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Over the next fortnight, Felicia and Kyra were trained to rape each other.

Each night, one of them would be tied up in her small sleeping cell. She would be naked – of course – and a belt would be secured around her waist, and her hands would be cuffed to the belt, fixing them at her sides. Then an O-ring gag would be placed in her mouth, leaving her mouth open and her tongue free, but preventing her from closing her mouth or speaking intelligibly.

On the first night, it was Felicia who was bound this way.

Kyra was brought to her cell – also naked, her newly-enlarged giant tits on full display – and Father Duradel spoke to them both.

“Kyra, you must rape your ex-girlfriend here. You must be cruel to her. You will be watched. If you are not cruel enough to her, she will be given the pain drug in her breasts – the one that causes her excruciating agony if she does not stay aroused. You are going to alternate positions in this game every night, so tomorrow she will be raping you, and then the day after you will be raping her again. If you fail to be sufficiently cruel to her twice in a row, she will also be prevented from masturbating, and forced to experience the full agony of the drug.”

Felicia looked up at her former girlfriend, attempting to plead with her eyes. She wanted to tell Kyra that they should forget everything that had happened over the last few days, and work as a team – as girls who loved each other – to survive this horrible experience.

But she could say none of that, and she saw with dismay that Kyra’s pussy was already wet. Had they made her masturbate before coming here?

In her defence, Kyra took some time in deciding what to do. If she did nothing at all, not only would Felicia receive the pain drug, but the priests would likely be angry at Kyra for not playing along, and think of something even worse to add to the ordeal.

She decided to rape Felicia. She squatted atop Felicia’s face, and said, “Lick my pussy, honey” – her words coming with effort, as there was still a heavy barbell through her tongue piercing – and Felicia did as she was told, beginning to lick at her ex-girlfriend’s wet pussy obediently. 

As she did, she felt Kyra slide two fingers into her own pussy, and begin to finger-fuck Felicia. With her other hand, she pinched painfully at Felicia’s clitoris – but the pain just helped Felicia cum faster, and soon both girls were orgasming.

They took Kyra away afterwards, and then told Felicia that it had not been enough. Kyra had not been cruel enough, so Felicia would receive the pain drug in her tits. 

Felicia spent the rest of that night frantically masturbating and thinking slutty thoughts, trying to stay aroused, trying not to fall asleep, to forestall the agony in her boobs.

The next night, it was her turn to abuse a bound and helpless Kyra. This time she was given a ring-gag too. Neither girl could speak. Felica wondered if Kyra knew that her efforts last night had been insufficient. She hoped so, because she was going to need to be crueller to Kyra than Kyra had been to her.

She knelt and started by slapping her ex-girlfriend across the face, then continued by slapping at Kyra’s newly-enlarged fuckballoons. They were fun to hit – rather like toy balls – so she stood, and kicked at them experimentally with her feet, until she had Kyra howling in pain.

This cruelty wasn’t just to spare Kyra the drug. She needed Kyra to be cruel to her in return, because if Kyra went easy on her, she would be prevented from masturbating, and feel the full excruciating tit pain of the serum she had been injected with. She needed Kyra to really want to abuse her.

She went to stand between Kyra’s legs, and began to kick the girl in the cunt. She had never dreamed she would be so cruel to another woman, let alone one she loved, but she found now that she rather enjoyed it. Freed of the moral guilt of abuse – she was doing them both a favour, after all – she discovered it was hugely enjoyable to kick another woman in her wet, slutty twat, and hear her moan and cry. She remembered Kyra clicking the button that would result in Felicia being raped, and she kicked a little harder, and kept kicking, until eventually, to her immense satisfaction, she saw her ex-girlfriend shudder and orgasm from the abuse.

Then she turned and sat on Kyra’s face, violently humping her pussy against the other girl’s mouth, not caring if Kyra could breathe. She slapped at Kyra’s tits as she raped the girl’s face, beating them in a mad, irregular rhythm as though they were drums. The horrible pain drug in her tits stopped her from cumming against Kyra’s unwilling tongue, and when she knew that no amount of licking was going to grant her an orgasm, she punched Kyra in the boobs as hard as she could.

The next night, Kyra returned the favour, and Felicia discovered that she, too, could reach the brink of orgasm from having her pussy kicked and her tits punched – even if the drug wouldn’t give her release.

The night after that, Father Duradel returned, and explained a new wrinkle to Felicia.

“We want to see more creativity from you, Felicia,” he told her. “You must find a new way to be cruel to Kyra each night, or else she will receive the pain drug.”

Felicia was happy enough to oblige. When Kyra was forced into her room after Duradel left, Felicia experimented with spanking the little slut on the bottom before raping her, and found it immensely pleasurable. Feeling Kyra wiggle and moan across her lap, and watching her buttocks turn red, then purple, was immensely enjoyable, and then she spent a half hour using Kyra’s mouth on her pussy to chase an orgasm that the drugs refused to allow.

Kyra responded on the next night by slapping Felicia across the face and spitting in her mouth. The night afterwards, Felicia played with Kyra by kicking her tits as if they were footballs, and then Kyra responded after that by grabbing Felicia’s tits in painfully tight grips and throwing her around the room by them.

Felicia became used to hurting and raping Kyra. At first there was no sense of guilt because she was doing Kyra a favour, sparing her from pain – but soon that was quietly replaced how normalised hurting and raping Kyra had become. It was just how she interacted with Kyra – and it was certainly how Kyra interacted with Felicia. When she saw her ex-girlfriend, she automatically began thinking of a new way to hurt and sexually degrade her.

Finally, after two weeks, something changed. The girl who was brought to Felicia that night wasn’t Kyra.

The girl was presented in the same way – nude, with an o-ring in her mouth, her hands bound by her sides. But she had short blonde hair, and her tits were a little smaller than Kyra’s. She looked fearful and desperate as Felicia looked down at her, and she tried to say something, although her words were rendered incoherent by the gag.

Felicia didn’t know what to do. No one had commented on the change. No one had told her what to do with this girl. 

Was she supposed to rape the girl? No one had told her to.

But the context was clear, wasn’t it? She was supposed to rape the girl. The girl would probably receive the pain drug if Felicia didn’t rape her.

And besides that, Felicia had been masturbating all day, to stave off the effects of the pain drug. She was so horny. And she had been thinking of ways to rape Kyra all day.

But… no one had told her to.

She did it anyway. She began fingering her pussy with one hand, and started slapping the girl’s tits with the other. The girl squealed through her ring gag – and squealed harder when Felicia started spanking the girl’s pussy, and then punching her in the cunt. Eventually her squeals got so loud that Felicia got tired of them. She mounted the girl’s face, pressing her cunt down against the girl’s mouth to muffle her, and then resumed slapping the girl’s pussy and punching her tits, until finally she moaned in frustration and accepted that the drug still wouldn’t let her cum.

The girl didn’t cum either. Felicia didn’t care.

Afterwards, they took the girl away. Father Duradel returned, with other priests, and this time they worked together to strap Felicia down over a bench, tits down, ass up. She felt Father Duradel’s cock probe at the entrance of her pussy, and she almost screamed with joy and gratitude to finally be raped, to have the release from the drug. She knew Father Duradel’s cock would make her cum, and the fact that she was a lesbian, and that it was rape, didn’t even matter.

“Thank you, Father,” she heard herself babble. “Thank you.”

“You’re a very slutty girl, Felicia,” said Father Duradel as he raped her. “You didn’t need to rape that poor girl right now. Nobody told you to.”

Felicia moaned in guilt and shame – although only a little, because the wonderful feeling of the cock in her pussy drowned out most other thoughts.

“We made a little bet with that girl, Felicia,” said Father Duradel. “She’s not a lesbian, you see, and doesn’t require correction here. We told her the monastery would pay her a thousand gold coins to stay in a room with you, bound and naked. If you left her alone, she would go home rich, but if you raped her, she would stay here and work off the coins as a rape-toy for the priests for the next month.”

Felicia moaned again.

“She’s going to be raped every day, Felicia,” said Duradel. “And it’s all your fault. Because you’re a slutty lesbian whore who can’t control herself.”

Felicia sobbed. It was true. No one had told her to rape the girl. She had done it because she wanted to. Because she was a slutty lesbian rapist.

“Do you want to learn control, Felicia?” asked Duradel. “Do you want to learn how to be a *good* lesbian?”

“Yes,” gasped Felicia – and she wasn’t sure if she was responding to his question, or the pleasure of his cock. It was hard to think straight. “Yes!” she moaned again, louder.

“Good girl,” said Father Duradel. “Your instruction will begin tomorrow.”

And then she felt him cumming – and as his blessed cum flooded her womb, counteracting the effects of the pain drug, she finally felt herself cumming too, and she had never been so grateful to a man in all of her life as she was to the man who was raping her in that particular moment.


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