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Calvin gave the girls a break once they’d gotten the first part of their dance routine to an acceptable level.  The dance studio they were practicing in was in the heart of a busy red-light district, and in theory they could have gone out on the streets and bought some lunch, but they discovered that Calvin had helpfully moved their clothes into lockers while they danced – and not given them a key.  Trapped in the nude, the girls blushingly took their break in the corner of the studio, and consumed the cheap sandwiches and cordial that Calvin provided for them. 

He removed their shock-training clitoris clamps for the duration of the break, enjoying their squeals of agony as the blood rushed back into their abused clits.  Delilah even orgasmed from the pain. 

And then it was back to work – and the clit clamps went straight back on again.

The song they were practicing, “Sistersluts”, was of the kind designed to introduce a new pop group, and each of the girls had a verse in which they explained their character and had a chance to win the audience’s attention. 

“Okay,” Calvin said.  “Let’s get started, girls.  You’ll each get your turn in the spotlight.  When it’s your verse, you move to the front, and do your personal routine.  When it’s not your turn, you form a line in the back with the other girls, facing the stage.  You squeeze your tits with one hand, rub your pussy with the other, and gyrate your hips.”

Katy – the pink-haired lesbian who would go by the name of “Cocktease” on stage – put up her hand.  “Rub our pussy?  Do you mean we should… masturbate, as part of the dance routine?”  She was blushing.  It made her look pretty.

Mary-Beth answered before Calvin could.  “We’ll have *panties* for the actual performance, Katy” she said.  “It’s just a dance move.”

Calvin chose not to correct her.  “Today I want to see vigorous stimulation.  It should look like your hand is making love to your pussy.  That’s what gets the audience hot.  Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” chorused the girls – except for Delilah (“Fuckpet”) who was learning that her pet-girl character didn’t speak like a human.  “Meow,” agreed Delilah instead.

They ran through the first verse of the dance again, and Calvin agreed they were significantly improved from when they had started that morning.

Sister Sluts!  One, two, three, four!
Tell the world I’m a lezbo whore!
My fucktoy sisters I adore!
I lick their cunts and come back for more!

(Good girls fuck their sisters!)
(Good girls let men watch!)

Then Leah came to the front.  The other girls took up their positions in a line behind her, squeezing their boobs and rubbing their pussies.  Calvin noted with approval that Mary-Beth was *not* just simulating masturbation, but vigorously fingerfucking herself while staring at Sex-Cow’s ass.

Mooo!  My name is Sex-Cow
My udders are so big
I’m a stupid sexy pig

Mooo!  I want to show how
If you hurt my tits it’s fun
You can cover them with cum.
You can treat me like I’m cattle
You know I’ll never tattle
That I’m a lesbian’s no lie
But you can rape and milk me till I cry

For the first part of the verse, Leah placed her hands on her hips and swung her torso back and forth, making her large breasts swing wildly.  Then she brought her hands up to slap her breasts hard – hard enough to make a noise and leave red marks – for the “hit my tits” line – before grabbing them around their bases and squeezing hard while bending forward.

As she entered the “treat me like I’m cattle” part of her verse, Leah got down on all fours, at first side-on to the audience with her tits hanging down to brush against the studio floor.  Then she turned away, aiming her ass at the audience.  She reached back with her hands and spread her pussy wide open, showing her inner pink flesh to the world – before springing back to her feet and taking her place in the line again.

“Very good, Sex-Cow,” said Calvin, grinning, and enjoying the erection the girl’s performance had given him.  This time no one asked him how Leah was going to spread her pussy if she was wearing panties.  “Little Miss Rape, you’re next.”

Mary-Beth danced to the front of the troupe.

Little Miss Rape is my given name
Lesbianism is my slutty shame
My mother says I’m going to hell
Because I lick her cunt so well

I need a man to set me straight
It’s better if it’s one I hate
You need to stick your cock in me
To rape me, cure me, set me free

She had been doing a cute, innocent dance, one finger twirling her hair, the other tracing lines on her body that drew attention to her tits and pussy.  As she came to the end of her verse, Calvin said, “Now, stick the microphone *into* your cunt.”

“What?” exclaimed Mary-Beth.

“Right inside you,” said Calvin.  “And don’t question everything I say.  Either you do it, or I take the microphone and show you how deep it should go myself.”  He gave her a shock to her clitoris clamp, to emphasise his point.

Mary-Beth squealed, blushed – and did as she was told.  Looking completely humiliated, she pushed the end of her microphone up into her fuckhole, which was extremely well-lubricated (as Mary-Beth always tended to be).  There was a squelching sound, which was magnified by the microphone over the speakers.  Mary-Beth moaned sluttily.

“Now bring it out, and lick it clean, like a lollipop,” said Calvin, “before moving to the back again.”

Mary-Beth pulled the microphone out of her twat, extended her tongue, and began licking her own slut juices off it.  Calvin had bought special microphones for just this purpose – waterproof and easy to clean.  He decided then and there, that this image – Mary-Beth licking her own cunt-goo off the microphone – was going to feature heavily in the group’s promotion.

Next came Katy – “Cocktease”.

Call me Cocktease – that’s what I am
I say I’m gay – it’s just a sham
My lips say no – but disregard
I just kiss girls to make you hard

I want you to force me
Just like you should now
And when you rape me
It feels so good now

I only fuck my sisters ‘cos I’m craving dick
It’s only being raped that makes my pussy slick
And I will cocktease you until you use me – use me
Go on and abuse me

Katy was the most talented dancer of the group, and Calvin was instantly convinced the pretty pink-haired slut genuinely wanted to be raped by men, even though objectively he knew she wanted nothing of the sort.

As she danced, she strutted sexily through the line formed by her fellow idols, stopping to make out with each one in turn.  She kissed Delilah sluttily on the lips after “I just kiss girls to make you hard” while Delilah continued to squeeze her own boobs and rub her pussy.

She bent and sucked eagerly at each of Sex-Cow’s nipples after “it feels so good now”.  Leah made a surprised, whorish squeak – Calvin imagined the girl had never had her tits sucked before, let alone by another girl, but she may as well start getting used to it.

And, finally, after “abuse me”, she dropped to her knees in front of Mary-Beth, pushed Little Miss Rape’s hand away from her cunt, and buried her tongue deep between the surprised girl’s labia.

Calvin had talked about this move with Katy in advance, and had been unsurprised when Katy agreed to it eagerly and without question.  He had said nothing about it to Mary-Beth, though, so the first Mary-Beth knew about the fact she was going to have her cunt licked for the first time in her life was when Katy’s tongue slipped between her cunt-lips and flicked over her clitoris.

Which probably explained why she orgasmed suddenly and without warning.  She was a squirter, and girl-cum immediately squirted over Katy’s face.  Mary-Beth’s face went bright red with humiliation and the realisation of what she had just orgasmed to – and then went a different colour as Calvin pressed the “shock” button on his remote, and the clitoris which had just felt so good now received an electric zap. 

After all, Mary-Beth was going to need to learn to cum on command.  He couldn’t just have her squirting randomly mid-performance.

“That’s disgusting, Mary-Beth,” said Calvin, before the humiliated girl could respond.  He normally liked to use their stage names, but on this occasion he wanted Mary-Beth to know that it was her – the real her – who was disgusting and slutty, not a costume she could take off at the end of the day.  “Cocktease delivered a perfect performance, and then gave you the *privilege* of having your clit licked – exactly like you wanted, because you’re a lesbian, remember – and you repay her by pissing on her face?”

“It wasn’t piss…” objected Mary-Beth, on the verge of tears.

“I don’t care,” said Calvin, talking over the top of her.  “Lick your sister’s face clean.  Now.”

Mary-Beth and Katy moved to one side, and knelt, and Calvin watched the blonde Christian girl carefully lick her cum off Cocktease’s face in long, loving licks.  For all that Mary-Beth claimed to think that lesbianism was evil, she got wetter, orgasmed faster, and lezzed off with more enthusiasm than even the real lesbian – provided that someone *made* her do it.

When Little Miss Rape and Cocktease were done cleaning each other, there was still the matter of the puddle Mary-Beth had left on the floor.  But that was easy enough – and even convenient.

“Fuckpet,” said Calvin.  “It’s time for your verse.  And… that puddle would be a good place to centre your performance.”

“Meow?” asked Delilah, clearly not at all eager to do as she was told.  He shocked her, and then shocked her again for good measure.

“Don’t talk back, Fuckpet,” he told her.

Blushing, she sang the only part of her verse she was required to.

Meow meow meow meow.
Meow meow meow.

The other three girls sang the remainder.

It says “Fuckpet” on her collar
We keep her in a cage
We haven’t let her speak
Since she came of legal age

She’s barely even human
She’s just a thing to fuck
She reminds us of our true natures
That lesbians are animals
Who need a cock to suck.

And as the girls sung, Delilah crawled on all fours to the puddle of Mary-Beth’s ejaculate and, like a good little kitten, began to slowly lick it up.

It was in that moment that Calvin decided that Delilah was the first of them that he would personally rape.


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