Jane’s parents knew there might be something strange about her. After all, she had been exposed to that mysterious radiation during an accident in their lab when she was a child.

But it wasn’t until Jane was an adult that she discovered her super powers. She was 19 when she was “sharked”. She was walking alone on a sunny day, strolling through the neighbourhood public park, when a group of giggling teenage boys ran up behind her and yanked hard on her skirt.

The skirt came away, revealing her lacy blue panties. She grabbed at the boy who was holding her skirt – and as she did, another boy pulled at the hemband of her panties. The flimsy fabric ripped instantly – and suddenly Jane was completely nude from the waist down, in public, in broad daylight.

The boys cackled with laughter. One was taking photos of her nude pussy and ass with his mobile phone. 

Jane saw red. She lunged at the boys. The boys tried to run, but Jane was faster, and soon she had caught them, tackled them to the ground, and subdued them – smashing their phones in the process. She was able to retrieve her skirt and secure it back in place around her waist.

It was only afterwards that Jane realised what she had done. She had outrun and outfought five healthy, fit teenage boys – all of them taller that her, and with more muscles.

Over the coming week, the true nature of her power became clear. It was her pussy. Her pubic mound had the unique ability to absorb energy from the sun, and convert it into speed and strength – but only for so long as it was directly exposed to sunlight.

She didn’t know what to do with this information, and in the end she sought advice from her parents.

Her mother was uncomfortable, but came to an inevitable conclusion. “It’s like that movie says, honey,” she said. “With great power comes great responsibility. You’ve been given a gift – albeit a strange one – and you have a duty to use it.”

And so Jane designed herself a superhero costume – with a gaping hole at the crotch, to expose her cunt – and set about a new career as a costumed vigilante.

She found she had a talent for it. She was good at finding people who needed help, and subduing criminals.

She found it humiliating, going bare-cunted in public, but that was the price of using these powers. She discovered, to her shame, that the feeling of humiliation she felt whenever someone saw her lewdly exposed fuckhole also produced another reaction in her – arousal.

And that led to yet another discovery – that the wetter her pussy became, the more her super powers were amplified.

She tried to ignore that discovery – but before long, her costumed antics attracted the attention of more powerful foes, often with their own super powers, and she needed every advantage she could find to stand her ground against them. She was forced to accept that she would need to regularly finger her pussy as she patrolled her city, in order to keep it wet, and that it would be normal to fight criminals and supervillains in a stage of extreme sexual arousal.

The media loved her. Soon photos of her were on every major news site – always showing her exposed pussy, her hard nipples, her face flushed with arousal. She did interviews, and tried to get the media to call her “Justice Girl” – but instead they preferred more colourful names for her, such as “Super Slut”, “Wonder Cunt” and “Power Bitch”. No one ever knew who “Justice Girl” was, so after a while she gave up and just started introducing herself as “Wonder Cunt”.

But she still hadn’t discovered the full extent of her powers. The last revelation only came during her battle with the super-powered murderer who called himself “Deathslayer”.

Despite her wet cunt, and the abundant sunlight, Deathslayer was simply too strong for Jane. In the centre of the city, in full view of thousands of spectators – and millions around the world watching via livestream – he beat her to the ground, then ripped off her costume, leaving her completely nude.

Then he turned her over until she was on all fours, and – gripping her hair in one fist to keep control of her – he pulled down his pants, knelt behind her, and shoved his cock into her super-powered cunt.

It was the most humiliating experience of Jane’s life. Not only being defeated, and appearing weak and pathetic on internet streams around the world. Not being nude, for everyone to see. Not even the experience of being raped by a disgusting murderer, while everyone watched.

No, the humiliating thing was that, in her state of heightened sexual arousal, she orgasmed from the rape.

But when Deathslayer finally reached his own orgasm, and spurted his villainous seed into her womb, a miracle happened. Deathslayer’s face relaxed, his cruel grin softening into a sort of amazement.

“What am I doing?” he said, in a quiet voice. “Oh no – what have I done? I’m so sorry. Wonder Cunt – how could I do this? No…”

Something had happened to Deathslayer. In the space of a single instant, all his hatred, his malice, his psychopathy had been wiped away. He staggered away from Jane, as his cum slowly dripped from her pussy, and allowed himself to be restrained by police, and packed away in a special caged vehicle designed for super-powered offenders.

And it became clear to Jane that while her pussy gave her the power to fight and conquer the villainous, it also possessed a still greater gift. It could *cure* them. If a man ejaculated inside her, while she was exposed to sunlight, it would simply wipe away his desire to commit crime, and reassert their internal moral compass.

She tested this out the next week, by seducing one of her arch-nemeses, the diabolical Dr Quasar. She allowed him to wine and dine her, and fuck her in his expensive mansion. But to her disappointment, it didn’t work. He was just as evil the next day, continuing his plan to hijack the city’s power grid and use it to build deadly robots.

It was only when she fought him that she discovered why it hadn’t worked. He managed to score a hit on her with his signature weakening ray, and when she collapsed to the ground, helpless, he decided to rape her, exactly as Deathslayer had done. He took special enjoyment in pulling her hair and pinching her tits as he violated her…

… and when he was done, he was immediately filled with regret and horror at his evil actions.

He was, in fact, so reformed, that he used his scientific prowess to determine the mechanism of her new ability – and the results made Jane shiver with horror at what she was going to have to do.

“Your ability to cure the evil of your rapist,” Quasar explained, “is directly related to the fact that they are displaying that evil when they fuck you. Consensual sex does nothing. It’s only when they are violently dominating you, and trying to degrade and hurt you, that their evil is on display enough for your cunt to cure it.”

Jane wanted to cry. Sure, she could just keep punching villains unconscious and turning them over to the police – but it was so much better for *everyone* for them to be cured. So much safer. So much more productive for society.

But she could only cure villains if she let them violently rape her.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” her mother had said. And she knew it was true.

She had the power to save the world by spreading her legs and letting herself be objectified.

And it was her responsibility to use it.


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