Each semester, the university awarded the Dean’s Prize for Female Excellence to the female student who had been the smartest, most diligent, and enthusiastic over the course of the semester.

And absolutely no woman wanted to win that prize.

The prize was an ejaculation of the Dean’s sperm into the girl’s mouth and onto her face. It was bestowed in a formal ceremony, on stage, to which the girl’s family and friends were invited, as well as the entire student body. The girl was required to attend the ceremony nude, except for a pair of high heels. 

At the ceremony, she would kneel, with her legs spread. One hand would cup her tits and pinch one of her nipples, while the other would masturbate her pussy.

The Dean would approach, in ceremonial robes, extract his erect cock from his pants, and force it into the student’s mouth. He would then vigorously face-fuck her, while speaking into a microphone about the virtues of the girl’s fellatio skills, her breasts, her cunt, and disclosing any confidential information about the girl’s life, sexuality, or other secrets that the university had accrued through its student services or counselling programs.

When the Dean reached orgasm, he would pull out of the girl’s mouth, splattering her face with his cum, before returning his cock to her mouth for her to clean. The whole event was filmed, and the photo of the nude girl with a cock in her mouth and her face splattered with cum would be used as the cover of the university’s next quarterly magazine, and quickly become a front-page result of any Google search for her name.

Refusing to accept the award was considered disrespectful of the university, would result in the girl’s immediate expulsion, and would render all scholarships fully repayable. Cleaning the cum off her face or putting clothes on within 24 hours of receiving the award was also considered disrespectful.

No girl wanted the humiliation of the award, and so no girl at the university tried to excel. No girl wanted their professor to recommend them for the award, and so each girl did their best to please the members of the faculty – because giving a professor a quick blowjob in private was better than giving a humiliating public one on stage. 

The university routinely turned out some of the least educated, sexually insecure and desperate to please female graduates in the country…

… and of course, that was just fine by the Dean, who believed that that was exactly how female graduates should be.


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