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Brooke Watson was topless, in front of her whole family, her large tits swinging back and forth as she walked, in full public view.

She would have used her hands to conceal them – but her hands were bound behind her back, which just pushed her tits even further forward.  And she would have begged people not to look at her – but there was a ball gag stuffed in her mouth.

She sat at the dinner table, blushing furiously.

The whole family were present, plus their guests.  Her husband Dave sat by her left side.  To her right was Milo, the young Etreborian exchange student, dressed as always in his formal suit that just made her feel even more exposed. 

Next to Milo was Brooke’s daughter Rachel – or Anus, as she knew she must get used to calling her.  (She had been slapped by Dave last time she called her daughter Rachel.)  And across the table was her son Trent, alongside the other Etreborian exchange student, the attractive young girl who everyone called Slutglobes.

Trent was staring at her tits.  Her own son was staring at her breasts.  He had looked away at first, when she first emerged from the bedroom in this outfit, but Slutglobes had reached down and stroked Trent’s cock through his pants, and said, “It’s okay to look.  She deserves to be stared at,” and after that Trent’s eyes had been locked onto his mother’s udders even as Slutglobes openly kneaded his erect cock through the fabric of his track pants.

“So, your mother and I had a conversation,” said Dave.  “A conversation about birth control.  As you’ve heard our wonderful Etreborian guests saying, in Etrebor birth control is forbidden, because women should not have control over their own bodies.  And I was wondering whether we should take up that custom here.”

Down the end of the table, Rachel – Anus – widened her eyes in horror.

“But your mother felt that that might be a bad idea,” continued Dave, “what with all the sex that Anus appears to be enjoying these days.  Now, I’m the man of the family, and my decision on this would normally be the end of the story, but I’m not without love for my wife and daughter, so I’ve made a deal.”

He gestured at Brooke.  “Cumhole here agreed to it enthusiastically.”  (Cumhole was the degrading Etreborian name that Dave insisted on calling Brooke now.  She was, theoretically, the most important woman in the house, so she was named after the most important part of a woman – the cunt.)

“I’m going to let Cumhole and Anus keep taking birth control,” said Dave, “and in return Cumhole is going to try out any new Etreborian customs our guests suggest.  Tonight she’s going to eat her dinner in the manner of an Etreborian woman who’s been placed on a diet.”  He chuckled.  “After all, dear, you could stand to lose a few pounds.”

Brooke glared at him in raw fury, but was unable to be more vocal with the ball gag stuffed in her mouth.

Milo smiled broadly across the table.  “That is excellent!” he said.  “It is good to see you so open-minded, Cumhole – or rather, in Etrebor we would say ‘open-cunted’, because women do not have minds, and only think with their cunts.”  He looked at Anus.  “And as it happens, Anus here has some news too.  Tell them, Anus.”

Rachel blushed deep red, and said something so quiet Brooke couldn’t hear it.

Milo casually slapped Rachel across the face.

“I’m sorry, Master,” said Rachel.  “Thank you for slapping me.  I deserved it for being a disobedient cunt.”

Brooke fumed with rage to see her daughter treated so disgustingly, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“Try again, Anus,” said Milo.

“I’m getting a boob job,” said Rachel.  “Milo is going to buy me big plastic whore tits.  And I’m dying my hair blonde and getting my pussy hair lasered away.”

Brooke’s eyes bulged with horror. She tried to get to her feet, but Dave reached out and grabbed one of her nipples, pulling down on it and thereby holding her in her chair.

Dave himself seemed a little shocked – but Brooke couldn’t help but see that his cock was hard, tenting his pants.  “Ah… that’s a wonderful idea, sweetie,” said Dave, still gripping Brooke’s nipple.  “You’ll look very pretty.”

“You don’t have any objection, do you, Cumhole?” asked Milo, looking at Brooke.

Brooke screamed into her gag, but it only came out as an incoherent animal sound.  Her husband tightened his grip on her nipple, and she made a different kind of scream.

“I thought not,” said Milo.   “Excellent.  She is booked in for the day after tomorrow.  Anus, would you go and bring out the dinner?”

Rachel stood and vanished into the kitchen, returning with several plates.  Everyone except Brooke had a roast dinner placed in front of them, with beef, gravy, peas and mashed potatoes.

But the dish Rachel placed in front of Brooke had nothing on it but a puddle of semi-transparent white liquid.

Cum.  It was cum.

“Here, I’ll take out the gag so you can eat,” said Dave.  He unbuckled the ball gag and removed it from Brooke’s mouth – although her hands were still bound.

“Are you insane?” she barked immediately.  “I’m not eating this.”

“You agreed to try Etreborian customs, honey,” said Dave.  “Are you saying I should take Anus off birth control instead?”

She stared at him in hatred and fear.  How had this happened to her?  How had this happened to her family?

“Whose is it?” she asked, finally.  “Whose cum is this?”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Milo.  “It makes no difference to a woman where the cum she eats originates from.  It could be from me, or your husband, or your son, or a stranger, or an animal.  A good slut just licks it up and says thank you.”

But Brooke saw a flicker of guilt in Trent’s eyes, and she knew – this was her son’s cum.  Harvested from his teenaged cock by that whore Slutglobes, no doubt.

“It is all right if you don’t eat it, though, Cumhole,” said Milo.  “It is my preference that Anus goes without birth control, anyway.  It is the Etreborian way.  I intend to use her very vigorously once she has her new plastic udders, and they say a girl’s first pregnancy from rape is a very special milestone for her.”

That was too much for Brooke.  She moaned in humiliation – and bent forward and began to lick her son’s cum off the plate. 

“Good slut,” said Milo approvingly.  And Dave reached over and patted her head as she licked, as though she were the family pet.

As if that wasn’t degrading enough, as she dipped her tongue into the puddle of sperm, she heard Trent grunt and moan down the end of the table, and realised her son had just ejaculated into his pants from watching his own mother licking up his sperm.

But none of that was the worst part, though.

The worst part was the realisation, as she licked up the cum with the long, lapping tongue motions of a kitten, that she didn’t hate the taste of her son’s sperm.

In fact, she was a little disappointed once it was all gone.


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