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The four teen stars of Sisterhood were blushing deep red.  None of them would make eye contact with their manager, Calvin.

That was probably because they were completely nude.

“I don’t understand, sir,” said Leah – or “Sex-Cow”, as she would be known in the group’s promotional material.  Her long brown hair framed her blushing face prettily, and in attempting to cover her exposed pussy with both her hands, her arms were squashing her large udders together in a very attractive way.  (She had tried to cover her tits, too, at first, but he had slapped at her hands and told her that her stage personality, “Sex-Cow”, would never feel the need to conceal her fuckbags.)

“What don’t you understand, Sex-Cow?” replied Calvin.

“Well… why do we need to do our dance practice in the nude?” asked Leah.

“You’re going to end up doing this dance routine in a range of different costumes,” said Calvin.  “Some of them will be very complex.  You need to learn the steps without props and clothing getting in the way.”

Leah’s brow furrowed.  Calvin’s answer made sense – but it also didn’t.  She was confused.

Calvin didn’t intend to give her time to think about it.  “Enough questions,” he said.  “Show me the steps for the first verse.  And sing it, while you dance.”

The four girls were Sisterhood, a girlpop group recruited by Calvin and his record label, and with the right marketing they would be the new worldwide sensation among teen girls (and probably teen boys, he thought, looking at Sex-Cow’s huge tits bouncing).  They would be marketed as four lesbian sisters, involved in an endless and incestuous web of romantic and sexual pairings, and Calvin was fairly sure that gimmick would get them the attention they needed to become famous.  (Because what was lesbianism about, he thought, if not trying to get attention?)

But first they needed a hit single, and for that they needed a hit song and a sexy dance routine.  Calvin had already purchased a whole album worth of songs for the girls, but the very first one would be an introduction song, featuring and introducing each of the members.  It was called “Sistersluts”, and it was an exceptionally catchy earworm.

The girls assembled into their dance formation, and took the opening pose – the middle two girls leaning forward and cupping their tits, and the ones on the outside standing legs akimbo, one hand on their hip and the other pointing at the sky.

Sister Sluts!  One, two, three, four!
Tell the world I’m a lezbo whore!
My fucktoy sisters I adore!
I lick their cunts and come back for more!

(Good girls fuck their sisters!)
(Good girls let men watch!)

“Stop!” yelled Calvin.  “Just stop!”

The girls bounced to a stop, confused.

“You’re terrible,” he said.  “You’re all terrible.  Sex-Cow, you’re supposed to *bounce* on the lezbo whore line!  That means jump – in the air!”

Leah looked pained.  “But I don’t have any support for my breasts when I do that, sir!” she protested.  “It *hurts*!”

“Of course it hurts!” said Calvin.  “Because you have ridiculous over-sized sex melons hanging off your chest!  That’s the whole reason you’re in the group!  Did you think you were going to get famous without any pain?”

“No, sir,” said Leah, pouting.

“Jump for me now,” said Calvin.  “No tit support.  Three times, as high as you can.”

Leah obeyed – and whimpered as her tits flew up and then fell down to bash into her chest on each jump.

“Good girl,” said Calvin.  He turned to Mary-Beth.  Her pretty blonde hair was already plastered against her skin, and sweat glistened attractively on her tits.  She was going to have to get fitter.

“You,” he said.  “Little Miss Rape.  When Sex-Cow and Fuckpet are singing ‘good girls fuck their sisters’, you’re supposed to be tongue-kissing Cocktease.”  He gestured at Katy, the only real lesbian of the four, with short pink dyed hair and large tits.  “Is it too much to ask that you tongue kiss this attractive bitch here?”

Mary-Beth squirmed.  “My parents always taught me lesbianism was *wrong*,” she objected.

“I don’t care what they taught you,” said Calvin.  “Your dad’s cock is going to get as hard as anyone else’s when he sees you lezzing off with a pretty bitch, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your mother gets a little wet and wishes it was her.  If you want to be famous, you do what you’re told.  Now go kiss Cocktease.”

Mary-Beth reluctantly – very reluctantly – approached the pretty pink-haired girl, and awkwardly puckered her lips.

There was nothing awkward about Katy’s response.  She passionately kissed Mary-Beth, tangling a hand in her hair and mashing her big breasts against Mary-Beth’s more petite bosom.  Mary-Beth moaned in distress – or arousal? – and when the kiss was over, Mary-Beth’s face was flushed and her nipples were visibly erect.

“Good girls,” said Calvin.  “And as for you, Fuckpet,” he continued, turning to the last of the girls, “where the fuck is your tail?”

Delilah, with her fit figure and pretty brunette hair in a braid, should have been the best dancer of the lot, but right now she looked like she was going to abandon the whole endeavour.

“I can’t wear it, Mr Calvin,” she said.  “I’m sorry, I just… can’t!”

Calvin swore.  “Like fuck you can’t,” he said.  “Sex-Cow, grab her arms and bend her over the table there.”

Sex-Cow looked stunned.

“Or you’re out of the group,” added Calvin.

Leah needed no further convincing.  She grabbed Delilah’s arms and dragged her over to Calvin’s makeshift desk in one corner of the practice space.  Delilah struggled, but Leah was surprisingly strong – and also surprisingly committed to restraining her “sister”.

Calvin grabbed Delilah’s tail from among the girls’ clothes.  It was a long stuffed felt tail, meant to emulate a cat tail.  It ended in a thick rubber butt-plug.  He strode over to the brunette, who was struggling in Sex-Cow’s grasp, and parted her butt cheeks to expose her winking anus.  He leaned down, spat on her sphincter, and then began to work the plug into her anus.

Fuckpet mewled with pain and violation, but Calvin was merciless.  The plug wasn’t that big, as these things went – Fuckpet would need to be slowly trained up to bigger ones – but it was still an effort to stuff it inside the struggling girl.  He went slowly, careful not to damage her, until at last it popped past her sphincter and showed signs of holding in place.

“There,” he said.  “And don’t let me catch you without it again.  From now on, you *always* wear the tail at practice or in public.  It’s part of your persona.  Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” said Fuckpet.

He slapped her ass.  “What did I tell you about using human words outside of song lyrics?” he demanded.

“Meow,” she said.

“That’s better,” he smiled.  Then he reached between Delilah’s legs and snapped a small clip onto her clitoris.  

Delilah bucked and screamed.

“Don’t take it off,” he told her.  “Now you, Sex-Cow.”

Sex-Cow submissively let him reach between her legs and clip a small device to her clitoris.  Her eyes watered, but she obeyed.  Then she helped him restrain Cocktease, to put a similar device on her.  Mary-Beth submitted of her own accord, and Calvin was pleased to find her cunt quite wet.  The perverted little bitch seemed to *like* being forced to do things she wouldn’t otherwise do.

“What are these?” asked Cocktease.  “Can we take them off?”

“They’re training helpers,” said Calvin.  “When you dance well, you get a reward.”  He showed them a small remote control, and pressed a button on it.  Their clitoris clamps began to buzz.  The girls’ eyes widened, and Mary-Beth moaned.  They had a little vibrator directly on their clits that they couldn’t control.

“And,” he added, “when you fuck up, you get a shock.”  He pressed another button – and all four girls squealed, as an electric shock discharged directly into their clitorises.

“Now,” he said.  “Let’s try the first verse again.”

The training devices helped immensely.  Leah feared the sharp zap in her clit more than she feared the pain in her breasts, and soon she was leaping for the sky on every bounce, oblivious to the pain in her unsupported fuckbags. 

Mary-Beth took barely any encouragement to start passionately tongue-kissing Cocktease on cue, and her pussy buzzed so deliciously when she obeyed that on only the fourth run-through of the verse Calvin saw her visibly orgasm in Cocktease’s arms, squirting ejaculate onto Katy’s cunt as Katy tongue-fucked her mouth.

Delilah tried to beg for permission to take the tail out several times, but every time she said anything other than “meow”, he zapped her, and soon she stopped using her mouth for anything other than singing and kissing.

The first time they managed to perform this part of the routine to anything that approached his satisfaction, he had them all kneel in front of him and chorus, in unison, “Thank you for shocking our stupid cunts to help us learn, sir.”  And then he walked in front of each of them and let them kiss his cock through his pants, to show their thanks were genuine.

When even Katy – a gold standard lesbian – obediently pressed her lips against the bulge in his pants, he knew that he might really have a chance of getting these four bitches to be successful after all.

“Good girls,” he said.  “Now – let’s work on the rest of the song.”


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