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Once Samantha had learned that Meagan was a model, the pretty raven-haired cheerleader simply wouldn’t stop pestering Meagan to help her get a modelling job as well.

Meagan was reluctant.   Her modelling experience so far had been confusing and embarrassing, and she felt guilty and slutty and humiliated whenever she thought about it.  But at the same time, it made her feel special – all the other cheerleaders were envious that Meagan was a model now, even if they (thankfully) hadn’t seen any of her actual photoshoots.  And she didn’t want to share that specialness.

But Sam had begged and begged, and Meagan wasn’t good at saying no, so she called John and asked if she could bring a friend to her next modelling job.

“Send me her portfolio,” said John.  “Make sure it looks like yours.”

Meagan knew what was in her portfolio – photos of her nude, sucking cock, bound in rope, being fucked, and covered in cum.  She tried one last time to dissuade Sam from pursuing this path.

“I *need* to be a model, Meagan,” insisted Sam.  “I’m destined for celebrity.  And so help me, if you don’t hook me up, I’m going to tell everyone that you’re a lesbian and that you’re having sex with half the cheerleading team’s mothers.”

Meagan blushed with embarrassment and anger.  Her reluctance vanished.  If Sam was going to threaten her, then she didn’t need to feel worried that Sam was going to regret her decisions.

She started by getting Sam to pose naked, just like Meagan had once had to do in a men’s toilets.   Sam blushed when Meagan told her to spread her pussy open, and blushed even more furiously when Meagan told her to masturbate for the camera, but she wasn’t about to back out now, and, after all, Meagan was the expert.

“They need to know how wet you get,” said Meagan, “to see if you’ll leave a wet spot on any underwear you’re modelling.”  Meagan still wasn’t sure this explanation made sense, but she didn’t really care – the fact that Sam was uncomfortable and blushing made it fun.

Once they had a thorough photographic documentation of Sam’s cunt and tits, Meagan got out the rope.

Sam balked.  “Why do you need to tie me up?”

Meagan sighed.  “It’s the new fashion in bras, silly.  You sound so naïve when you talk like that.   Are you going to wear the bra or not?”

Sam backed away, alarmed.   “No!”

Meagan pursed her lips.   “Sam, do you want me to show these photos of you to my modelling agent?  Or do you want me to show them to your family and the school?”

Sam went white.  “You wouldn’t!”

“Stop being a silly little girl, Sam,” said Meagan, “and start acting like a model.  Now come over here and let me tie you up.”

Sam reluctantly complied, and soon Meagan had her trussed in rope, unable to move.  Meagan particularly liked the way the ropes constricted the base of Sam’s tits, making them bulge and turn purple.

Meagan, I don’t like this,” said Sam uncertainly.

“Hush, Sam,” said Meagan.   And then, for good measure, she picked up Sam’s panties and stuffed them into Sam’s mouth.  Sam squealed in protest, but Meagan used a piece of duct tape to fix them in place and muffle Sam’s noises.

She had intended to invite one of their mutual friends over to help decorate Sam with sperm, but Sam had been a real bitch about the whole thing, so Meagan decided to instead phone Adam, who Sam hated.  Adam had a huge intense crush on Sam, and Sam had never been anything but bitchy to him. As it turned out, Adam was delighted to hear that the black-haired cheerleader was tied up and nude, and promised to be right over.

While she waited, Meagan got some bulldog clips from her home office, and clamped them on Sam’s nipples and clitoris.  Hearing Sam scream into her panty gag was really quite satisfying.  She took some more photos of her naked, bound friend.

When Adam arrived, he didn’t waste time with foreplay, but undressed immediately and moved to rape the object of his crush.  Sam squealed and struggled, but could barely move.

“Try and be fun for him,” advised Meagan.  “He’s doing you a favour, and helping you become a model.  If I don’t think you’re trying to be fun, I’ll show everyone on the cheerleading squad these photos I’m taking.”  And she snapped away with her camera as Adam raped the broken, humiliated girl.  After a while, to Meagan’s pleasure, Sam began trying to hump back against Adam’s cock, helping him rape her.

When Adam was ready to cum, Meagan instructed him to pull out, and ejaculate over Sam’s face and hair, and wipe his cock clean on Sam’s tits.  Then Meagan knelt by Sam to rub the resulting semen liberally through her black hair, until she was a mess, before taking her final photos of the aspiring model.


A week later, Meagan and Sam stood in John’s studio.  Sam didn’t want to be here – she wanted nothing to do with modelling anymore – but Meagan had made it clear to her that if she backed out, everyone she knew would see her new “portfolio”.  And so Sam was standing, blushing, in her cheerleader uniform as this strange man inspected the photos of her rape.

“Very nice,” said John, eventually, looking at Sam.  “So I think I have room for you on three upcoming projects – are you interested?”

Sam wanted to say “no” but was scared of offending this man, so she asked, “What are they?”

“The first one is for the ‘Jailbait’ clothing line.  You’re going to be modelling their new crop-top, which shows underboob, but you’ll be naked from the waist down and have cum leaking from your pussy.   Basically you’ll look like a rape victim.  I intend it to be a very realistic shoot.”

“Please, no,” whispered Sam, but John ignored her.

“The second one is for a jewellery line.  The campaign tag is ‘Cleopatra Vaginal Jewellery Brings All The Girls To Your Yard’.   We’re going to give you a clit piercing, with a big ring with a bell hanging from it, and once you’re healed we’ll do a shoot of Meagan here licking you out, because she can’t resist your cunt ring, understand?”

“I don’t want a clit piercing!” wailed Sam.  “And I’m not a lesbian!”

“Sure you are, honey,” said John.  “Every girl’s a lesbian for money.  Or when their cunt takes control.  And the third job is a fashion show at the local mall – your friends hang out there, don’t they?  So you’ll get to show off.  You’ll be modelling wearable sex toys – so dildos, nipple clamps, that kind of thing.   I bet you can’t wait to strut around nude with weights hanging from your nipples and clit in front of your friends.”

“I can’t!” said Sam.   “Not in front of people I know!   You may as well just show them those photos if you’re going to humiliate me anyway!”

“Well, I might let you out of the fashion show,” said John, “providing you do the other two jobs – and something extra…”

“What?” asked Sam.

“Well, models tend to get more work when they have a bit of celebrity interest to them.  You girls really need to have a hint of romance in your lives – someone you’re dating – and for it to be something that catches the eye.”

“You mean you want us to get boyfriends?” asked Meagan, hopefully.  A boyfriend might be nice.

“No,” laughed John.   “I mean I want you to date each other.   And not just regular boring lesbian dating either.  Sam, from now on, you go everywhere with this dildo inside you, right?  It’s extra-long so the end will always be sticking out of your pussy in a very obvious way.  And Meagan, I want you to take her everywhere on a collar and leash.  It should get boys hard the instant they see you.   They’ll want to see you nude.   Which, eventually, they will – for the right price.”

“Noooo….” moaned Sam.

“But right now I think I want to fuck my new model,” said John.  “Meagan, be a good girl and hold your new girlfriend down for me, would you?”

“Yes, John,” said Meagan.   Silly Sam really deserved all this, she thought, for pestering Meagan about modelling, and then threatening her.   She went over to Sam and kissed her on the lips – they were girlfriends now, after all – and then grabbed Sam’s hair with one hand and began ripping off Sam’s clothes with the other.

She had never thought that modelling would involve helping her friends to get raped, but then modelling was a dynamic and fast-moving industry, Meagan knew, and, really, she was lucky to even be a part of it…


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