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Michaela’s life had become a personal hell, thanks to the interference of her parents in her lesbian marriage.

First, her wedding had been a pornographic nightmare. She and her wife Krystal had dressed in see-thru clothes, eaten cum “to make sure they really didn’t like it”, and licked each other’s cunts in front of their family and friends – all to please Michaela’s rich parents, who were paying for it all.

They’d accepted honeymoon presents of plastic surgery to give them whorish fake tits, along with slow-release aphrodisiac implants to keep them constantly aroused.

And then her parents had invited the reality TV crew into Michaela and Krystal’s house. The thirteen episodes of “Fake Lesbian Sluts” had documented the girls sex lives’, filmed them showering and pissing, dressed them in nipple clamps and butt plugs, and culminated in both girls – horny, sleep-deprived and confused – allowing the male cameramen to rape them, resulting in Krystal becoming pregnant.

Michaela and Krystal’s nude bodies were now the number one image search result on the web for the keywords “fake lesbian” or “lesbian slut”. Their naked 69-ing bodies were a well-known internet meme for the idea of women that were unable to control themselves. (Michaela, burying her face in Krystal’s cunt, might be labelled “feminists”, for example, while Krystal, visibly orgasming, might be labelled “orgasming from rape”.)

The two girls were so well-known now that they couldn’t go out in public without being harassed, and in fact on their first two visits to a nightclub after the final episode of “Fake Lesbian Sluts” was broadcast, both girls were gang-raped in an alleyway by “fans”, and left covered in the cum of anonymous men. Driven to distraction by the aphrodisiac implants in their tits, both girls were also left with the knowledge that the experience had made them repeatedly cum.

In fact, they had trouble generally not fucking men. Their male friends, having all been at their wedding and watched Fake Lesbian Sluts, had very little respect for them, and most friendly catch-ups ended in one or both girls orgasming from being raped by their friend. They should have stopped inviting those friends over, but they didn’t, and they were always so wet before the men arrived…

In the end, Michaela’s parents, wracked by guilt for what they had done to their poor daughter, staged an intervention. Michaela arrived home from the supermarket one day to find her parents in her house, sitting on the couch, next to a pretty brunette that Michaela had never seen before. Krystal, to her shock, was naked, in a dog cage, a gag in her mouth, and milking cups attached to her swollen, pregnant breasts.

“Mum – dad – what’s this about?” Michaela asked, shocked.

“Oh, Michaela, we’re so sorry for what’s happened to you,” said her mother. “First that slut Krystal led you into being a lesbian, then she tempted you into having sex with men, and now you just don’t know what you are. Tell me, honey, are you a lesbian, or are you straight?”

“I’m a lesbian,” said Michaela, confused.

“That’s what we thought,” said her mother. “So we’ve spent a fair bit of money, and we’re going to put your life back on track. Tell her, dear.”

Her father coughed, and said, “This girl here is Sabrisse. She’s going to be your girlfriend now. She’ll sleep in your bed, and have sex with you, and go out with you wherever. We’ve seen all the degrading things you’ve been getting up to. She’ll help you satisfying those degrading urges in a lesbian context, and make sure you have all the humiliating sexual experiences you clearly want – but with girls.”

Sabrisse smiled brightly.

“Dad, I already have a wife…” complained Michaela.

“Krystal? But she’s a whore, honey,” said her mother. “Look – she’s pregnant with a man’s baby. You shouldn’t have to look after a pregnant whore who fucks men. So we’ve arranged for her to be cared for during her pregnancy. She’ll spend most of her time in this cage here, with the milking machine on her breasts, so that she’ll have nice milk production when the baby comes. There will be a man who’ll come in twice a day to feed her – the very best mix of protein for pregnant dogs, we’re told – and fuck her, to satisfy her urge to fuck men. She’ll be gagged when she’s not eating, so you won’t have to listen to her. She can just sit at the foot of your bed in her cage and watch you fuck Sabrisse.”

Michaela made outraged noises of protest, and tried to pretend that she hadn’t just gotten very, very wet. Sabrisse was undeniably beautiful, and Krystal had been a bit difficult lately, constantly complaining that Michaela’s parents had ruined her life…

“And as for the sexual orientation thing,” said her father, “we’ve arranged a program to help you with that. We’ve arranged several accessories that Sabrisse will make sure you wear constantly – bras with thumbtacks inside to hurt your tits, painful clamps for your clitoris, butt plugs that give you electric shocks, that kind of thing. You’ll be in constant 24/7 sexual pain – *except* when you’re having sex with Sabrisse. We’re told that after a while, combined with your implants, you’ll be desperate to constantly fuck beautiful girls, so there’ll be no doubt you’re a lesbian.”

Her mother continued, “And on the other side, we’ve hired a company to send men to give you a daily raping. They’ll be very rough with you, and fire a Taser into your cunt once they’re done, so you should have a definite aversion to having sex with men very quickly.”

Michaela’s mouth fell open into an “O” of horror – that was quickly covered as her new girlfriend Sabrisse stepped up and kissed her, pushing her tongue into Michaela’s mouth. Michaela made a low moan of distress, but kissed her back, and allowed her to undress Michaela in front of her parents. 

Michaela squealed, of course, when Sabrisse attached the painful clamp to her clitoris, and made a distressed noise as Sabrisse pushed the electric-shock plug into her anus, but after that it just felt too good to let the beautiful girl kiss her neck, and suck her nipples, and then lick her cunt, even if her parents *were* watching.

She briefly made eye contact with her wife Krystal, nude in her cage, and the betrayed look in Krystal’s eyes made Michaela cum hard against Sabrisse’s face. She stared at Krystal, filled with guilt and sexual pleasure, as Sabrisse licked her pussy, the beautiful girl’s tongue pushing deep into Michaela’s sopping wet fuckhole… until Michaela’s father moved around behind Krystal’s cage, and took his cock out, and knelt between Krystal’s legs. At that point, Michaela looked away, and when she orgasmed powerfully against her new girlfriend’s face again, she tried to pretend that the sound of her wife being raped by her father had nothing whatsoever to do with it…


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