her, smooshing across her face and tits until she was buried in sticky, creamy confectionary.  

And then she felt her brother’s cock slip between her pussy lips, and into her vagina, and she felt a final moment of humiliation because she knew that she was wet, very wet, and her own body had chosen to lubricate itself for her incestuous rape.

Her ears were filled with cheers and catcalls and laughter as her brother fucked her.  She tried to tune it all out and just focus on the pleasurable feeling of being raped.  But suddenly there was a hand in her hair, and someone standing in front of her, and she couldn’t retreat from her humiliation – someone was demanding her attention.

It was Milo.

“You lose this little game, Anus,” he said.  “As we always knew you would, yes?  My slutty little animal?”

She just moaned.

“Tomorrow we will take you to your college, and you will withdraw from all education, and then we will take you around the campus to put up pictures of yourself naked and being fucked, in case there was still anyone you knew from that life who didn’t realise you were a stupid little sex-pig now.”

She wished Milo would take out his cock and put it in her mouth.  Then she could focus on that, and not on his words.

“But do you know the best part, Anus?” said Milo.  He was kneeling now by the table, so his face was level with hers, and he was speaking just quietly enough that only Anus could hear him.

She shook her head.

“After your brother is done,” said Milo, “a great many men here will also take a turn with you.  I expect maybe thirty men might cum inside you before the night is over – a great honour for a bitch such as you, yes?”

She moaned again.

“And for a long time, your mother had a deal with me.  The deal was that she behaved herself, and in return I kept you in college, and I didn’t let you get pregnant.”  He paused.  “But then she went and raped her own daughter on camera, and now she has a much more personal reason to behave herself.  Which means the deal is off, Anus.”

Anus’ eyes widened as she began to understand what Milo was implying.

“Three weeks ago, I switched your birth control for sugar pills, Anus,” said MIlo.  “Just before your last period.  And now I expect you are very fertile.  You were fertile when you fucked me three nights ago.  You were fertile when you fucked your father two nights ago.  And you are fertile right now, as your brother fucks you, and as all these nice men take a turn to fuck you.”

She started to scream again, then.

“You will be a *very* good little breeder, Anus,” said Milo – and then he stood, took his cock out of his pants, and shoved it into her mouth, to shut her up.

“My friend Trent,” said Milo, as he gang-raped Anus in tandem with her brother.  “I believe the custom of your people is a ‘high-five’, yes?”

“Absolutely,” laughed Trent, and high-fived Milo above his sister’s naked back, to the cheers of the watching crowd.

And Anus’ father did end up being very proud that night, because Anus orgasmed a great many times – at least three times even before her brother first ejaculated into her – and each and every time, she was crying.


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