On her 18th birthday she had asked her friends to use an app where they associated words with her, to create a positive word cloud so she could remember their friendship. At the centre of the cloud had been “awesome”, and prominent words around it had been “babe”, “smart”, “friendship” and “excellent”.

Paying for college had been difficult. A rich uncle had volunteered to fund her entire education, on one condition – that he also fund a boob job for her, to give her what he said was “the real key to a woman’s future”. It had been humiliating, but she needed the money, and by the time of her first day of college she was sporting an embarrassingly inflated pair of fake fuckbags.

On her 21st birthday she asked her friends to use the word cloud app again. She sent them a current photo of her, in a pretty dress that showed off her cleavage. The results made it clear to her the life path her new tits had set her on. 

At the centre of the word cloud, in large bold letters, was “rape”, and scattered around it were “bimbo”, “fuckdoll”, “cow”, “udders”, “slut” and “stupid”. She cried and cried as she started at it, and didn’t even understand why she was also starting to frantically masturbate…


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