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When the other girls in the new pop group packed up to go home after their exhausting – and humiliating – dance practice, Calvin called out to Delilah.

“Fuckpet, you stay,” he said.  “We have more work to do.  Don’t bother getting dressed.”

The nude girl blushed, and waited as the other girls put their clothes back on, said their goodbyes, and headed off to their homes.

When they were gone, Delilah said, “Sir… could you help me get this out?”  She gestured shyly to the cat-tail butt plug that hung down between her ass cheeks and brushed against her legs.

“No, Fuckpet,” said Calvin.  “Didn’t I make myself clear?  That stays in, at all times.”

“I thought… you just meant when we’re dancing…” said Delilah, trailing off uncertainly as she realised that Calvin had not meant that at all.  A mixture of horror and humiliation crossed her face.  “But… it hurts!  It’s uncomfortable, sir!”

“You didn’t think being famous would be easy, did you, Fuckpet?” asked Calvin.

“But… how do I wear underpants with this in?  Or pants?” asked Delilah, biting her lip with despair.

“You won’t,” said Calvin.  “I think it fits your character.  Short skirts only, no panties, from now on.  And your ass will get used to it eventually.  In fact, in time we’ll likely need to use larger plugs.”

Delilah’s eyes widened.  “My family – what do I say to them?”

Calvin shrugged.  “My suggestion is you say ‘meow meow meow’.  You’re a pop star now.  It doesn’t matter what your family thinks of you.”

She didn’t like that answer, he could see.  “Do I have to wear this, too?” she asked, and pointed at the cruel electrified clitoris clamp that Calvin had put on all the girls earlier – the “training clamp”, as he called it.

“No,” said Calvin.  “That probably wouldn’t be healthy.  But it doesn’t need to come off just yet.”  And, just for fun, he pressed the “shock” button on his remote.  Delilah jumped, and squealed.

“Ow!” she protested.

“Would you like the clamp to come off, Fuckpet?” he asked.

“Yes!” she said.  Then corrected herself.  “Yes, sir!”

“If it comes off, I need another way to discipline you.  Is it okay for me to slap you, Fuckpet?”

Calvin watched the momentary confusion in Delilah’s eyes.  She didn’t want to be slapped.  She particularly didn’t want to tell him it was *okay* to slap her.  But she did want the clamp off.

Her answer was too slow.  He zapped her again.  Her tits jiggled in a very pleasing way every time she got an electric shock in her pussy.

“Yes!  Yes!” she squealed.  “Yes, it’s okay for you to slap me.”

“Good girl,” he said, and slapped her across the face.  It was only a light slap, but she gasped in a very sexy way, and her cheek reddened.  While she processed the fact she’d just allowed a man to slap her face, he reached down and removed her clit clamp, and enjoyed her shriek as the blood rushed back into her clitoris in a wave of agony. 

The pain was so bad she lost her balance, and fell to the floor.  He waited for her to stand again.  When she did, she was crying, so he slapped her again.

“Stop crying,” he said.  To his surprise, she did.

“Now,” he said, “we need to work on your personality.  I’m not sure you’re really getting into the Fuckpet persona.”  He took out a video camera and arranged it on a tripod, pointing at the naked Delilah, and then set it to record.

“I’m going to ask you some questions,” he said.  “Okay?”

“Yes, sir,” said Delilah, unhappily.  She was avoiding looking at the camera, clearly embarrassed to be filmed in the nude.

“First up,” said Calvin, “did you enjoy licking up Mary-Beth’s piss today?”

Delilah’s face screwed up in disgust.  “It wasn’t piss!” she objected.  “She… squirted.”

“Oh, I see,” said Calvin.  “You drink some liquids from a girl’s twat but not others?”

Delilah blushed and was silent.

He slapped her.

“Answer my question, Fuckpet,” he said.  “Did you enjoy licking up Little Miss Rape’s piss?”

“No,” sulked Delilah.

Calvin slapped her.  Delilah squeaked.

“Wrong answer,” he said.  “Fuckpet loves licking up anything that comes out of a cock or cunt.  Now try again.  Full sentence answer.  Did you enjoy licking up your sister’s piss?”

Delilah squirmed, but she answered.  “Yes, I love licking up my sister’s piss.”

“Good girl,” said Calvin.  “Next question.  Do you love it when men rape you?”

Her wide eyes pleaded with him for mercy.  He was merciless.

“Yes,” she said eventually.  “I love it when men rape me.”

“And do you want to suck cum from a man’s cock?” he asked.

She mewled with humiliation.  “Yes, I want to suck cum from a man’s cock.”

He nodded.  “Stay there,” he told her.  He went to the camera and connected it to his phone with a cable, and did some quick work with the footage he had just filmed.  Then he took out an object from his bag – it looked like a pet collar, with some plastic attachments – and connected that to his phone as well.

A moment later, he was done.  He took the collar, stepped forward, and placed it around Delilah’s neck.  The fastener connected with a click – and then he turned a key in the fastener.

“What is this?” asked Delilah – and then squealed, as it delivered a shock to her neck.

“A modified pet training collar,” said Calvin.  “It’s going to help you.  Remember how I said that the only thing Fuckpet should say is ‘meow’?”

Delilah didn’t answer.  She was clawing at the collar on her neck, trying to get it off.  She wouldn’t succeed – the material it was made of would require heavy shears to cut, and the fastener couldn’t be unclipped without the key that was now in his pocket.

“Well,” he continued, “the collar will give you a shock if you use any human words.”

“Please take it off!” begged Delilah – and squealed as it shocked her again.

“It’s very sensitive,” said Calvin, “and very effective.  Over time, you’ll come to associate speaking with pain so intimately that you won’t even need the collar.  But you can meow, though, and it will even translate your meows!  Go on, try!”

“Meow?” said Delilah, hesitantly.

A voice played from a speaker on the collar.  It was Delilah’s voice, from moments earlier.  “I love licking up my sister’s piss!” it said.

Delilah’s eyes bugged out, and she resumed scrabbling at the collar, trying to remove it.  “Get it off!” she yelled – and then screamed as it shocked her again.

“It’s also synced with your butt plug,” Calvin continued, as if Delilah hadn’t spoken.  “It can tell when your plug is inside you.  You’re allowed to have the plug out for up to 10 minutes per two hours, to use the toilet.  If it’s out longer than that, your collar will start shocking you.”

“Nooo….” moaned Delilah – and got shocked again.

“I told you that your new persona would be something you needed to live through, not just dress up in,” said Calvin.  “This is the price of fame, Fuckpet.”

She looked at him, the full understanding of what was in store for her beginning to hit home.  She searched his face for signs of mercy.  “Meow?” she said desperately.

“I want to suck cum from a man’s cock!” said her collar.

“We’ll record some more things for your collar to say tomorrow,” said Calvin, “before you forget how to talk entirely.  But I think you’ve got a good range for right now.”

She started to cry again.  He slapped her, but she kept sobbing.  It was okay though – she was the kind of girl who looked even hotter when she cried.

“Now, last item on the agenda,” said Calvin.  He undid his fly and took out his cock, which was rock hard.  Delilah’s eyes went straight to it, staring at it in horror.

“Twice today you’ve said that you enjoy being raped,” said Calvin.  “And you’ve gotten me very hard, so I’m planning to take you up on that.  But consent is important.  If you don’t want me to rape you, you just have to say, ‘Please, Calvin, sir, I would prefer that, for tonight, you didn’t rape me.’  Those exact words.  Do you want to be raped, Fuckpet?”

“Please, Calvin, sir,” said Delilah hurriedly, between sobs  – and then gasped as the collar shocked her.

He moved closer to her, reaching out to stroke her tits.  “Try again,” he said.

“Please, Calvin…” she began, and then made a choked sobbing squeal as the collar shocked her again.

“If you don’t want to be raped, it’s very easy, Fuckpet,” he said.  “Just say the words.”  He slowly pushed her back, against the wall of the dance studio.  She jumped as her butt hit the wall, pushing her butt plug up into her anus.

“Please…” she began – and when she was shocked again, he could see her give up, her tears running down her face as she accepted what was about to happen.

“You haven’t told me not to rape you, Fuckpet,” said Calvin.  “I assume you want to be raped.”

Her mouth moved, but no words came out.  He gently spread her legs using one knee, and lined up his cock at the entry to her pussy.  To his delight, she was wet – very wet.

“Anything you want to say, Fuckpet?” he asked.

There was only one thing she could say.  “Meow,” she wept.

“I love it when men rape me!” said her collar.

“Good girl,” said Calvin, and slid his cock into her wet, virginal pussy.  His thrust banged the butt-plug against the wall again.  “It takes a very special kind of whore to not only not object to being raped, but actually say that she likes it.  But I guess you’re that kind of whore, aren’t you, Fuckpet?”

Delilah said nothing.  She couldn’t think about anything else but the feel of the cock in her pussy – the sensations of her first sex, her first rape, her humiliation, the plug violating her anus, her bare tits against an older man’s chest, the taste of another girl’s ejaculate still on her tongue.

“When I cum inside you,” said Calvin, “and I *will* cum inside you, so I hope you’re on birth control, you’re going to learn to deal with that like a good Fuckpet.  You’re going to let my cum drip out of you onto the floor, and then you’re going to lick it up, just like you did with your sister’s piss.  Do you understand, Fuckpet?”

She was telling herself this couldn’t be happening to her.  It was too degrading, too awful, too much. 

And then, without warning, she orgasmed, and suddenly she couldn’t pretend it wasn’t real.

“MEOW!” she screamed as she bucked frantically against Calvin’s cock.

And her collar helpfully translated: “I love it when men rape me!”


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