Collects the complete novella “Small Town Values”.
(60 pages / 22,589 words.)


A new novella is available!
(PDF / E-book only.)

Price: $4.99 USD

60 pages / 22,589 words.

Formats available:
* PDF (recommended);

When Monica gets a boob job, her small conservative town decides that a woman with tits as big as hers no longer deserves any rights.

Soon she becomes the town’s free-use sex-toy, to be fucked and degraded by any man of the town, whether she consents or not, in an unending orgy of rape and humiliation.

However, handsome Joshua sees something special in her – not a pure and unspoiled woman who deserves her freedom, certainly, for she will never be that.

But perhaps with a firm hand, the right discipline, and appropriate training, she may come to terms with her new life as the town’s fuckpuppet – and maybe even be suitable for Joshua to take as his wife…


Small Town Values is a novella-length story of erotic slavery and degradation, from the master of dark erotica, All These Roadworks.

It collects all 10 chapters of the serialised “Small Town Values” into a single 60-page e-book, containing strong themes of non-consent, free-use, slavery, sadism/masochism, humiliation, public nudity, and orientation kink.

Please note that, as with all stories by All These Roadworks, all characters in this story are aged 18 years and over.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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