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After a wave of outrage over sexually suggestive music videos by female pop idols, the government took steps to legislate, to prevent these women from unjustifiably cockteasing their audience. 

A music video featuring a female artist was required to show her fully naked, with a clear view of her tits and cunt.  It must contain shots of her kneeling, fingering her pussy, and acting submissive towards a male. 

Any female artist with a gold or platinum record was required to take part in a porn shoot in which she took cocks in her cunt and mouth, received sperm in her pussy, on her face and on her tits, and licked another woman’s vagina. 

And her rights to bring charges for rape were completely revoked during the period that she made money from her work, along with her legal right to physically defend herself from sexual aggression. 

The fascinating thing was how none of these changes at all deterred the endless flow of teenaged girls who wanted to become famous as pop divas…


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