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Merritt had always had trouble reconciling her fantasies of being controlled by a commanding man with her self-identification as a professional, intelligent feminist. On the day of her birthday, in the hours before her party, while guiltily browsing BDSMLR for D/s porn, her brief exposure to a series of hypnotic slut-training videos gave her the final push.

Her guests were surprised to see her greet them in only a lingerie corset, choker, and high heels, her tits and pussy lewdly bare. They were more surprised when she introduced herself as “Fuckbunny”, and greeted each of them with a kiss on the lips.

Inside Merritt’s head, there were two of her. Fuckbunny, finally free to express herself, was giggling with happiness to be on display to all her favourite men, her cunt wettening. She refused to sit on the chairs, instead kneeling at the feet of the men and stroking their legs, gazing up at them adoringly and crawling from one to another to get their attention. She hoped the night would end with one or more of them fucking her. She hoped they wouldn’t ask for permission.

And alongside Fuckbunny, there was Merritt, trapped, feeling the humiliation of every lustful gaze directed at her tits and ass, fully aware of how her friends were mentally reclassifying her from “human” to “sex toy”, how they were downgrading their assessment of her IQ, how they were trading amused looks over her head at her slutty antics.

“It’s okay,” said Fuckbunny in her head. “I’ll give you control back, once someone’s fucking you, once I’m sure they won’t stop even if you start to struggle and protest, so that you can enjoy that rape fantasy you’ve always had.” She heard Fuckbunny giggle. “But I’ll come back any time you’re too frigid, or too worried about whether someone respects you, and we’ll have fun again, okay?”

Trapped in her own head, Merritt screamed at Fuckbunny to stop, to behave herself. Instead, Fuckbunny just spread her legs and began to masturbate in front of all Merritt’s friends…


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