Contains ten stories of age-gap erotica.
(113 pages / 30,230 words)


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113 pages / 30,320 words.

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This book is released under the All These Roadworks partnership program, which aims to bring exciting new erotic authors to the attention of those who have enjoyed All These Roadworks stories.
This book is not authored or created by All These Roadworks.

Why can’t an adult daughter just fuck the daddy she loves?

Finding Daddy is the red-hot ATR debut of author Rose Richards, collecting ten steamy tales of age gap erotica from one of the hottest minds in modern taboo fiction.

Every story in this anthology delivers a perfectly crafted mix of teasing brats, commanding daddies, forceful punishments and mind-blowing sex.

This is a 113-page premium release, and it contains all the stories previously released on other platforms in the “Loving Daddy” series and “Adoring Daddy” series.

All characters in this anthology are aged 18 years or over.


Finding Daddy includes the following stories:

  • Popping My Cherry in the Front Seat of a Car with Daddy
    When Rose meets a sexy silver fox in a bar, at first she doesn’t realize who it is. Once she does, her body decides it doesn’t care…
  • Daddy Teaches Me the Delights of Sex
    Rose’s dad offers to teach her all she needs to learn about sex over the weekend. It’s good he still doesn’t know who she is…
  • Daddy Delights Me with a Third Trial of Intense Pleasure
    Daddy decides Rose needs to learn how to properly suck cock and tells her to crawl to him…
  • Daddy Claims All My Holes
    When Rose’s weekend is over with her father and he says she can’t see him anymore, she offers up her final hole…
  • Daddy Claims Me for Valentine’s Day
    When Rose almost fucks a guy from college, her dad becomes possessive and teaches her who she belongs to…
  • Starting My Free Use Summer With Daddy
    Rose spends the summer with her dad while he uses her all he wants…
  • Daddy Takes His Free Use Option
    When Rose has a nightmare, her father comforts her with his cock…
  • Daddy Punishes His Bad Girl
    When Rose’s dad discovers she’s been disobeying his rules, he puts her over his knee to teach her a lesson…
  • Daddy Catches Me Sunbathing
    Rose strips naked to sunbathe by the pool… until daddy catches her in the nude…
  • Daddy Turns Me Mindless
    Rose’s dad loves fucking her till she’s mindless and breeding her.



The ATR release of Finding Daddy contains the following bonus content:

  • An alternate no incest version of the book called “Tempting Daddy”.  This book contains all the same stories – but the character’s aren’t biologically related.
  • bonus story (included as as separated PDF and EPUB) called Daddy Punishes Me For Being Too Naughty.

This book contains themes of age-gap relationships, father-daughter incest, and discipline.

This is a premium release – packed with content to keep you reading and edging long into the night.

As always, my kinks are not my politics. Please enjoy these stories of gender degradation while practicing respect, safety and positive enthusiastic consent in real life.

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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