Abbee thought there was nothing more pathetic than a woman who refused to crawl on all fours to get the attention of men.

All of her friends routinely spent thousands of dollars on clothes, hairdressing, makeup and shoes, and would then take hours getting dressed to go out – but they’d blush and get outraged if you suggested to them that men would like to see them crawling around on all fours like a dog.

Crawling was free. Crawling was easy. It didn’t even cost anything, and it made men happy. Some of Abbee’s friends had fake tits. What was the point in modifying your body to make yourself look like a fucktoy, and then saying that assuming the natural position of a bitch was undignified?

Abbee didn’t really care, though. If other women weren’t prepared to please men, that just meant that she wouldn’t have to share the attention. For a girl who was prepared to crawl, there were always more men willing to stroke her hair, to rub her back, and to fill her mouth with delicious cock…


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