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Mandi and her two friends, Emilia and Grace, had been abducted outside the university. When they awoke, they were naked, in some kind of a shed. A check confirmed the doors were locked tight.

A voice spoke to them on the PA, telling them to stand, to line up as if they were contestants on a gameshow – because in a way, they were.

“I’m going to ask each of you to come up with a degrading sexual abuse for your two friends,” said the voice. “Now, if two or more of you come up with an abuse, the one who thinks up the most perverted one will get to help perform it on her friends, and then I’ll keep all three of you as slaves but put the winner of our little contest in charge of her friends.”

“Now, if *none* of you play along with the game, then you’re all going to lez off on my floor here, and then I’ll set you free – naked, of course – and all you’ll have to do to stop me putting the film of you licking each other on the internet is to repeat the performance each week and send me new tapes.”

“But if two of you choose not to play, but one of you does… and if that one comes up with a degrading enough game for her friends… I’ll send that one home with clothes and $100,000… but keep her friends forever. How does that sound?”

It sounded awful to the girls, but they waited as the voice gave them time to think about what they would say.

“Okay, Emilia, what’s your idea?” said the voice finally.

Emilia shook her head. She refused to play.

“Disappointing,” said the voice. “How about you, Grace?”

Grace stayed silent as well.

Both girls looked at Mandi. All she had to do was refuse as well, and the girls would get to go home – after some cunt-licking, but what was cunt-licking among friends?

“Mandi?” asked the voice.

“I think you should keep Grace and Emilia in dog cages, naked,” said Mandi. “Twice a day you should have them masturbate to the edge of orgasm, and then tie them down with their legs spread and whip their cunts with a belt until they cum from it, and then rape the bruised pussy of whoever took longest to orgasm. Or maybe cunt-whippings in the morning but tit-whippings in the afternoon.”

Mandi practically bounced from enthusiasm.

“Do I win?” she asked eagerly. “I get to help you do it to them if I win, right?”


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