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Joshua let himself into Miss Monica’s house that evening, using the key his uncle had given him – the keys that everyone in town now had a copy of.

The interior was neat and well-decorated.  Joshua guessed local men were just too polite to leave a mess, even in the home of a big-titted whore they were raping.  It would be entirely in keeping with the local spirit for each man to ensure the house was in good condition after they were done non-consensually filling Miss Monica with their seed.

He moved through the house, finding the master bedroom, and stepping inside to discover, exactly as he had expected, Miss Monica herself.

She was nude, lying on her back in the bed.  The steel collar welded around her neck was leashed to the top of the bed.  Someone had installed a pair of raised footrests near the foot of the bed, rather like birthing stirrups, and Miss Monica’s ankles were secured in these with locked cuffs, spreading her legs wide open and baring her pussy to Joshua’s gaze.  She wore a leather belt around her waist, which her wrists were cuffed to at each hip.  Vibrating clamps were attached to each of her nipples, and one buzzed away at her clit.  A ring gag was fitted into her mouth, keeping it forced open in a perpetual “O” as drool trickled down her chin.

Looking at her like this, it was easy to forget she had been a person, and just see her as the fake-uddered sex doll the town had turned her into.  (Or, as the town would have it, the fake-uddered sex doll she had chosen to be when she had had her tits enlarged.)  And besides, as Joshua understood it, she had locked *herself* into this current contraption, as the town had told her to do each night, relying on a man to set her free each morning with a key much like the one that Joshua now had.

She moaned as she saw him come in, but with the ring gag in, it was impossible to tell if it was a moan of fear or of lust.  Her pussy was certainly wet, but that might just be the vibrating clitoris clamp.

“Shush, Miss Monica,” said Joshua.  “There’s no need to fret.  I’m here to help you out.”

A flicker of unmistakable hope appeared in Monica’s eyes, and it made Joshua’s heart surge.  This pretty little sex-doll needed a white knight to save her from the cruelty of the town, and Joshua had an intention to be that knight.

“It’s not going to be easy, Miss Monica,” he said, “but we’re going to see if I can’t set things right for you.”

She made a mewling sound around her gag – a sound of pure gratitude.  The genuine affection on her face filled him with pride.

But it also gave him another reaction.  His cock twitched in his pants, and he was reminded of how he had been rock hard ever since he had seen her humiliation at the church that day.

He unzipped his fly and extracted his cock.  Her eyes widened as he did this.

“We just have to take it one step at a time, Miss Monica,” he said.  “We’ve got to plan this right.  And it’s hard to think straight with all the temptation you’re giving me.  I know you can’t help it, but it’s true all the same.  Whorish breasts like yours have an effect on a man – and on top of that, you’re going around flashing your beaver all the time.  I can’t hardly think right.  And it can’t be easy for you to think, either, being all wet like that.”

Monica moaned around her gag.

“So we’re just going to take care of that problem first,” said Joshua, “and then work out the rest.”

He eased himself down on top of the restrained harlot.  His cock slid into her wet pussy easily, and he sighed happily.  He rested the weight of his torso on her massive tits, and began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her.

She made an incoherent sound through her gag, and began to buck against him wildly.  It felt good, and he responded by quickening his pace.

“That’s real nice, Miss Monica,” he said.  “Soon we’ll both be able to think clearly.”  He squeezed her giant tits in his hands.  “I ain’t never felt a fake udder before,” he said.  “They feel strange.  Do you lose feeling in them, when you make them all plastic like that?”

He squeezed her left tit harder – in fact, very hard – and the squeal she made told him that, yes, she still had plenty of feeling.

He smiled.  “I reckon you probably like it like that, though,” he said.  “Or else you wouldn’t have got them.”  He leaned down and kissed her, as best as he could through the ring gag.  She couldn’t move her lips, so he just pushed his tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue and the inside of her mouth.  She moaned and tried to move her head, so he grabbed her hair to hold her still.

“I feel like I could cum pretty soon, Miss Monica,” he said, “but I’m a gentleman.  We need to find your orgasm too, I reckon.  Do you think it’s close?”

She just stared at him.

He thought back to how she had cum in the church, squirting all over her pew.  She had been in pain, and humiliated. 

“I hear sometimes women with whorish tendencies need a little extra help to cum,” he said.  “Do you want me to help out?”

She made a noise, but he didn’t understand what it meant, so he took it as a “yes”.

“All right, let’s see what I can do,” he said.  He was still fucking her – it felt so good – and he knew he would cum soon, so he had to make this fast.  He decided to start by slapping her across the face.

He’d never slapped a woman before, and normally wouldn’t contemplate it, but he reckoned it was okay when it was for a whore who needed it in order to cum.  And he had to admit, it felt good, striking her on the cheek, seeing her head flinch to the side, feeling her pussy clamp down in shock around his dick, watching her skin redden.  In fact, it felt so good that he did it again.

Then he moved to her tits – slapping them, pulling on the nipples, squeezing them until she squealed.  This seemed to have a better effect – she was really bucking against him now, as if she was at once desperate to escape from him but also desperate to cum.

Humiliation and degradation, he remembered.  “Gosh, Miss Monica, the noises you’re making, anyone would think it was a pig in heat in here, not a woman.”  And then, deliberately, he spat into her mouth, and at the same time, punched her in the breast as hard as he could.

That did it.  Her body bucked, spasmed, and he felt wetness around his cock as she squirted in pain and humiliation.  As she did, he let himself go, sighing and shuddering happily as he spurted his sperm up into her womb.

Miss Monica was crying when he was done – tears of joy, he assumed, that he was going to help her out.  Maybe even tears of love.  He thought she must be starved for affection, the way people were treating her, and most people reckoned that Joshua was a fairly handsome specimen of his gender. 

He pulled out of her cunt, stood, and went around to wipe his cock clean on her face.  He wouldn’t have considered doing that to a regular girl – a nice girl – but he assumed things were different with sluts, and anyway, hadn’t she worn cum on her face to church just this morning?  He let his leftover semen drip from the tip of his sock into her mouth through the ring gag, and then wiped his dick across her face to clean off the rest.

“Thank you kindly, Miss Monica,” he said – because he was always polite.  “Don’t you worry, we’re going to get you out of this mess.”

Hope returned to her eyes, and she tried to say something, but the ring gag made it unintelligible.

“Oh, no, I can’t take you out of those restraints just yet,” said Joshua.  “There’s a lot of other men expecting to use you tonight – including my uncle – and I expect they’d be plenty sore at me if I let you go right now.”

He put his cock back in his pants, and tidied himself up.  “But an idea did come to me while I was pulling on your titties there at the end.  See, people are going to keep punishing you for being a whore because they feel you’ll go on being a wild woman otherwise, and not repent.”

He reached down and stroked her pretty hair.  “So my plan has three parts to it.  First, we’re going to show the town that you’ve learned your lesson, and you know how to be a good submissive lady.”

His cock was hardening as he thought through his plan, but he tried to ignore it.  “Second,” he continued, “we’re going to see you settled down.  I reckon I can make a good woman out of you, so I’d like to invite you to be my wife, Miss Monica.  What do you say to that?”

She made an alarmed noise, and struggled in her bonds, which Joshua took to mean that she was both consenting to marry him and excited about the idea.

“It’s my honour,” he replied.  “And third, we’re going to punish you, harder than anyone has punished you so far.  Something that will make everyone agree that you’ve been finally punished enough.  How does that sound, Miss Monica?”

It must have sounded amazing, because she was crying with joy again.  She looked so pretty like that, sobbing uncontrollably through her ring gag, that he couldn’t help himself.  He pulled down his pants again, went back between her legs, shoved his cock back in her pussy, and fucked her until he came for a second time.


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