Some girls got so into being “not a feminist” that they went to extreme lengths to prove it. It had become fashionable among Gloria’s peers to go to the hypnotist in town and get anti-feminist attitudes implanted in their brains. Gloria’s friend Seraya had gotten a compulsion to never, ever accuse a man of raping her. Her other friend Teri had had herself programmed to always sincerely and cutely thank any man who paid her the attention of a compliment or a little light groping, no matter how unwanted or lewd a more feminist Teri might have thought it was.

Gloria was worried about being frigid, about being too worried about letting a man near her to ever enjoy life. She asked to be given the command, “Never protect your pussy or tits from a man.” She had intended it to help her not freak out if a man ever paid her the compliment of wanting to fuck her, but the first time she saw her male friends after the hypnosis session, she realised that covering her body was a way of protecting it from male gaze. Blushing, she immediately stripped naked in front of her amused, aroused friends. 

She sat there like that for a while, nude, legs together, knees in front of her tits. Then she blushed further, and spread her legs as wide as they would go, to give everyone a perfect view of her spread cunt. She wondered if she should use her fingers to part her pussy lips too…


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