It was a well-funded scheme to humiliate and degrade women, and it was elegant in its simplicity.

It ran ads on hundreds of websites – mostly feminist ones – with a simple offer. 

“There is nothing dirty about a woman’s body! You shouldn’t let men make you feel ashamed of your womanly features! Send us a photo where you display your vulva, with a big smile on your face to show your pride in your gender, and you could win $100,000 as our next ‘Shameless’ champion!”

Not all women were stupid enough to fall for it – but a surprisingly large number were.

Every girl who submitted a photo of her pussy and her face would receive an email telling her that she was a winner – and that she just had to go to the “Shameless” site and watch a video to claim her reward.

The video was a confusing blur of static and half-seen images. The site would recommend she wear headphones to help her pay attention and learn how to claim her prize. Soon the girl would vanish into the hypnotic mix of video and audio, and entire hours would pass before she would wake up, confused and strangely horny.

The hypnosis had focus on one clear idea – that a girl should be ashamed of her cunt, and be mortified and humiliated if anyone saw it or talked about it, and that sluts who deliberately exposed their cunts needed to be punished and fucked. By the end of the video, the girl would be left with an overwhelming complex of guilt and shame around her pussy – a complex that would also be confusingly associated with a deeply humiliating sense of arousal.

But at the end of the video there would be a link for her to click to claim her prize.

And she would click it.

And she would be taken to a porn site, where she would see the photo of her smiling as she exposed her pussy, with a caption like, “Dumb slut shows off her dirty cunt to the world” – along with the full name and address she had entered in order to claim her prize.

And a quick Google search would reveal that this was just one of hundreds of sites her photo had been posted to.

Shocked, horrified and sobbing, the girl would feel her cunt wetten, and be filled with the overwhelming need to find a man to punish and fuck her for displaying her cunt – a need she would feel many times over coming years as she was reminded of the photo again and again.

After all, it was the top Google search for her name now…


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