Michaela was suspicious when her parents offered to pay for her wedding. They had never approved of her dating girls – there had been harsh words on many occasions – and she had thought they would go nuclear when she told them she was marrying her girlfriend Krystal.

But they stayed calm. They congratulated her. They told her they would pay for the whole wedding and give her a party fit for a princess. Two conditions only – they would make all the decisions, including the dresses and catering. And if Michaela didn’t go through with the wedding for any reason, she would assume legal liability for the entire cost. “We’re only doing this if you’re serious about it, honey,” her mother said. Michaela said she was very serious, and signed a contract with her parents containing the terms.

She had very little to do with the organisation of the wedding – her parents shut her out of the decision-making entirely – and so it wasn’t until the morning of the wedding, when she saw the wedding dress, that she discovered what they had done.

“I can’t wear that!” she protested.

“You will, and you will show your father,” her mother said sternly.

Thinking that maybe it wasn’t as bad as it seemed, Michaela dressed in the filmy gown, and blushed bright red as her mother invited her father in to look.

It was as bad as she thought. She couldn’t wear it. “You can see my pussy!” she wailed. “Everyone will be able to see my pussy!”

“Honey,” said her father, “there was no way you were walking up that aisle with a girl without everyone picturing what the pair of your do in your sinful bed. This is just being honest.”

“Girls who have sex with girls are sluts, honey,” said her mother. “We’ve told you that. It’s only proper you should have a slut wedding. There’s one like this for Krystal too.”

“No! She won’t wear that!” protested Michaela.

“If she doesn’t wear it, she won’t be able to get married,” said her father. “And then you’ll be stuck with the bill. We’ve spent more than half a million dollars on the venue and reception, honey. You don’t want to owe that. You really should convince her to wear it.”

Michaela quailed. Half a million dollars? She knew her parents were wealthy, but hadn’t expected them to spend so much. She could never pay it off.

“We’ve hired some very pretty strippers to be your bridesmaids,” said her mother. “They’ll be naked, of course, except for stockings, garter belts and heels.”

The program indicates that after the vows and the signing you’ll pose for the photographer. We’ve tried to think what shots best sum up a lesbian wedding, so we’re going to get some photos of you and Krystal spreading your pussies, sucking each other’s nipples, and then 69ing in front of the altar,” said her father.

She felt faint. “I’m not going to…”

“Deviating from the program equates to not going through with the wedding,” said her mother. “It’s all in the contract. Anyway, I think it’s best to get some images to commemorate what a slut you are, marrying a girl like this.”

“At the reception,” said her father, “we’ve arranged you and Krystal chairs with phalluses on them, that will go in your pussy and butt and vibrate while you sit there, to help you get ready for your wedding night.”

“The program says that you will feed each other your first slices of the wedding cake off each other’s bare tits,” said her mother, “which will be nice. And you’ll eat your second slices out of each other’s cunts.”

“Actually we have a special wedding cake just for you two,” said her father, “because I’ve arranged to have a lot of the men you know donate samples of their cum, and we’ve mixed it all through all your meals for the night. Kind of a last ditch thing – we didn’t think our daughter should have a lesbian marriage without at least *trying* sperm.”

She couldn’t think straight. It was all too much to process. It was horrible. She wouldn’t do it. But… half a million dollars? What would she do to not owe half a million dollars?

“But if you *do* go through with it…” said her mother. “Well, we have some wedding presents for you. Tell her, darling.”

“Three presents,” said her father. “First, tit jobs for you and your girlfriend, so you’ll both have nice big fake udders to enjoy on each other. Secondly, a little implant in your pussy that will constantly release aphrodisiacs, to keep you horny for each other so your marriage never gets old. And thirdly, we’re leaving you the house.”

“We’re going to move into a nice little apartment, and we thought you girls could have the house,” said her mother. “But it’s all three presents, or none at all. And only if you go through with the wedding.”

She reeled. The house was worth over $2 million dollars. She didn’t want to be constantly horny and have fake tits, but… $2 million dollars.

She would do it. She told her parents she would do it.

“Can you convince Krystal?” asked her mother.

Michaela had once had an intense night of D/s with Krystal where she had led a naked Krystal around her house on all fours on a dog leash, spanked her pussy with a belt, and made her confess that Krystal had fantasies about fucking her own sister. She had filmed it. She still had it.

She thought Krystal could be convinced.


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