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“Girlpop groups these days need a gimmick,” announced Calvin.

The four girls listened attentively, hanging on the attractive young producer’s every word.

They knew that this was their one and only chance at fame and fortune.  Each girl had a reasonable talent at singing and dancing, but each knew she lacked the creativity and drive to become a pop star on her own.  They had each been “discovered” by Calvin at a school Eisteddfod, or dance performance, or choir practice, and been offered the once-in-a-lifetime chance to join a four-girl pop group that would receive international marketing and promotion from Calvin’s record label, “Girl Dreams”.

It was a chance they couldn’t afford to pass up.

They were young and innocent.  They knew that pop music these days was a sexualised and occasionally embarrassing industry for women.  They had all seen the iconic footage of pop-icon Sophia being raped on-stage by her manager during her Coming of Age tour – but they also knew that moment had propelled Sophia’s album to multi-platinum status and made Sophia an icon of teen sexuality for a generation.

Likewise, they had all seen the videoclip for Sex-Kitten’s song “Take Me (My First Violation)”, which depicted her very real non-consensual gang-rape and impregnation – but the song was catchy, and every young woman knew the lyrics.  Many girls had posters in their bedrooms of the iconic photo of pregnant big-titted Sex-Kitten lying naked in hospital, sucking placidly on her own father’s cock while giving birth to her infant daughter, who she had named Girltoy (now a popular baby name among her fans).  The image was confronting and shocking – but also erotic, and sufficiently offensive to their parents to feel rebellious.

And all four girls in Calvin’s new girl group had individually gone to see the international hit Rapemelons in concert, and watched her dance nude on stage with weights hanging from her nipples and clitoris.  Those who’d made it to the front of the crowd near the stage had even had the amazing experience of having Rapemelons’ girl-cum sprayed on their faces as Rapemelons masturbated to orgasm and ejaculation as the crowd cheered.

You could see girls out in nightclubs every night now with weights hanging from their tits and cunt.  Most had the weights hang down from under short skirts and halter tops, but the bolder girls bared their privates to the crowd as “Udder Bounce” or “Rapemelons (My Tits Mean I Consent)” thumped forth from the club loudspeakers.

Every young woman wanted to be a famous fuckdoll – because pop music had taught them that, as women, they would be fuckdolls either way, so they might as well be famous ones.

“What’s our gimmick going to be, Mr Edgeway?” asked Delilah.  Her dark hair hung in an attractive braid, and she sat with her back straight and her tits out, her big brown eyes desperate for approval.  She had been a teacher’s pet, receiving straight As, and destined for a career as a doctor or lawyer – except that she had eagerly abandoned it all for the chance to be a pop idol.

“Lesbianism,” said Calvin.

The girls blushed and looked at each other.

Leah put up her hand.  She had long brown hair, and her large tits were squashed into a hoody that didn’t really fit her.  She had come from a poor background, and Calvin suspected her father abused her – which suited him fine, as it had raised Leah to be both pleasingly submissive and eager for sexual attention.

“Yes, Leah?” said Calvin.

“Mr Edgeway, I’m not a lesbian,” said Leah.

“That’s all right, Leah,” said Calvin.  “It’s a marketing angle.  That Russian duo t.A.T.u. weren’t really lesbians, but people wanted to believe that they were.  Cute schoolgirls lezzing off sells albums.  It’ll help people remember you.”

Katy spoke next.  She had short dyed-pink hair, and wore a short skirt and an anime T-shirt.  She was geeky and energetic.  “So – we don’t actually have to kiss each other?” she asked.  She seemed disappointed; Calvin was fairly sure Katy was very much into girls, and had been eyeing her fellow recruits with more than a touch of sexual interest.

“Oh no,” said Calvin.  “You *will* be lesbians.  Fake lesbianism doesn’t cut it anymore.  You’ll be outed within weeks, and that will be the end of you.  To make this gimmick work, you’ll be expected to date each other, kiss each other, and even fuck each other.”

The girls gasped.  The fourth girl, Mary-Beth, went pale.  She wore her pretty blonde-hair pushed back by a headband, and wore a blouse which she probably thought was conservative but which actually gave a very attractive view of her copious cleavage.

“Mr Edgeway, I’m a Christian girl!” Mary-Beth protested.  “Lesbianism is a sin!  God wouldn’t want me to do that!”

“I think God would want you to be successful, Mary-Beth,” said Calvin.  “And do what men tell you to do.  But if you don’t want to be a famous pop star, you can leave right now.”

There was a long silence.  Mary-Beth looked at the exit of the room longingly – but she didn’t get up, and eventually she blushed and looked down, admitting that her desire for fame outweighed her religious convictions.

“We’re going to call your group ‘Sisterhood’,” said Calvin.  “We’re going to market you as being literally sisters, who lez off with each other and love each other.”

Leah wrinkled her nose.  “Doesn’t that… kind of promote incest?”

“Leah, there is nothing wrong with sisters lezzing off with each other, as long as a man is entertained by it,” said Calvin.  “You can’t get each other pregnant, so there’s no inbreeding to worry about.  Why shouldn’t sisters make each other cum for the entertainment of men?”

The girls were all blushing.  Calvin wondered which of them were just embarrassed by the idea, and which were blushing because they were also becoming a little wet.  He could see Katy’s erect nipples poking against her shirt.  Mary-Beth had her arms crossed over her chest in a way that suggested that she was offended by what he was saying – but he noted it also concealed whether her nipples, too, were hardening.

“And finally, you’ll each need a new name to be marketed under,” continued Calvin.  “Every girl in a pop group fills a role – and by role, I mean they fulfil a male fantasy.  A man should be able to look at Sisterhood and instantly work out which girl he wants to rape most.”

“Leah, you have the biggest tits, so you’ll be Sex-Cow,” Calvin said, enjoying Leah’s blush at the demeaning name.  “We’ll get our experts to help you start lactating so that your tits will swell even bigger and you can leak milk through your costumes.  We want to sell you as the life-support system for two truly amazing fuckbags.”

He turned to Mary-Beth.  “You’re obviously our churchgoing good-girl, so you’ll be Little Miss Rape.  You’re going to be a chaste little virgin and talk so much about how you don’t want to be raped that no one can think of anything else except forcing you down and impregnating you.”

Mary-Beth squirmed.  She *was* aroused, Calvin was suddenly sure.

“Katy, you’ll be our fake lesbian,” Calvin continued.  “Your name will be Cocktease.  You’re going to be the one in the group that secretly wants a hard cock in her pussy, and just lezzes off with girls to get male attention.  The more you pretend to be a lesbian, the more men will want to rape you.”

“But…” Katy said, distressed, “I actually *don’t* like men that way.  I mean…”

“That’s right,” said Calvin, interrupting her.  “Exactly like that.  And Delilah, you’re going to be our pet.  We’re going to always have you in cat ears or puppy tails, and crawling wherever possible.  We want people to dehumanise you, and fantasise about all the most degrading things to do to you.  Your name will be Fuckpet.”

“But…” protested Delilah.

“No, no,” said Calvin.  “Make animal noises.  If you’re upset, make a sad little meow.  Can you do that?”

“Meow,” said Delilah, sadly.

“Perfect,” said Calvin.  “In no time at all, we’ll make you role models to an entire generation of women.”


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