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Previous parts of this story:


Michaela and her wife Krystal had almost gotten used to having the cameramen living in their house. In fact, they had almost gotten used to being constantly naked and on film. Having their pussies constantly aroused helped them get used to a lot of things. 

The problems had started with their wedding. It was supposed to be the perfect expression of love between two women – but Michaela had left the planning and payment up to her parents, who saw lesbians as sluts, and who used their responsibility to degrade their daughter and her soon-to-be-wife. 

Michaela had been horrified to discover that the bridal dresses would be see-through; her bridesmaids would be strippers; and she would eat her slice of the wedding cake – which would be iced with the cum on her male friends – out of her girlfriend’s pussy in front of the entire audience while posing for photos.

She had intended to cancel the entire wedding – but her parents had offered both a carrot and a stick. If she cancelled the wedding, Michaela would be liable for the entire cost – half a million dollars. But if she went through with it, they would give her their two million dollar mansion as a wedding gift.

Michaela, caught between fear and greed, had followed through on the entire slutty wedding, and she’d used recordings of intimate confessions that Krystal had made to her to blackmail her fiancée into cooperating too. It had been a nightmare wedding, that culminated in the two girls 69ing nude in front of their wedding altar, sobbing tears of humiliation as they licked cake and semen out of each other’s spread cunts, surrounded by the noise of laughter, jeers, and the shutter-snap sounds of photographs being taken.

Afterwards had come their honeymoon – which they spent at the hospital. Part of the deal with Michaela’s parents was that they get boob jobs. Michaela had thought this would happen all at once – an instant transition to giant whore-tits – but her parents kindly offered to take them up a size every few months, to let them get used to their new fuckballoons. Along with their new tits, Michaela and Krystal also received implants of slow-release aphrodisiac to keep them constantly aroused. They emerged from the hospital feeling violated, humiliated, that they bodies did not belong to them – and inescapably, inexorably horny, flushed, and stupid.

Their parents threw the girls a celebration of their new bodies at the girls’ new mansion. The girls were asked to take off their clothes and show off their new tits – which they did, reluctantly – and Michaela’s parents then gave them more slices of their wedding cake, to eat just like they had at their wedding.

“You just looked so *happy*,” said Michaela’s father, “eating your cake at the wedding, like you’d finally accepted that you must be worthless whores, because only whores lick the pussies of other women.”

“Please,” said Krystal helplessly, looking at Michaela. “This is awful. Let’s just run away.”

Michaela reached out and pinched Krystal’s left nipple. “My parents are giving us a mansion, honey. Just do what they want and keep them happy. Or do you want me to share that video where you talk about wanting to rape your sister?”

And so they climbed up on the dinner table, spread their legs, squashed the semen-coated slices of cake into each other’s pussies, and began licking, as Michaela’s parents watched.

“You know, your father contributed to the icing on that one,” said Michaela’s mother, as they licked. “To freshen it up for you. He makes such a lot of cum when he ejaculates, you know. And it’s incredibly tasty. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on, as a lesbian.”

Michaela wanted to gag, but she just kept licking. She was about to cum herself soon, anyway – Krystal was really very talented.

It wasn’t until the next day that Michaela’s parents told them about the TV show.

“There was a lot of interest in your wedding, you know,” said her father. “There was a headline in the newspaper, with a picture of you in your wedding dresses – ‘SLUT LESBIANS MAKE JOKE OF MARRIAGE, FUCK LIKE WHORES IN FRONT OF CROWD’.”

“And a TV studio rang up wanting to make a show about you!” said Michaela’s mother, excitedly. “We said yes, of course.”

Michaela was outraged. “Mother – no!” she protested. “We don’t want that!”

“Well, Michaela,” said her father, crossly, “as you know, we paid for the wedding, and we own the rights to it, including any media arising from it. You signed that contract alongside your wedding certificate. And it obliges you and Krystal to reprise your roles in any subsequent film or television programming.”

“Dad, they’re not roles! This is my life!” shrieked Michaela.

“Yes, exactly,” said her father. “That’s what they want – a look inside your life. They’re billing it as ‘inside the nation’s sluttiest marriage’, and they want to get lots of candid everyday footage of the things you did at your wedding.”

“But we *don’t* do that stuff every day!” she pleaded.

“Well, you’re going to have to. If you pull out of the contract, you’re liable for the wedding costs, and you’ll have to give the house back, AND the TV company can sue you. We’ll let you keep the tits and the drug implants, though – we’re not monsters.”

And so three days later, the camera crew moved in. They rigged the house with stationary cameras, capturing every aspect of the girls’ lives. They threw out the girls’ clothes, informing them that they would be *professionally* dressed by the wardrobe department – who of course routinely dressed both Michaela and Krystal in lingerie, butt plugs, clit and nipple clamps, dog collars, and see-through outer-clothes.

The worst invasion was the two male cameramen, who supplemented the stationary video feed with mobile, curated footage. These two followed the girls everywhere – and by order of the director, they kept their dicks out at all times.

“It’s a kind of barometer for you, girls,” the director told them. “If their cock is hard, you’re being good girls. If it’s not, then you need to be more entertaining for the camera.”

The men would follow the girls to the shower, opening the shower door and panning up and down the girls’ wet, nude bodies. They would follow them into the toilet and film them pissing, standing over the girls at the toilet with their hard cocks bobbing in the girls’ faces. At night, they would pull the sheets off the girls’ bed to capture their naked bodies lying together. Sometimes the men would get into bed with the girls, pressing their hard cocks against the girls’ nude anuses.

It was awful, but the constant arousal from their implants made it hard for the girls to think clearly. Only a week into the filming, Michaela and Krystal were lying in bed at night, nude – as they were required to. Michaela’s pussy was sopping wet. She’d held off from masturbating for an entire week, knowing she would be filmed doing it, and it was driving her crazy. She could smell Krystal’s sex and knew her wife was in just as slutty a state. She started to kiss Krystal, passionately, plunging her tongue into her wife’s mouth, and then felt Krystal’s hands on her tits, pinching at her nipples.

Behind her, she felt the cameraman shift, his cock twitching with interest at her anus, but she didn’t care. She ignored him, and then gasped with delight as Krystal’s leg came up to press against her pussy. She kissed Krystal harder.

Then suddenly, Krystal squealed, and she started to wriggle, as though she were trying to get away. Pressed between the cameraman behind her and Michaela in front of her, there was nowhere for her to go, and anyway, Michaela was so horny, she didn’t want Krystal to get up. She needed her. So she held her down, and it was only when Krystal’s body started to buck against Michaela, and she saw tears in Krystal’s eyes, that she realised what was happening – the cameraman behind her was fucking her. His cock had slipped into the lesbian’s pussy, and he was vigorously fucking her.

Michaela should have screamed with outrage, slapped the men away, gotten up. But Krystal’s leg was still pressed against Michaela’s cunt, and the bucking motion of Krystal’s body as the man fucked her was producing such a nice rhythmic pressure. And Krystal hadn’t *said* anything.

So Michaela suppressed her conscience, and kept holding Krystal down, and pushed her tongue deeper into her wife’s mouth to keep her quiet.

A moment later, Michaela felt the second cameraman, the one behind her, reach down to adjust his groin, and then she felt the tip of his hard cock, sticky with pre-cum, nuzzle against her own sopping wet pussy lips.

Was he about to rape her? Michaela moaned into her wife’s mouth. No, it wouldn’t be rape. She was a lesbian, but she needed this so badly. She wiggled her hips, and pushed backward, and felt the satisfying feeling of a cock sliding into her fuckhole for the first time in her life.

She knew this was a terrible idea. If she let them rape her once, they would not hesitate to do it again. They would put it in their TV show – “fake lesbians seduce male cameramen”. Everyone who knew her would see the show and know that she had done this. And there was the small matter that she wasn’t using birth control, and neither was Krystal.

She didn’t care. It just made it hotter. And a moment later the choice was taken from her as the cameraman grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, rendering her helpless and immediately giving her her first orgasm. She had never realised how hot it could be to be fucked with your arms restrained. She wondered if she could get wardrobe to bind her arms behind her back all day long tomorrow….

At that moment the man behind Krystal groaned, and stopped moving, and Michaela realised he had ejaculated into her wife’s pussy. And as Michaela stared into her wife’s horrified face, she had the sudden *knowledge* that she was watching the moment that her lesbian wife had been impregnated, that a man who neither of them even really knew the name of had just taken her wife’s cock-virginity and planted a baby in her belly. And with that knowledge, Michaela couldn’t help herself, and she orgasmed, and orgasmed again, and again, and again…


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