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Joshua led his new fiancée Monica through the streets of town.  Completely nude and humiliated, she hurried to keep up – because Joshua was leading her by a leash attached to her tongue piercing, and although he seemed solicitous towards her, she was worried he’d pull her tongue right out if she fell behind.  Plus, she was tottering on ludicrously high heels, and her right hand was currently clipped to her clitoris piercing, so if she fell she wasn’t sure she could avoid landing agonisingly on her large fake tits.

Townsfolk turned to look as they passed, and many called insults at the ridiculous leashed sex-bimbo.  “Slut!” yelled one woman.  “I didn’t know they let cows walk down the main street,” laughed a man.  “Moo!” called out a young boy, and threw a stone at her for good measure.

“See, that’s just the kind of reaction you’re going to provoke when you have the kind of whore breasts that you do, Miss Monica,” said Joshua, as he led her along.  “I reckon you must have known you’d be more animal than human once you got those fake titties, but I suppose you were so wet at the thought of all the rapings you’d get that you couldn’t think straight.  It must be terrible hard to think clearly with a cunt as slutty as yours.”

He turned and smiled at her.  “But don’t worry, Miss Monica.  I’ll do all your thinking from now on.”

They reached the house of Joshua’s aunt and uncle.  Aunt Pam was sweeping the porch as they arrived.  Her eyes narrowed as soon as she saw Monica approaching.

“Oh no you don’t, young Joshua!” she said.  “You’re not bringing that… thing… in the house.”

“Aunt Pam!” objected Joshua.  “She’s my guest!”  He drew closer, climbing the porch steps, and lowered his voice.  “More than that, Aunt Pam – she’s my fiancee!  We’re to be married!”

Joshua’s aunt widened her eyes.  “Married?  You can’t marry an animal, Joshua!”

“Aunt Pam,” chided Joshua.  “She’s just a regular woman, led astray by her cunt and her udders.  I plan to make an obedient wife out of her.  And I’d like her to be our guest at dinner.”

Pam made a “hmmf” noise, deep in her throat.  “Well, I don’t approve, but I’ll not be a bad host.  But don’t you bring her in the people door.  She can use the same entrance as Solomon.”

Solomon was the house’s energetic German Shepherd, and the entrance Pam was referring to was a mid-sized dog flap set in the base of the front door.

Joshua unhooked the leash from Monica’s tongue, then unclipped her hand from her clitoris, and said, “Well, you heard her, Miss Monica.  In you go.”  He pointed at the dog flap.

Monica was used to degradation by now, and this wasn’t her first time entering a premises through the dog door.  She got down on all fours, and began to crawl through the flap.

Only the flap wasn’t quite big enough for easy access.  She got her shoulders through easily enough, and then had trouble getting her large tits to follow.  Her face went red as she struggled, and it was only with some scrapes that she managed to fit her udders through the flap.

Then she got stuck at her hips.  It seemed, at face value, that her hips were simply too wide to fit through the dog flap.

“Aaag saak,” she said, which would have been “I’m stuck” had it not been for her recent tongue piercing.

“You’re not stuck,” said Pam, angrily.  “Stop making drama and crawl through.”

Monica wiggled some more, but couldn’t seem to get through the flap.

Solomon, the German Shepherd, came to investigate.  He seemed intrigued and confused by the big-titted slut caught in his dog door.  He approached, sniffed at Monica’s exposed anus, and then gave her pussy an exploratory lick with his long tongue.

Monica squealed, and kicked her legs.

“That’s disgusting,” complained Aunt Pam.  “Get away from that dirty thing, Solomon.”  She pulled the dog away from Monica’s cunt.

“Maybe if we pull her from inside, Aunt Pam?” suggested Joshua.

Aunt Pam sighed.  “I’ll go get inside from the back, and see if we can make it work.”  She vanished, heading for the back door, and a moment later she was inside, standing in front of the trapped Monica.

As soon as she left, Solomon was back at Monica’s pussy, licking eagerly.  Joshua let him lick, because he looked so happy – even if it made Monica scream with degradation – and only finally pulled him away once Pam was in position.

Joshua wondered idly where Solomon had learned such a behaviour.

“Give her a push, Joshua,” called Pam.  Joshua pulled back his foot, and kicked Monica in the cunt.  Monica squeaked, and jerked against the frame of the dog flap.

“Are you pulling, Aunt Pam?” he called.

“I will,” said Pam.  But rather than grab Monica by the arms or shoulders, she instead reached down and grabbed the base of each of Monica’s large tits, and began to pull by them.  “Keep pushing, Joshua,” she called.

“Yes, Aunt Pam,” said Joshua, and began to repeatedly kick Monica in the cunt, as his aunt yanked on her tits.

Monica started to cry before it was over – choking sobs of pain – but finally something gave, and her hips popped through the frame of the dog door, leaving her lying in a foetal position on the hallway floor inside, cradling her abused breasts with her hands.

“Oh, stop being such a baby and get up,” said Pam crankily, and Monica did as she was told, afraid of more kicking.

“Isn’t she cute while she’s crying, Aunt Pam?” said Joshua enthusiastically.

“She looks like a damn pig,” muttered Aunt Pam.  Then she sighed.  “I’m sorry, Joshua.  If you’re set on making her your wife, I’ll try and see the best in her.”  Then she narrowed her eyes.  “But I’m not having her sit around here like she’s people while I cook the dinner.  Have her go lick the toilet clean.”

Joshua coughed.  “That tongue piercing is fresh, Aunt Pam.”

Pam rolled her eyes.  “Fine, then she can wipe the toilet clean with her tits, and shower afterwards.”

Joshua nodded.  “You heard Aunt Pam, Miss Monica,” he said.  “You go help her out by using your udders to clean up the toilet.  Then have a nice shower, and be back here for dinner.”

Monica stared at him to see if he was serious – but he clearly was, so she crawled off down the hallway to find the toilet.  Joshua admired the view of her ass as she crawled away – and noted that it didn’t occur to her to stand up, rather than crawl.

Uncle Mort returned home shortly after, carrying a paper bag from the grocery.  “What’s cooking, Pam?” he asked, as he set down his shopping.

“Steak and potatoes for us,” said Pam.  “But Joshua here has brought the slut home.  Says he’s marrying her.  So something extra for her, I suppose.”

Mort stared at Joshua, delighted.  “Monica?  You’re marrying her?”

“Yes, sir,” said Joshua.  “I’m going to make an obedient woman out of her.”

Mort clapped Joshua on the back.  “Good for you, boy!” he said.  Then he seemed hesitant.  “Is she still going to be… uh… “

“A whore is a whore, Uncle Mort,” said Joshua.  “Keeping her from servicing other men wouldn’t be natural, at least before our marriage.  You can take a turn with her, if you like.”

“She’s just down the hall, cleaning the toilet, Mort,” said Pam.  “If you *must* stick your dick in her, see that you push her head into the toilet bowl, so we can’t hear her slutty moans.”

Mort nodded.  “That’s just common sense, like putting the toilet seat down when you’re done.”  He adjusted his pants.  “I’ll, uh, just take a quick convenience break then.”

He headed down his corridor, and a moment later they heard a surprised squeal from Monica, and a splash as her face made contact with the water in the toilet bowl, followed by the rhythmic slapping of Uncle Mort’s groin pounding against Monica’s ass.

“I swear, that man would stick his dick in a donut if it showed him its tits,” sighed Pam.  She had steak and sliced potato in a frying pan, and delicious smells were beginning to fill the kitchen.

“How *are* you and Uncle Mort doing, Aunt Pam?” enquired Joshua.

“Oh, we love each other,” said Pam – but then she sighed.  “You know how we got together, Joshua?”

“Tell me,” said Joshua.

“I was 18,” said Pam, “and it was the night of the school dance.  I’d gone with Terry Ramber – he runs the car dealership now – and dressed up like a right little slut, to hold his attention.  But that good-for-nothing Terry ignored me, and focused all his attention on little Barbara Shay, with her big tits and her blonde hair.  I think she works as a whore in the big city now.”

She turned the steak over.

“Anyway, I was feeling mighty low, and I walked out of the dance to have a good sulk – when Uncle Mort found me.”

Joshua smiled.  “And he cheered you up?”

Pam laughed.  “Goodness, no.  He ripped my dress off me, and called me a slut, and then he raped me right there in the parking lot in front of all his friends.”

“Gosh,” said Joshua, surprised.

“And as I lay there on the asphalt with his cum trickling out of my pussy,” said Aunt Pam, “and him slapping me in the face and telling me to thank him for what he’d done, I realised that I’d never been so happy.  All the stress of wondering if some boy will like me, and what I’m going to do with my life, and Mort had just taken that away from me and used me for his pleasure.  And I thought *this is what I want*.”

She sighed.  “Well, I had to tease Mort into raping me three more times before he finally proposed, but he saw sense in the end.  And we’ve had happiness ever since.”  She looked wistful.  “Only…. It’s been a long time since he’s really held me down and showed me what it means to be a woman.  And now your young big-titted whore Monica has his attention.  I guess he’s not so different from Terry Rober after all.”

Joshua stood and hugged his aunt.  “Aw, now, Aunt Pam, I know Uncle Mort still loves you.  And I bet just about any man would want to rape you.”

Pam hugged him back.  “You’re sweet, Joshua.  Now you sit down and get ready for your dinner.”

As Joshua sat at the dining table, Uncle Mort returned from the bathroom, zipping up his fly, and they could hear the sounds of the shower start as the recently-raped Monica began to clean herself off.

“Yes, sir, that little slut sure has a tight cunt,” said Mort in a satisfied voice.

“But no comparison for Aunt Pam, right?” asked Joshua.

Mort looked startled and said, “Er… no, of course not.  Your aunt has the tightest little cunt in the world.”  He slapped Pam’s ass as she brought butter and cutlery to the table, and Pam blushed a little and ruffled Mort’s hair.

“Oh, you tease,” she said, fondly.

Monica returned from the shower and sat at the table, damp and nude, as Aunt Pam served dinner.  Pam placed a delicious looking plate of steak and fried potatoes in front of each of the family – and then placed a bowl full of slimy brown anonymous meat chunks in front of Monica.

Monica looked at it, and then up at Pam, unsure of what was happening.

“Joshua says that tongue piercing is fresh, young miss,” said Aunt Pam.  “So you can’t be having tough foods.  I reckon you’ll do just fine with some of Solomon’s dog food.  That’s premium gravy jelly it’s soaked in.”  She paused.  “Joshua, do we have to look at this whore’s udders as we eat?”

“Uh, hold on, Aunt Pam,” said Joshua.  He reached over to Monica, and clipped her ring hand to her right nipple ring, so that she was trapped in a position of both squeezing and covering the breast.   Then he placed another ring – a cheaper one – on her other hand, and clipped that to her left tit.  “There,” he said.  “All covered.”

“How’s she going to eat like that?” asked Aunt Pam.

Joshua answered by demonstrating.  He put a hand on the back of Monica’s head, and pushed it down towards the bowl.  Monica struggled, but couldn’t resist, and when her face was mashed right into the smelly slime-covered dog food, she did as she knew Joshua wanted, and opened her mouth and began to eat the food like a dog.  Her hands convulsively squeezed at her tits as she gagged on the foul pet food.

“I must confess, you’ve got a firm hand with her, Joshua,” said Aunt Pam.  “There might be hope for her yet.”

“I hope so,” said Joshua.

“But can she really learn to be a good woman just from you?” asked Aunt Pam.  “Doesn’t she need female role models as well?”

Mort laughed.  “Are you volunteering, Pam?”

“Good heavens, no,” said Pam.  “But she needs female friends, Joshua.  Young Katy Wick likes you, and she’s always spending time with that Sarah Watson and Ellie Sanders.  If you ask them nicely, they might have some time to show your Monica how good girls behave.”

Mort coughed, and made a choking sound.

“Is something the matter, Mort?” asked Pam.

“No, nothing,” said Mort.  “I reckon Katy and her circle will be good for Monica, yes.”

They finished their dinner together, Joshua forcing Monica to lick her dog bowl clean.  As Pam rose to collect the dishes, she asked, “Will Monica be staying the night?  It isn’t right to sleep with your fiancee before marriage, but I expect there’s room in Solomon’s kennel.  And he clearly likes the little bitch.”

Monica’s eyes widened in horror – but Joshua shook his head.  “Gosh no,” he said.  “Half the town will be wanting to use her, and expecting her to be home to service them.  I’ll take her home and put her to bed, then come back.”

Mort stood, and walked up behind Pam.  His hands drifted to her shoulders, and he pulled her dress down suddenly, exposing her tits.  Joshua noted, blushing, that his aunt’s bosom was still remarkably attractive.

“And maybe while he’s out, you can show me just how tight that cunt of yours is,” growled Mort.

Pam giggled – a surprisingly young, girlish sound, and swatted at Mort.  “Oh, you,” she said. She looked surprised and delighted – and even more delighted when Mort reached round and squeezed one of her breasts, hard enough to be painful.  She gasped sluttily.

“Go take your whore home, Joshua,” said Mort, not looking up from Pam.  “And maybe don’t disturb us when you come back.”

Joshua smiled.  “Will do, Uncle Mort.”

And as he put the leash back on Monica – attached to her clitoris, this time – and led her back through the streets to the house she served the town from, he smiled to himself, knowing that his uncle was happily raping his aunt, and all was right in the world.


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