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When Katie got caught stealing from the petty cash, her boss gave her two options. “One, I call the police,” he told her. “Or two, you go work for my daughter for the day.”

“Who’s your daughter?” Katie asked.

“Michaela,” he said. “The famous one. The lesbian.”

Katie paled. She knew who Michaela was. Everyone did. Michaela and her wife had been the stars of Fake Lesbian Sluts, a reality show that studied the inside of a lesbian marriage and showed how the supposed lesbians were really just whores that fucked everything that moved. Katie, along with half the world, had seen Michaela’s wife Krystal impregnated by a cameraman in the couple’s wedding bed while Michaela held her down. The women were the subject of a popular hilarious meme about how lesbians were really just bitches in heat.

What work could Michaela have for Katie? But she had no choice. A criminal record for workplace theft would be the end of her career. She got in her car and drove to the address her boss gave her – even though she suspected what would be asked of her.

Michaela met her at the door. The beautiful brunette was nude, which was shocking to Katie as she was not used to women being naked around her, even though she knew from pop culture that Michaela was a tremendous whore.

“My father sent you,” said Michaela. It was a statement, not a question, but Katie nodded nervously.

“Come in,” said Michaela, and led Katie inside.

There was another shock in the main room. A woman was chained to a plastic frame, completely naked, bent forward at the waist, and gagged. She was eight months pregnant, and her swollen belly bulged lewdly. A glass cup was attached to each of her engorged tits, and attached to each cup was a tube. The tubes led to a small machine, with a loud, purring engine, and as it purred, the cups on the woman’s tits jerked rhythmically, each jerk sucking a spurt of milk from the woman’s udders. There was another hum coming from behind the woman, and Katie realised the woman must have vibrators embedded in her ass and cunt.

“This is my wife, Krystal,” said Michaela. “Why don’t you take one of the suction cups off her fuckbags, and have a taste of her milk?”

Katie coloured. “I don’t really…” she started. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian – she liked men, although she’d had the odd confusing fantasy about women…

“Did my father tell you to do what I say?” asked Michaela.

“Yes,” Katie admitted.

“Then drink from my wife’s tit,” said Michaela. “My girlfriend Sabrisse lets me feel pleasure when I’m a good lesbian, but she hurts me when I’m a bad lesbian. Good lesbians make other women degrade each other.”

Blushing, Katie crept towards Krystal. The gagged woman watched her as she approached, but was bound too securely to offer any other reaction. Gingerly, Katie pulled the cup off Krystal’s left nipple. Krystal moaned loudly – though with pain or relief, Katie couldn’t tell.

She stared at the woman’s breast. Her nipple was huge – engorged and distended by the suction. A drop of milk beaded on the tip.

Slowly, Katie put her mouth on the woman’s udder, and began to suck. Milk flowed immediately, and Katie swallowed it. It tasted surprisingly good.

“Be sure to hurt her,” said Michaela. “She’s a fake lesbian slut and she deserves pain.”

Katie awkwardly put her hands around the base of Krystal’s breast, and squeezed hard. She sucked harder on Krystal’s nipple, and was rewarded by a pained squeal.

“Okay, that’s enough,” said Michaela. “Now come over here, and I’ll tell you why you’re here.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Katie withdrew from the bound woman, and re-applied the suction cup to her breast. (Krystal moaned again as the suction re-started.) Katie hadn’t realised that breast milk could taste so good – or that a woman’s boob could be so nice to suck on – or for that matter that deliberately hurting a woman could give her such a guilty thrill…

Michaela was sitting on the couch. As Katie approached, Michaela spread her legs, opening her pussy. Katie did a double-take as she realised there was white fluid slowly oozing from Michaela’s cunt – a man’s cum.

“Kneel, and lick,” said Michaela. 

Katie froze.

“Kneel, and lick, or my dad calls the police on you,” said Michaela.

Katie felt she should say no, on principle. She wasn’t a lesbian. She’d never licked a pussy. She quite liked the taste of men’s cum, but licking it out of another woman’s fuckhole was something else again.

But… she’d had fantasies from time to time. In fact, she’d had hot, confusing fantasies about this very woman, seeing her slut around on the show Fake Lesbian Sluts. 

Not quite knowing what she was doing, Katie knelt, and leaned forward, and tentatively licked at Michaela’s pussy.

The cum tasted good. She licked again. The pussy tasted good, too. She leaned in, and got serious about what she was doing. After all, she liked being good at her job.

“I was raped just before you got here,” said Michaela, in a dreamy voice, stroking Katie’s hair as Katie licked. “My dad sends men to rape me most days. They hold me down and cum inside me, and then they use a Taser on my pussy. It’s supposed to condition me to hate fucking men, after I got all confused about in on that TV show. But it doesn’t work. Now I just get really wet when men are about to rape me, and having my pussy electroshocked makes me cum.”

Katie felt like she should be repulsed, or horrified. Strangely, she wasn’t. In fact, she was a little aroused.

“And then the rest of the time I have to wear my slut-pain clothes,” said Michaela. “Sabrisse picks them out for me. Bras that hurt me, or things that clamp on my clitoris or nipples. I need to be in sexual pain all the time, except when I’m fucking a girl, so that I stay focused on fucking girls like a good lesbian. When I’m fucking a girl I don’t have to be in pain. Except now the pain makes me hot too…”

Some of Katie’s confusing fantasies had been about doing painful things to Michaela. She squeezed her legs together over her rapidly wettening pussy, and kept licking.

“My dad wants me to start a charity foundation,” said Michaela. “Using the money that Krystal and I made from the reality show. It’s my dad’s money, of course, because the show was his idea, but he wants to call the charity the Michaela Fund for Lesbian Education. What we’re going to do is find lesbians who have debts, or secrets they want to keep hidden, and we’re going to help them have a life just like mine.”

Katie almost orgasmed on the spot. It was so fucked up. Why was she reacting like this? Why did Michaela’s pussy taste so good? Had she always been like this?

She thought maybe she had.

“I’m going to divorce Krystal,” said Michaela. “After all, she’s just a fake lesbian cow, who got pregnant to a man, and now all she’s good for is making milk and mooing. And then I’m going to marry a man, and go on television and tell the world that all lesbians are really just waiting for the right man to fuck them. And my husband will get Krystal as his slave, and Sabrisse as his mistress, and Sabrisse will discipline me for him and make sure that I stay a good submissive fake-lesbian slut. That’s what dad wants me to do.”

Katie couldn’t help herself. She lowered her hand to her groin, and began to urgently rub her pussy as she licked.

“And do you know what we want you for, Katie?” asked Michaela. “We want you to run the charity. Dad says the way you stole from him was pretty clever. He thinks you could do all sort of secret nasty things without getting caught. Like blackmailing pretty lesbians until their lives are all ruined and wonderful, just like mine. Do you think you could do that?”

Katie looked up into Michaela’s vacant, slutty eyes, and smiled. Then she bit down, deliberately, on Michaela’s clit, and grinned with satisfaction as Michaela squealed, and then came, hard, against Katie’s mouth.

“Do I get to rape you, too?” she asked Michaela as the degraded brunette shook and moaned with the pleasure of her orgasm.

“I’m a fake-lesbian slut,” said Michaela. “Anyone who wants to rape me is allowed to.”

“Good,” said Katie, pulling off her skirt and panties. “Then the answer is absolutely, I’ll take the job. Now get down on your knees and start giving me what I just gave you….”


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