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“Could you spread your pussy just a little bit wider for the camera, babe?” asked the cameraman – only it wasn’t really *asking*, it was more *telling*, and it was clear that “no” wasn’t an acceptable answer.

It was the day of Sisterhood’s first music video shoot, and Mary-Beth was struggling to remember her own name, so she wasn’t in a good position to argue anyway.  No one had called her anything but “Little Miss Rape” all day – or sometimes “Rape-Girl” for short, and she was horrified by how quickly she had gotten used to answering to it.  

Also, she was nude – or practically nude.  She wore white thigh-high leather boots with six-inch heels.  The place where they stopped – halfway between her knee and her groin – just emphasised that her pussy was completely bare and exposed.

She had matching white leather gloves, and a white velvet collar around her neck.  Her blonde hair was pushed back by a white headband, and she was wearing whorish pink lipstick.

Each of her perky nipples had a painful clamp fixed to it, and from each clamp hung a small crucifix – part of what her manager Calvin called her “Christian girl persona”.  Only it wasn’t a persona.  Mary-Beth really was a devout Christian, and she was genuinely worried that her involvement in the girlpop group Sisterhood might mean she was going to hell.

That was why she had fought so long over the last element of her costume.

“I can’t put *that* in *there*!” she had wailed that morning.

Calvin had just told her to sit on the floor and keep masturbating, and that she wouldn’t be allowed to cum until she agreed.

She had done as she was told, weeping.  After a while, pretty pink-haired Cocktease – also known as Katy – had come over and began to softly kiss her on the mouth, and stroke her tits, and Mary-Beth had let her.  The girls lezzing off with each other was an important part of their practice, and though Mary-Beth knew it was sinful, it also made her pussy very, very wet.

Once she had started tongue-kissing Cocktease, it didn’t take her long to agree.  She needed to cum.  

“I’ll do it,” she moaned.

Calvin handed her the plastic crucifix.  The image of her saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, was very clear on the cross.

Weeping, Mary-Beth bent over, spread her ass cheeks, allowed Cocktease to rub some lubricant into her sphincter, and then pushed the long end of the crucifix into her anus, until only the crosspiece and head was sticking out.  A bulb on the end of the crucifix made it work effectively as a butt-plug, leaving it in no danger of accidentally popping out again.

So now she was standing here, effectively nude, with crosses swinging from her nipples and the icon of her faith jammed up her ass and giving her no small amount of sexual pleasure, and the cameraman was asking her to spread her pussy.

She did as she was told, spreading her legs, then gripping her labia and pulling them open, to allow the cameraman to film her sopping wet fuckhole and cute pink little clitoris.

The thought came to her again that this was for a music video that the whole world would see.  The whole *point* was for everybody to see it.  Everybody in the world was going to see her spreading her pussy open for the camera.  With clamps on her nipples.  With a crucifix jammed up her anus.

To her horror, she orgasmed right in front of the cameraman, and then squirted onto his camera.  The humiliation made her orgasm a second time – both the knowledge that she had just been filmed while squirting, and the knowledge that Calvin was going to make her get down on all fours and lick her mess up, and the cameraman would film that too.


The studio was a maze of activity, with cameras and lighting equipment everywhere.  The cameramen were getting early footage of the individual girls, including the degrading intimate close-ups on their sex organs that Calvin had specifically asked for.  

Calvin was enjoying watching Little Miss Rape’s humiliation when Sex-Cow waddled up to him awkwardly, trying to get his attention.

She was nude except for a cowbell collar and cow-ear headband.  He had clamped heavy bulldog clips on both of her nipples, because she had begun to properly lactate, as all good cows should, and he wanted her to squirt milk from her nipples during the video shoot – which meant not wasting any on leakage just yet.  

He’d cuffed her hands behind her back to stop her from removing the clamps.  And then, because she kept complaining that her tits hurt because they were full of milk, and her nipples hurt because they had clamps on them, he’d put a ball gag on her as well.

Right now, she clearly had something to say, so he gave her the benefit of the doubt and removed the gag.

“Please can I have the clamps off, sir?” she said immediately, so he went to put the gag back.

“No, wait!” she objected.  “It’s Cocktease.  She’s having a meltdown.  I think she’s going to pull out of the group!”

Calvin swore.  “Where is she?” he asked.

“In the toilets,” said Sex-Cow.  She meant the men’s toilets, as Calvin had seen no reason to give the girls their own bathrooms, and it amused him to watch them trying to piss in the standing urinals.

Calvin re-gagged the protesting Sex-Cow, and headed for the bathroom.

He found Cocktease sitting in one of the stalls, on the lid of a closed toilet.  The stalls didn’t have doors, of course – Calvin was far too wise to allow the girls any privacy, or a place they could lock him out of.  He stood in front of her and looked at her.

The lesbian who had once been known as Katy looked extremely fuckable today.  Her pink hair was freshly dyed and styled.  Her face was made-up with sexy pink lipstick and subtle-yet-whorish blush and eyeshadow.  A silver lesbian-symbol earring hung from each earlobe.  A silver charm shaped like two big-ttited women kissing hung from each nipple by a clamp.  And between her legs, another clamp on her clitoris supported a single “woman” symbol, with the circle at the top of the symbol perfectly aligned with her fuckhole, suggesting exactly what a woman might be used for.  The symbol attached to the clamp was just large enough that Cocktease couldn’t comfortably close her legs all the way.

She was crying.

“What’s the matter, Cocktease?” he asked her.

She looked up.  “My name’s *Katy*,” she protested.

He slapped her, and waited.  She just kept crying, so he slapped her again.  “What’s your name?” he asked.

She knew there was no way out of this.  “Cocktease, sir,” she said, pouting.

“What’s your problem?” he asked her.

“I can’t do this,” she said.  “I can’t!  I can’t show my pussy and tits to the whole world – to my friends – to my family!  And the song says I’m a *fake* lesbian, and that I want to fuck boys!  I’m not!  I’m a *real* lesbian!  If I do this, every boy in the world will think I want to fuck them!”

“That’s exactly what we’re hoping for,” said Calvin.  “That’s called ‘being famous’, honey.”

“No!” she wailed.  “No!  I can’t!  Please don’t make me!”

“I’ve put a lot of money into developing you, Cocktease,” said Calvin. “My time and effort, too.  And film crews don’t come cheap.  And now you just want to walk away?”

“I’m sorry,” she wailed.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t.  Please don’t make me.”

He liked that she implicitly accepted that he *could* make her.  And he was tempted to.  But he saw an opportunity here – an opportunity to make the group more stable in the long-term.

“You’re just *asking* me to let you go?” he said.  “For free?”

She looked up at his face – and then down at his cock.

“Please,” she said.  “I’ll…. I know you want to…. I’ll use my mouth.  Just don’t make me do the video.”

“Are you offering me a blowjob, Cocktease?” he asked her.  “I thought you were a *real* lesbian.”

She blushed.  “I am,” she said.  “But I know you want to… stick it inside me, and I thought…”

He unbuttoned his pants, and extracted his cock – already very erect.  “Okay,” he said.  “Be a good little fake lesbian, and satisfy me, and I won’t make you do the video.”

She leaned forward on the toilet, her face red with humiliation, and put her lips on the tip of his cock.  It felt like heaven.  She recoiled immediately as she tasted his pre-cum, but he just looked at her, and soon she leaned back in, this time opening her mouth and taking the head of his cock into her mouth.

“Masturbate,” he told her.

She took her mouth off his cock.  “I can’t,” she said.  “The clamp gets in the way.”

“I don’t care,” he told her.  “Masturbate, or the deal is off.”

She moaned, and put her mouth back on his cock, and began to try to fingerfuck herself.  She kept accidentally pulling on the clitoris clamp, making her wince, and he had to struggle not to laugh at her discomfort.

She was an unpracticed cocksucker, but the pleasure of being in the unwilling lesbian’s mouth compensated for any technical inexperience.

After a while he grabbed her by her cute pink hair, and began to control her head, forcing it up and down on his cock.  She made a gagging sound and tried to struggle when he did this, but he maintained control, using her head as his personal masturbation tool, forcing his cock deep into her throat as she moaned in humiliation and violation.

He noted that her cheeks were reddening, and took additional pleasure in the knowledge that this “lesbian” was experiencing sexual arousal from her masturbation while she had a man’s cock in her mouth.

As he neared his orgasm, he stopped, and pulled out.  He used her hair to pull her to her feet.

“What…” she said, confused.

“I’m finishing in your cunt,” he told her matter-of-factly.

Her eyes widened.  “No!” she said.  “You can’t!”

“The deal was that you satisfy me,” said Calvin.  “That’s what will satisfy me.”  He used a knee to kick her legs apart, and pushed her back until she was trapped against the wall of the toilet stall.

“Please, no,” she wailed.  “Please…”

He reached behind her and lifted her up by her ass, separating her ass cheeks as he did, and then lowered her onto his cock.  He did it so that his cock went right through the loop of her female-symbol clitoris charm, and then into her sopping wet pussy.  To stop her making any more distracting protests, he kissed her on the lips too.

She cried as he raped her – from violation, from humiliation, and from the fact that every thrust of his cock pulled painfully on her clitoris clamp.  But she kissed him back – he had trained her in exactly this style of passionate kissing every day for the past fortnight – and her pussy was so wet that she couldn’t help herself.  The stimulation made her orgasm – and then a moment later, Calvin came too, firing his sperm deep into her lesbian womb.

He made her lick him clean, as she sunk to her knees on the toilet floor, weeping. 

“You won’t make me do the video?” she asked.

He nodded.  “I won’t make you,” he said.  Then he reached down and cuffed her hands behind her back – both to stop her cleaning his cum out of her pussy, because he rather liked knowing it was inside her, and because of what was about to happen.

Then he left the toilets, heading back into the studio.

“Little Miss Rape!  Sex-Cow!  Fuckpet!” he called.  “Get over here!”

The three other girls of Sisterhood assembled in front of him.  He generously removed Sex-Cow’s ball gag before speaking.

“Our little fake lesbian, Cocktease, has decided that she’s leaving the group,” he said.

“What?” said Little Miss Rape, horrified.

“Effective immediately,” said Calvin.  “And the contracts specify that Sisterhood is a four-girl group, so I’m afraid it’s over.  There’ll be no music video, no album, and no concert tour.”

“Meow?” asked Fuckpet.

“I’ll release the footage I have so far to porn websites,” said Calvin.  “And under your contracts you’ll have to pay me back for the development costs invested in you so far.”  He sighed.  “I’m sorry, girls.  I really thought you were going to be not completely worthless.  But you can always count on female stupidity to screw things up.”

“Can’t she change her mind?” asked Sex-Cow.

“She doesn’t want to,” said Calvin.  “And I promised her that I wouldn’t make her.  My hands are tied.”

Little Miss Rape looked at the others, then back at Calvin.  “You can’t… but we can talk to her, surely?”

Calvin looked surprised, as if the idea hadn’t occurred to him.  “Well… yes!  I suppose so.  I didn’t say anything to her about you girls.  If you want to go in and convince her, go right ahead.”

He paused.  “Only… i can’t afford to continue on with this shoot, and then have her pull out again.  So if she changes her mind, you need to make *really* sure that she’s not going to back out again.”

Mary-Beth was idly fingering her pussy.  Calvin didn’t think she was even aware that she was doing it.  The girls had been edging all morning, horny all day – none of them were thinking clearly.  All of them were thinking with their cunts.  

“That little slut,” Mary-Beth said.  “I can’t believe she’d do this to us.  I didn’t go through all this humiliation just so she could throw it all away.”

“Meow!” said Fuckpet.  She sounded angry too.

“I think we can convince her, sir,” said Sex-Cow.  “Could I have my hands free?  I might need them.  I promise not to take the clips off my nipples.”

“Very well,” said Calvin, and uncuffed her.  “Oh, I left Cocktease in cuffs too, so she’s very vulnerable right now.”

“Good,” said Mary-Beth under her breath, and Calvin smiled.

And with that, he left the girls alone, at the entrance to the bathrooms, and retired to his private office.

He was very glad, he thought, that he had installed secret cameras in the toilets.  Because he could go and watch – and enjoy – the footage from them right now.  And record it.  

He thought that little lesbian Katy’s first lesbian gang-rape was probably something that fans would eventually be prepared to pay a good deal of money to see…


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