Olivia’s home state was ultra-conservative. It absolutely didn’t believe in sex-before-marriage, not under any circumstances. When Olivia was eighteen it passed a law which criminalised women who had premarital sex, unless they married the man they had sex with within three months. There were no exceptions.

That left Olivia in a difficult position when she was gang-raped by ten men outside a local dive bar. 

The experience was traumatic enough, but the police intended to file charges for ten counts of premarital sex. They would show footage of Olivia’s naked body, dripping with her attacker’s semen. They would allege she had repeatedly orgasmed – an aggravating factor. They would invite schoolfriends to testify as to whether Olivia had seemed slutty to them in past years.

Her attackers had been caught, and were facing more serious charges, of course, but that didn’t help Olivia. There was only one way out – to marry each of her attackers.

Her attackers agreed, of course – there was no marital rape in Olivia’s home state, so their nuptials would clear them of their own criminal charges. Over the course of 24 hours, Olivia would marry each man who had raped her, allow them to consummate the relationship with her by fucking her and cumming inside her, then divorce them and immediately marry the next.

Some of the men wanted special arrangements in their ceremonies. She was in no position to argue, as she needed their consent to the divorce to be able to complete all ten marriages. One man wanted the chance to discipline her tits and cunt with a belt while she was still his wife. Another wanted her to take a busty prostitute of his acquaintance as her bridesmaid and then lick the prostitute’s pussy while he fucked her cunt for their consummation. A third wanted to replace the gift of a wedding ring to her with the tattooing of the word “Fuck Slave” across her ass. She agreed to all of them, desperate to escape jail.

The ceremonies by law had to occur in front of at least ten of her friends and family to be legal. She blushed crimson as each of the men fucked her in front of the altar, in full view of her loved ones, and as there was no time to clean off between ceremonies, by the end she was drenched in sweat and cum and leaking sperm from her pussy. Her father had videotaped the whole thing – he said it was to make sure there was no contest of the legality, but she tried to ignore his conspicuous erection. 

At the end she found she had been so busy with her weddings that she had missed the day’s headline news. Her state had passed new laws of “enduring marriage rights” – a husband now had an enduring expectation of sexual accessibility of his wife, that endured beyond divorce. Essentially a woman had a lifelong obligation to sexually service any man she married, even if they split up. And she now owed those services to ten men she hated…


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