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Meagan had never realised being a model would be so embarrassing all the time.

Her manager, John, constantly took nude photos of her, and usually had sex with her afterwards, whether she consented or not.  That made her feel weird, and dirty, but she wasn’t completely naïve, and had heard plenty of rumours that successful models sometimes needed to sleep with men to get opportunities in their career.

It was the rest of it that really made her blush.  She wasn’t a lesbian, but John made her pretend to be dating her friend (and fellow model) Samantha.  She had to kiss her friend in public, and grope Sam’s tits (which did feel nice).   She even had to lead Sam around in public on a leash, like a dog!  It was more embarrassing for Sam, she guessed, but she still blushed to be doing something so slutty in public.  And she wasn’t even really into girls!  (Although Sam’s kisses did make her a little bit wet….)

Now everyone in school called her a dyke, and the other girls on the cheerleader squad looked at her funny.  She felt like a huge whore.

Her other rules didn’t help.   Sam was allowed to wear panties, but only because she had to go everywhere with a huge vibrator in her pussy, and the panties helped hold it in place.  Everyone could hear it humming when they were close to Sam, and see the bulge it made where it stuck out of her, and usually smell her cunt juices because Sam was so wet all the time now.

But Meagan wasn’t allowed panties.  She had to go around in short skirts with no underwear.  John also made her wear a little bell on a chain, that hung from her clitoris piercing (which had hurt something awful to get).  The bell hung down below the hemline of her skirt, and was quite heavy, so it tugged painfully on her clit all the time, and every time she moved it would ring, which made people look down at her crotch.   

All this, John said, was to make men interested in them – so that the men would want to buy the nude photos that Meagan and Sam posed for.  And it worked.  Lots of boys wanted to see Meagan and Sam nude after meeting them, and so once every week when they met John to pose for more pictures, he would give them their pay once he was done fucking them – a neat roll of bills that he would invariably make them receive by pushing it up into their recently-fucked cunts.  It was a fairly large amount of money, and it made Meagan feel like she really was a successful model now.

But this week John was excited about a new opportunity.

“I’ve got a job offer lined up for each of you,” he told the girls as they undressed for him.  “You’d each be the flagship model for an entire line of fashion.”

“Really?” asked Meagan excitedly, bouncing up and down on her toes.  The bell hanging from her clit jingled merrily.

“Absolutely,” said John.   “Only there’s a problem.”  He looked at them critically.  “You don’t exactly have the right bodies.”

Sam blushed.  “Are we too fat?” she asked.

“Well, you *are* looking more cow than kitten these days,” said John frankly.  “We’re going to have to do some work to get you in shape for these jobs.  But I think we can manage it.  I’ve got contracts here.  If you sign them, you’ll get the jobs, but you *will* be obliged to do the work necessary to have an appropriate body for the shoot.”

The girls eagerly signed the contracts John provided.  Meagan was delighted any time John talked about jobs and clients and fashion – it reminded her that she was really a successful model, and not a degraded whore (which was how she sometimes felt when she stopped to think about all the things John made her do).  Signing contracts was something real models did.

“Good girls,” said John when they were done.  He proceeded to tie them to the bed, as he usually did when he took photos of them, and apply various clamps to their nipples, and weights to their clit piercings.   When he was done, he jammed Sam’s vibrator back in her cunt, and then knelt between Meagan’s spread legs to begin to casually fuck her twat.

“What are these fashion lines?” asked Meagan, trying to take her mind off being raped.  “What will we be wearing?”

“Oh, that’s a good question,” said John.  “Well, Meagan, you’re going to be wearing a new line of lingerie designed for prostitutes and porn stars.  It includes bras that are specially designed for surgically-enhanced tits, so in order to do the shoot we’re going to have to get you a nice big pair of fake udders.”

“What?” asked Meagan, alarmed.  She started to struggle, but she was held down firmly.

“Oh, yes,” said John.   “You’ll look delightful with giant fake fuckbags, baby.  Everyone will want to see your tits then – you’ll make a fortune.”

“No!” said Meagan.  “I don’t want fake fuckballoons!”

“You should have thought of that before you signed the contract,” said John calmly.  He looked over at Sam.  “And as for you,” he said, “you’re going to be modelling a line of maternity clothes.”

Sam looked at him blankly.   “What do you mean?”

“Clothes for pregnant women, honey,” he told her.

“But I’m not pregnant,” said Sam dumbly.

“I know,” he told her, “and that’s the work we need to do on your body.”

Realisation dawned on Sam, and horror, and she started to struggle and yell.  John sighed, and climaxed in Meagan’s cunt, and then untied Meagan.  

“Go straddle your friend’s face,” he said, “so you muffle that dumb mouth of hers with your cunt, and hurt her tits and her cunt until she shuts up and becomes a good girl.  If she can’t fulfil this contract, you’re going to have to do it for her, Meagan.”

Meagan didn’t want to get pregnant any more than Sam did.  It was bad enough she was going to get fake tits.  So she obediently climbed onto Sam’s face, letting John’s cum drip from her pussy into Sam’s mouth, and began to slap and pinch at Sam’s fuckmelons, and tug on her clit ring, until Sam stopped making noise and began to lick Meagan’s pussy obediently.  Meagan could still feel her crying, her tears wet and warm against Meagan’s groin, but she thought that was okay because at least Sam was quiet.

Later, John came back and explained what would happen if Sam didn’t cooperate.  He would sue Sam for breach of contract, and she would have to talk in court about all the things she had done to be a model, and why she had a clitoris piercing, and why she was a lesbian with Meagan, and how many times she had let John fuck her pussy, and they would show all the photos of her to the judge.  Maybe a newspaper might report it to the whole town.  Sam burst into tears again during this, but eventually agreed to be a good girl and do what John wanted.

That night, Meagan and Sam came back to John’s studio, and John did a photoshoot where Sam was nude and masturbating as she flushed her birth control pills down the toilet.   John said he’d paid attention to when Sam’s last period was, and he thought she’d be most fertile in another fortnight.

During this fortnight, Meagan went to get her breast enhancements.  John paid for it, and when it was done Meagan had new giant breasts.   They were GG cups, and no attempt had been made to make them look natural.  They were like small basketballs stuck to her chest.  When Meagan looked at herself in the mirror now, she saw a bimbo looking back, and it was hard to remember that she was an elegant model, and not a vacant cum-dumpster.

When Sam’s fertile time came, they took her to John’s studio and tied her to the bed.  Over three days, a long line of men attended the studio, and each one took a turn fucking Sam’s cunt and ejaculating in it.   Afterwards they would pay John, and leave.

John made Meagan sit naked on Sam’s face throughout, just as she had done when Sam first heard the news.   It was Meagan’s job to guide each man’s cock into her friend’s pussy, and let the man kiss Meagan or grope Meagan’s tits if he wanted to.  Meagan was responsible for encouraging the man to rape Sam if he felt hesitant, and telling the man that Sam was nothing but a fuckhole for him to use.

Afterwards, once the man had cum, Meagan had to use a thick dildo to push his cum deeper up inside Sam’s twat, and then lean down and lick the entrance to Sam’s pussy clean of sperm for the next customer.  John was filming and photographing the whole thing, and made Megan smile sexily for the camera as often as possible.

Sam fell asleep sometimes – the process went on non-stop for three days – but men just kept fucking her as she slept.  She would wake up to a fresh man using her – except she couldn’t tell, because Meagan was straddling her face, and she could breathe (just) but not see.

Because Sam couldn’t see, she had no idea who was fucking her.  Meagan was surprised to see many of their school friends turn up to fuck Sam – and a few of their teachers.  She blushed to have people she knew seeing her sitting there naked, helping her friend to get raped and impregnated, but she knew better than to complain.  She just guided their cocks into Sam’s breeding hole, and let them squeeze her tits and kiss her.

The worst was when Meagan’s own father came to the studio.  She almost jumped off Sam’s face in shock, but John held her down.

“It’s okay, Meagan,” her father said.  “I know you’re enjoying being a porn doll or an internet prostitute or whatever it is you’re doing these days.  Whatever career you want is okay with me.  I just want a turn with your friend.  I’ve always thought that Sam would be fun to rape.  You can’t begrudge my curiosity, can you?”

So she guided her father’s cock into her friend’s cunt, and blushed as he stared at her new fake tits, and then kept silent as he reached out and squeezed one, and then did her best to be a good girl when he finally started tongue kissing her – his own daughter – while ejaculating into Sam’s pussy.

When he was gone, she tried to get up again, but John made her lean down just as with every other customer, and lick her own father’s cum out of her friend’s fuckhole.

A week later, they took Sam for a very special photo shoot.  John led her to the side of a busy public highway, and made her strip naked.   Then, as cars went by, and their drivers hooted and hollered at the nude raven-haired cheerleader, he made Sam piss on a pregnancy test, then masturbate with it to orgasm, and then finally take it out just as she was about to cum and look at the results while Meagan licked her cunt.

Which was why Samantha was crying and orgasming at the same time when she saw the happy little plus sign appear on the test….


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