Leah had always wanted to help her father out at work.  But with him being an officer in the army , there was little she could do.  She had to listen to him complain about poor morale in the men that served under him every night, and feel despondent that she couldn’t help her beloved daddy.

That all changed when she grew up, her body filled out, and she turned 18.  The moment she realised the soldiers on base had begun to look at her no longer as a child but as a potential fucktoy was the happiest day of her life.  She immediately began to engage in her own morale improvement program in the company, spending her every free moment fucking or sucking off one of the men her father commanded.

Word got back to her daddy, of course, and she was worried that he would disapprove.  But the first time he burst in on her, naked and bouncing happily on the cock of a soldier whose name she didn’t even know, there was nothing but pride on his face, that his daughter was finally of service to her country.  Seeing his approval made her orgasm right then and there.

Since then, there were many days that she didn’t even put on clothes, moving happily from man to man and being a good little fuckpuppet for them.  When her father was deployed overseas, he had the men smuggle her with them naked in a crate, dildos stuffed in her mouth and pussy to keep her ready for swift engagement upon arrival. 

And once a month, on a specially scheduled day, the bed she would crawl into naked would be her own daddy’s, and he’d slowly slide his cock into her pussy and pull her close and whisper the only words that really mattered into her ear…

“Good girl.”


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