As readers may know, there is no way to purchase or otherwise obtain a right to request a story from All These Roadworks.

However, I prefer to write stories that people want to read, and I value my members, so since early last year I have been offering story requests to long-standing Premium Members on a complimentary basis. Requests can either be for a new chapter of an existing serial, or a new story based on a specific kink that I’ve previously written about.

Part of the reason I operate in this way is that it’s simply too hard to keep up with requests. Sometimes I’m very creative, and can write a ton of new content. Sometimes I can write, but only on specific themes. Sometimes I go a week or more without the ability to write at all. It evens out in the long run, but I simply can’t promise to deliver requested stories within a definite timeframe.

Right now I’m having that second category of experience – I can write, but only on the stories that are exercising my imagination. I love all my ongoing serials – or I wouldn’t have written them to start with – and none of them are abandoned, but I’m temporarily short of motivation to progress a couple. Plus I’m very keen to reduce the total number of ongoing stories, through the very reasonable method of actually *finishing* some.

I’m about to reach out to people who were Premium Members in the month of December 2020, and who are still members today, to ask for further requests. This is to give me a greater range of requests to choose from when I feel like writing. But I haven’t finished all the October or November requests yet. They’re not forgotten – I just need to not feel like I can’t write anything new unless I’m writing those specific requests.

Anyway, here’s the total request list for October / November / December.

Story names in green text have been delivered already. The month refers to the month of membership that the request is logged against, not the date on which the story was or will be delivered.

October 2020:

  • Abby’s Identity, Part 13
  • Average Availability, Part 8
  • Aylee the Alchemist-Slave, Part 3
  • The Bonuses, Part 4
  • Cunt Control
  • Candy Girls, Part 7
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 5
  • Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 2
  • Emma’s Division, Part 2
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 10
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 11
  • The Parole Officer, Part 2
  • Pop World: The Fan, Part 2

November 2020:

  • Abby’s Identity, Part 14
  • “gender traitor story”
  • Average Availability, Part 9
  • Aylee the Alchemist-Slave, Part 4
  • Candy Girls, Part 8
  • Elf-Queen of Tylia, Part 3
  • “tricked into becoming a hucow”
  • The Convent of Lesba, Part 6
  • The Etrebor Exchange, Part 12
  • The Parole Officer, Part 3

December 2020:

  • Persephone Nine, Part 9
  • Persephone Nine, Part 10
  • Pregnant in Modwina, Part 2

If you know you were a Premium Member in November or December 2020, you’re still a member today, and you haven’t logged a request for that month, please feel free to reach out to me pre-emptively at and tell me what you’d like.

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