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Katie Wick was the picture of innocent small-town beauty, standing in the doorway of her house in a pink Sunday dress, conservative white high heels, and with a white headband holding back her blonde hair. 

She was smiling a beautiful smile at Joshua, and it brought to mind what Joshua’s Aunt Pam had said at dinner the other night: “Young Katie Wick likes you.”

Katie was the same age as Joshua, and they had always been friends – not close friends, but kind acquaintances – but now Joshua wondered if Katie might have wanted more from him than friendship. Looking at her tight, toned body, and her pretty smiling face, he couldn’t help imagine what she might look like naked, on his bed, with her legs spread – or what it might be like to rape her as she struggled – or even what she might look like pregnant with his child, her belly swollen, her tits engorged and leaking milk. Maybe even chained nude in a dog cage, as all good sluts should be.

But Joshua was engaged to Miss Monica now, and the task of training such a big-uddered slut would require all his attention for the time being. In fact, that was the reason he had come to visit Katie today – in furtherance of a “play date” between his soon-to-be-wife and some nice, well-behaved local girls, so that Monica could learn how normal girls with normal-sized tits behaved themselves.

Monica was standing beside Joshua, leashed by her clitoris piercing. Her outfit today consisted of two quite heavy lengths of cloth, each of which was attached to one of her nipple piercings. They covered the areolae of each of her oversized fake breasts well enough – if not necessarily the rest of her titflesh – and If she stood slightly spread-legged, the ends of the cloth would hang between her thighs and conceal her pussy. Her anus was concealed by a puffy “rabbit tail” decoration, secured in place via an anal plug. Her only other clothes were her high heels, and a black dog collar with white stitching that read “WHORE”. 

She looked like a ridiculous fuckdoll, and she would need to be punished for that later with a tit-spanking and raping, even if Monica herself had had no choice in the outfit. It was important, Joshua knew, that his fiancee learn to feel intense shame about every aspect of her body and her sexuality – for how else would she secure her place in heaven, given how heavily her whorish tits and slutty fuckhole otherwise weighed against her?

“Are you sure you’re okay spending time with Miss Monica today, Katie?” Joshua asked.

Katie just smiled a perfect, sunny smile. “You betcha,” she said. “I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be best of friends, Monica. And my friends Sarah and Ellie are coming around later, and you can be friends with them too.”

“All right then,” said Joshua. He turned to Monica. “You be good for Katie now, you hear? You do as she says. I don’t want any reports of bad behaviour, or else I might have to use a cattle prod on your pussy.”

Monica bit her lip. “Please, Joshua… sir… I feel strange about this. Do we have to do this? Maybe you could just take me home and… rape me…”

Joshua frowned. “I don’t want to hear any more of that kind of talk, Miss Monica. You’ll have a good time here with Katie, and I’ll be back in the evening to collect you, and you can have your raping then.”

And with that, he passed her leash to Katie, and left. He had plans to help his uncle with some repairs at their house, and he walked away whistling, knowing that his fiancée was in good hands.


As soon as Joshua was out of sight, Katie’s smile vanished. She jerked viciously on Monica’s clit leash, making Monica squeal with pain.

“Now listen here, you disgusting slut,” she spat. “Joshua was supposed to be *my* husband. *I’m* the one who’s had a crush on him since we were in school together. And then you come along with your ridiculous cow tits and seduce him out from under me? I don’t think so.”

She pulled on the leash again. “Come inside, skank,” she demanded. And Monica had no choice but to follow the girl into her house.

Once inside, Katie closed the door – and then pushed Monica up against the wall, pressed herself against the big-titted woman, and kissed Monica on the lips. 

Monica didn’t know what to do. She let Katie’s tongue work its way into her mouth, and squeaked as she felt Katie’s hand on her tit, squeezing her titflesh.

After a moment, Katie broke off the kiss.

“You’re not even a good kisser, are you, slut?” she spat. “What does Joshua see in you, other than your cow tits? Is there anything worthwhile about you at all?”

“I’m sorry,” pleased Monica. “I didn’t mean to seduce him. I didn’t ask him to propose to me. I didn’t want to steal him from you.”

“Then you shouldn’t have gotten those whore-balloons on your chest, now, should you?” said Katie. “You man-stealing fuckdoll.”

She looked at Monica – and then casually slapped her across the face. Monica gasped, and flinched – and a moment later Katie punched her in the tits.

“Well, you’re fun to hurt, at least,” Katie said, smiling. “I wonder what you taste like?”

Katie pulled Monica by her clit leash into the house’s master bedroom, and pushed Monica down on the bed. Then she spread Monica’s legs, knelt between them, and brought her face to Monica’s cunt.

Monica gasped as Katie began to lick her pussy. The tongue felt good between her pussy lips, tongueing her fuckhole, teasing her clitoris…

Katie looked up. “God, you’re already wet!” she exclaimed. “What kind of disgusting animal gets wet from being dragged around town by their clitoris while they’re half-naked?” She licked at Monica’s pussy some more, and then looked up again as Monica let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

“Stop *enjoying* it, you dirty cow,” she yelled – and pulled hard on Monica’s clit piercing.

Monica shrieked – and Katie went back to licking Monica’s pussy. But now she was repeatedly tugging agonisingly on Monica’s clit, and the pain and pleasure were mingling, and Monica didn’t know what to do…

… and then, suddenly, she was cumming, bucking her cunt hard against Katie’s face. And to make it worse, she was *squirting* – squirting into Katie’s eyes, and over her cheeks, and into her mouth.

Katie jerked away with a shriek of revulsion. “You *pissed* on me, you cow!” she screamed.

“No!” Monica protested. “It’s just – I squirted, because you…”

“It’s *piss*!” Katie repeated. “You slut!”

She grabbed one of Monica’s tits in a firm handhold, gripping the breast by its base, and pulled. Monica was dragged off the bed by her breast, and then Katie grabbed her other tit, and dragged her by her boobs down the corridor into the bathroom. 

Here, Katie threw Monica into the shower, then pulled her own panties down her legs from beneath her skirt. She stood over Monica, and Monica could see Katie’s cute shaven pussy.

“How do you like it, whore?” spat Katie – and then began to urinate on Monica.

Monica writhed and tried to get away from the warm, yellow, degrading stream, but Katie was relentless. The piss washed over her face and tits, before vanishing down the shower drain. Monica had never felt so objectified – even in her current state of sexual enslavement to the entire town.

And when it was done, Katie was still standing there, legs spread.

“Kiss it,” she said. “Give me what I gave you.”

Monica had no choice. She rose to her knees, leaned forward, and kissed Katie’s pussy. Then she began to lick it, her tongue wiping away the last of Katie’s piss, and when she had done that, she began to focus on pleasing her new cruel mistress.

She had relatively little experience in pleasing women, but she simply did for Katie what Katie had done for her – although she was not foolish enough to try pinching or pulling on Katie’s clitoris.

Katie sighed, and ran her hands through Monica’s hair, pulling her face tight against her cunt.

“There’s a good cow,” she said. “Keep licking. And of course, you’re not going to tell Joshua about anything that happens here, or else I’ll tell him you shared a plan with me to escape the town. You’re going to be a nice, quiet, obedient cow, and in return I’ll tell him that we’re best of friends now, understand?”

Monica tried to nod, while still licking Katie’s pussy.

“And then you’ll be able to spend a lot of time with me,” said Katie. “And you can get really *good* at licking my pussy. And I’ll train you not to cum without permission, so you don’t squirt your piss everywhere in future.”

Monica moaned softly.

“My friends will come round this afternoon,” said Katie, “and you can practice your cunt-licking on them too. And then we’ll play some games with you. I’ve got lots of ideas for games. For instance, I’ll get the girls to bet on how many times you have to be kicked in the cunt in order to cum from it, and whoever guesses closest is the winner.”

She laughed. “Or we can tie ropes around the base of those ridiculous fuckmelons you have, and then play tug-of-war with them. Or see who can spit in your mouth from farthest away.”

She held Monica so tight against her cunt that Monica could barely breathe. “Or maybe I’ll just lez off with Ellie and Sarah. That’s our little secret, you see – we do all kinds of sinful lesbian things when nobody is looking. But I’ve always wanted someone to lick my asshole while a girl licks my pussy, and Ellie and Sarah are both too much of a prude to do it – so maybe that can be your job now.”

Her body shuddered, and Monica realised that Katie was cumming. She kept licking, until finally Katie pulled Monica away by her hair.

“That’s enough, bitch,” she said. “You can shower clean now.” 

Katie staggered away a couple of steps, leaving Monica kneeling on the floor of the shower, but then she stopped and turned back.

“But your most important job,” she said, “is to convince Joshua that he wants me, not you. I don’t care how you do it, but I want his ring on my finger – and his baby in my belly.” 

She smiled sweetly.

“You can do that for me, can’t you… cow?” she asked.

And Monica could do nothing but look up at her, her face wet with Katie’s cunt juices and piss, and nod.


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