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Joshua lived in the big city now, as a successful doctor, but he was still a small-town kid at heart, and he spent two weeks every year visiting his aunt and uncle in their small Christian community, regular as clockwork.  He liked the thought that nothing ever changed in the sleepy little community – but on the very first day of his recent visit, he saw something very unusual indeed.

He had just driven into town on a Saturday afternoon, and he was stopped at old Mr Purcell’s grocery shop to buy something to take to his parents for dinner, when a woman walked in.  With her pretty face, shockingly high heels, and giant plastic bimbo tits, she would have drawn attention in any setting – but, in addition, she was wearing nothing but the heels and lacy black panties.  She had a plastic shopping basic suspended in front of her via chains leading to clamps on the nipples of her fake boobs, in what was obviously an agonising arrangement.  And her mouth was plugged by a gag featuring what appeared to be a thick plastic cock stuffed in her mouth, the whole of which was secured by a metal padlock.  Around her neck was a metal slave-collar that appeared to be welded shut.

Joshua watched in amazement as the pretty big-titted whore tottered into the shop on her ridiculously high heels and went from shelf to shelf, placing items in the basket hanging from her tits.  Each new item increased the weight of the basket, adding to the pain in her nipples, and her eyes were clearly watering by the time she made her way to the checkout.

Old Mr Purcell stood at the checkout, eyeing the woman warily.  “Are you behaving yourself, Miss Monica?” he asked her.

The woman’s eyes went wide.  She made an incoherent sound through her gag, and nodded her head energetically.  The motion made her shopping basket bounce slightly, and she squeaked with pain.

Mr Purcell looked at the shopping in her basket.  “I think you’ve made some mistakes in your shopping, Miss Monica,” he said.  He lifted out a box of condoms, and showed it to her.  “I know you’re hoping every man in town will use these on you, but men use protection when they’re making love to nice ladies, not when they’re masturbating using a sex object.  I think I’ll just hold onto these.”

He looked further through her purchases, and pulled out several packets of meat.  “Oh gosh no, Miss Monica,” he said.  “These are people food.”  He stepped out from the counter, went to a nearby shelf, and took down three heavy cans of dog food.  “I think these will be better for an animal like you.”  He dropped the cans deliberately into the basket one at a time, each time causing the basket to jerk downwards on her nipple clamps brutally. The woman made a muffled shriek of pain around her gag, and doubled over at the waist, until the basket was resting on the counter.  The position gave Joshua a good view of the woman’s pussy mound, and he saw with surprise that the crotch of her panties was sopping wet.

Mr Purcell looked at the woman for a while, and then said, “Do you have money to pay for these?”

The woman nodded, tears running down her cheeks.

Mr Purcell came out from behind the counter, walked around behind the woman, and pushed aside the crotch of her panties.  He slid his fingers into her dripping wet pussy, and pulled out a plastic zip-lock bag filled with cash, which had apparently been stuffed up her fuckhole.

“You make this in a way that befits your tits?” he asked her.

The woman nodded again, and tried to say something through her gag.  She repeated it again and again, until Joshua finally realised she was saying “whore”.

“Good girl,” said Mr Purcell.  He counted some money out of the bag, put the rest back, snapped it shut, and pushed it back up into her cunt.  He turned his back on her.  “You can get along home now, Miss Monica.  I’ll be round tonight to collect my tip.”

The woman slowly straightened, taking the weight of the heavy basket back on her tits again, and tottered out of the store, in what had to be unbearable agony.. The bell on the door rang as she left.

Joshua cleared his throat and stepped forward.  “I don’t mean to blaspheme, Mr Purcell,” he said, “but what in H-E-C-K just happened?”

“Good to see you, young Joshua,” said the storekeeper.  “That there’s Miss Monica.  She’s a big city girl who thought she could come to a small town and get giant fake Jezebel tits to tempt the men hereabouts.  We’ve showed her the error of her ways.  She’s doing a real good job of learning how a woman like her deserves to be treated.”  He reached under the counter, and brought out a small silver door-key.  “Here’s a copy of the key to her house.  Feel free to have a turn with her, if you’ve got a mind.”

“Does she… consent to this?” asked Joshua.

“I reckon she consented to just about anything a man might do to her when she got those whore-balloons,” said Mr Purcell.  “We all keep a right close eye on her, to make sure she doesn’t try to run away back to a big city where they’ll go soft on her.  Sometimes when a temptress comes to town, men have just got to draw a line in the sand, and set an example, I reckon.”  He looked at Joshua.  “I don’t expect to see you go soft on her either, mind you.  No good Christian man should go around treating a creature like that as though it were a person.”

“No sir,” promised Joshua.  Mr Purcell grunted, clearly satisfied with the answer, and that was the last they spoke on it that day.  Joshua did his groceries, and headed on to see his aunt and uncle.

But it wasn’t long after he’d arrived that the topic of Miss Monica came up again.

They had just finished dinner – Joshua, and his Uncle Mort and Aunt Pam – and Joshua was relaxing, letting the delicious home-cooked roast digest in his stomach.

Aunt Pam looked up at her husband as she cleared away the dinner plates..  “Now, what exactly do you think you’re doing, Mort Huxley?” asked his Aunt Pam.

Uncle Mort had been standing and beginning to put on his coat, and now he flinched, a guilty expression on his face.  “Nothing,” he said.

Aunt Pam was not taken in.  “You sit yourself back down,” she said sternly.  “Do NOT think for a moment you are going out to fuck that hussy.  It’s bad enough you go sticking your peter into that harlot, but your nephew Joshua is in town and you will stay here and be sociable, Mort, so help me.”

“He can come too,” said Mort, hopefully.  “The girl has more than one hole.”

“Mort!” snapped Pam, in a voice of authority.  “You take off that coat and sit down!”    Her tone brooked no disagreement, and Joshua’s uncle complied, sulking.

Joshua was curious.  “Are you talking about Miss Monica?” he asked.

“Oh, so you’ve seen her?” said Pam.  “Yes, that’s the god-forsaken succubus I’m talking about.  Every night, it’s three or four of the men hereabouts going up to her house to make sinful use of her.  I hope it hurts her something fierce, that man-stealing whore.”

“I’m surprised you’re not more angry at Uncle Mort, if he’s been cheating on you!” exclaimed Joshua.

“Oh, it’s not really cheating, honey,” sighed Aunt Pam.  “It’s not like someone with big plastic bosoms like that is a real person.  It’s more like he’s having his way with his hand – disgusting and unclean, but something a woman needs to understand a man will do from time to time.”  She looked pointedly at Mort.  “Doesn’t mean him and his hand don’t both need a good slapping, though.”

“Ain’t all that needs a slapping in this house,” said Mort darkly, but talk then turned to Joshua’s work in the city, and no more was said of Miss Monica that night.

The next morning was a Sunday, and most of the town rose early to make their way to the Baptist Church in their Sunday best.

Miss Monica was there, and someone had dressed her in her Sunday best too.  Her hair was attractively styled, she was in another pair of impractically high heels, and her white dress was clearly expensive – although it made her look no more respectable than if she had been nude.

The top was a white lace halter top that came down only as far as her nipples.  She wore no bra, and her huge plastic underboob was fully exposed.  The clothing revealed the fact that the base of her tits had been wrapped tightly in rope, constricting the blood flow and making her breasts bulge, purple and lewd.

Her skirt was white lace, too, see-through enough that her cunt was mostly visible.  A small metal weight hung from a clamp on her clitoris by a length of chain, swinging visibly between her legs below her hemline, and it buzzed audibly as it vibrated.  Her ass was plugged by a small metal plug with a pink love-heart on its base, and this too appeared to be vibrating.

To cap the look off, someone had recently ejaculated on her face.  Sticky globs of sperm were drying around her left eye and cheek and lips.  She clearly wanted to wipe it away, and on occasions she would move to do so, but would always flinch at some remembered threat, and lower her hand again.  Joshua couldn’t help but think that, as disgusting as it was, the cum looked *right* on her face.  It made her prettier.

The people of the small town greeted each other with handshakes, hugs and laughter.  Some people greeted Miss Monica, too, but these greetings were nowhere near as friendly.  Four or five men grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it painfully without speaking to her.  Two women slapped her across the face.  She accepted all of this awkwardly.  Joshua got the sense that she desperately wanted to not be at the church, but was scared of some punishment if she left. 

He noted too that her cheeks were flushed, her nipples erect, and that her cunt appeared to be so wet that cunt-honey was trickling down her inner thighs. He wondered if this was the effect of the buzzing toys attached to her clitoris and anus, or whether she was merely as big a whore as the townsfolk said.

When all the greetings were done, the town filed into the church and took their seats on the pews.  In the silence before the minister started the ceremony, the buzzing of Monica’s sex toys was the only sound, and it seemed so noisy that Joshua couldn’t imagine that anyone present wasn’t thinking about the source of the noise, or the body parts it was connected to.

The minister’s sermon was on the perils of the succubus, and Joshua was amused to see that the minister was quite imaginative and specific in the punishments that might be visited upon an ungodly woman.  He mentioned on no less than five occasions how a whore of Satan deserved to be raped, and Joshua counted six different painful objects that the minister mentioned might be inserted into “the forsaken lust-pit of such a harlot”.  He looked at Monica during the sermon – and noted that much of the rest of the congregation were looking at her too, as she blushed and buzzed.

The time for hymns came, and everyone stood to sing.  Joshua heard Monica squeak suddenly, and turned to look at her.  She had tried to stand, but the weight hanging from her clitoris had become caught in her pew, preventing her from standing fully.  Humorously, she couldn’t see what had happened because the size of her own breasts blocked her sight of her crotch, and so she was now repeatedly attempting to stand, to no success, with each attempt pulling painfully on her clitoris.  She was trapped in a kind of crouching half-stand, bent at the waist with her tits hanging forward.  The position made her lace skirt ride up, presenting her naked ass and pussy mound to the family behind her.

The minister pretended not to notice Monica’s dilemma, and started the hymns.  Everyone sang – including Monica – and Joshua thought she had a very sweet voice, for a whore who was currently leashed to her pew by a clitoris clamp.  Monica was still struggling to stand, each attempt causing pain in her pussy.

The family behind her were making faces of disgust at being presented with Monica’s bare sex parts.  The mother – young Caroline Wick, who worked down at the bakery – pushed sharply at Monica’s ass using one gloved hand.  The impact drove the butt plug deeper into Monica’s anus, and pushed her whole body forward.  This caused her trapped clitoris weight to nearly rip off her clit, her large bound tits to smash into the next pew, and her face to push up against the ass of the man standing in front of her.  She groaned.

“Whore,” Joshua heard Caroline whisper.

Caroline’s daughter Katy, pretty and blonde, was always quick to follow her mother’s lead in anything.  She had pulled out her house keys, and she started to poke Monica’s cunt flesh with the pointy end of her front door key.  Monica squealed, still trying to sing her hymn, and struggled to get away, pushing her face further into the man in front’s ass, crushing her tits harder into the front pew, and tugging further on her clit leash.

“Whore,” whispered Katy, smiling and continuing to poke at Monica’s twat.

All this pain and stimulation eventually became too much for Monica.  Just at the conclusion of “Amazing Grace”, Monica started gasping and twitching, and suddenly a clear liquid sprayed from her pussy. She shuddered, and fell back down into her seat, her face scarlet with humiliation.  She had orgasmed and squirted – in church – in front of the whole town – while singing – from cunt pain.

To complete her humiliation, there was scattered laughter throughout the congregation once people realised what had happened.  When the laughter died, there was only silence – except for the continuing buzzing of Monica’s butt plug and clitoris weight.

Finally, the congregation rose to take communion, filing up one by one to receive their bread from the minister.  When Monica rose to her feet, tottering forward in her high heels, cum on her face and female ejaculate trickling down her legs, the laughter started again, louder now, cruel and delighted at her degradation.

When she reached the priest, she opened her mouth to receive the communion – but the priest did not offer her bread.  Instead, he spat in her mouth.

The laughter got louder as Monica flinched.  She clearly wanted to spit out the priest’s saliva – but a fearful look came over her face, and she instead swallowed obediently and shuffled back towards her seat.  As she did, someone in the congregation – Joshua couldn’t see who – reached out and pulled on her skirt.  It ripped away, leaving her completely bare-assed and bare-cunted.  Tears came to her eyes, and she hurried back to her pew, her aroused sexual organs on display to the Lord, and sat back down in the pool of her own cum.

Joshua became aware that he was painfully erect.  He had never been so aroused in his life, and he had a sudden burst of wild anger towards this woman.  How dare she give him an erection in church?  What kind of sinful harlot behaved as she did?  What kind of whore allowed these things to be done to her?  He wanted to go over to her and beat her tits right here and now, and then hold her down and make her satisfy the urges she had prompted in him.

He took a few deep breaths and controlled himself.  He knew that what the town was doing to her was cruel, that she didn’t consent, that she was miserable.  He wanted to help her.

But he couldn’t help her, he thought, while he was so consumed by lust.  He would go and visit her after church, he decided, and do something about this erection she had given him.  And then he could work out just how to improve her situation….


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